Anna and the French Kiss by: Stephanie Perkins Book Review !

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a young-adult contemporary romance which was published on Decemeber 2, 2010.

★★★★★ 5/5

This might be one of my favorite books I read in 2015 so far.

Anna Oliphant is forced to go to a boarding school in Paris named School of America. She’s having a hard time getting comfortable there, she doesn’t know french and misses her best friend Bridget and her little brother Sean. On her first night alone, she meets the girl next door Meredith who hears her crying and offers her hot chocolate.

She bumps into a cute boy named Etienne St. Clair; a boy with a French name and English accent who goes to an American School.

It took me 4 days to read this book just because I never wanted the book to end. While I was reading this book, I listened to Ed Sheeran’s album X . So, my emotions were obviously everywhere while I was reading this book.

I really loved this book though. The characters were so relatable and full of personality.

I loved Etienne St.Clair’s character so much. He was so imperfectly perfect. He made me feel so many good emotions; he was very swoon-worthy. He just always knew what to say and I just wanted to be in Anna’s place in so many parts of this book. He was so smart and polite to people who didn’t entirely enjoy talking to. He always talked about History and telling everyone facts. Everyone, especially his best friend Josh(who I really enjoyed as well; he was really funny) hated; but Anna was the only one who actually seemed interested.

St. Clair and Anna’s relationship was so beautiful. They started off as best friends but there were so many sexual tensions between them throughout their friendship. Throughout the whole book I was waiting for them to kiss, it literally took them so long that when it happened I couldn’t keep in my happiness.

Something I admire about their relationship is how they were able to help each other. Anna helped St.Clair with dealing with his family problems and St.Clair helped Anna with being able to go out without being scared of looking “too American”. & St. Clair will always stand up for Anna no matter what was going on between them. He stood up for her when they weren’t talking and he was apparently “angry” with her.

One of the quotes that will stick with me forever was:

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person.”

I loved the idea of that. It showed that no matter where you were, it was the person you were with that felt like being home.

Besides Etienne St. Claire, one of the characters I loved was Rashmi. I don’t know, something about her just stuck out to me. She was distant in the beginning of the book, but once she became comfortable with Anna, her personality really showed. She was honest and true and she wasn’t afraid to say anything to anyone. She was always there for Anna and it took Anna a while to actually appreciate that.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the Thanksgiving weekend when they were the only ones in the boarding school. It was one of my favorite moments because I feel like that was the part where they both really realized their true feelings for each other.

I wouldn’t change anything about this book. I loved the writing style and the real family problems described in this book. I love the way Stephanie Perkins described the feeling of being in love. I loved how Anna and St.Clair’s relationship wasn’t forced or rushed. It was perfectly timed.

I also enjoyed the British slang that was added in the book. I also loved how Anna would tease St. Clair on his English accent. The first time they talked, she teased him on it. So they were instantly comfortable with each other.

I reccommend this book to anyone who loves romance or just if you need a happy light read. Or to anyone who loves cute british boys with beautiful hair.(;

I can’t wait to read Lola and the Boy Next Door and feel the feels again.



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