Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) by: Marissa Meyer Review!

Cinder by: Marissa Meyer Review !
★★★★★ 5/5


Cinder by Marissa Meyer is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series which was published on January 3, 2012.
This book is about this girl named Cinder; who’s a Cyborg. She lives with her stepmother or as she likes to call her, her legal guardian Adri and her 2 step sisters Peony and Pearl. She also has a best friend who’s an android named Iko, who’s the cutest thing ever.
Unlike the original Cinderella, Cinder only has one evil step sister which is Pearl. Peony and Cinder are actually really close.
Cinder meets Prince Kai at a market because he needs his android fixed for a reason he can’t share with Cinder. After this, the plague strikes the Commonwealth and it actually also hits the Emperor Rikan.
Cinder’s stepmother Adri volunteers Cinder for the plague cure research, Dr.Erland finds out something so amazing about Cinder that makes her realize that she isn’t just a Cyborg.
When the Emporer Rikan sadly passes away, Prince Kai has the pressure of becoming the new Emporer and keeping the peace between the Earthens and the Lunars.
The Lunar Queen Levana shows up and wants to marry Prince Kai and that’s the only way she’ll keep the peace with Earth.
The book was so captivating and I couldn’t put it down and even when I did, that’s all I could think about.

I personally loved the main character Cinder even when she made stupid decisions. Now that i’m thinking about it, I don’t understand how she acted without thinking when she’s programmed to get warnings. She had this cute personality that just makes you want to love her. She also doubting herself and thought too much about every posability that might happen which is really relatable.
This book was written in 3rd point of view which is strange for me to be reading since I usually read books that are in 1st person. But I liked the idea of it, to see different points of the story as an outsider and not just from one character’s thoughts.

One of my favorite scenes of this book was when Prince Kai and Cinder met for the first time. The way the book was written, I can literally feel the connection and could hear the surprised tone in Kai’s voice when he found out that Cinder’s the mechanic.
Something I loved about this book, was that even though it was a Cinderella retelling, it has some difference to the real fairytale. For example, there’s no godmother who makes her beautiful for the ball. Also, I loved how the prince and Cinder met before the ball and she didn’t run and lose her shoe (even though something similiar happened)
A character that I didn’t really like was the step mother Adri. I was expecting to hate the Lunar Queen Levana more but her character didn’t stress me out, hopefully I see more of the evilness from her in the other books in the series. But Adri made me angry, she was so rude and never listened to what Cinder had to say. She believed that everything that’s gone wrong in her life is Cinder’s fault.

I loved the ending and the plot twist at the end killed me! Something I didn’t like though was since it was a retelling, I bascially knew how it was going to end. Even though I knew how it would end, I was still shocked.
I definately reccommend this book to everyone , you’ll become obsessed with this series.
Btw: When I read the rest of the books in the series, I will be reviewing them.



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