Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review!

Onyx is the second book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout which is a young-adult, paranormal romance that was published on August 14, 2012 by Entangled Teen.

This book review might have some spoilers; especially if you haven’t read Obsidian, so don’t read ahead if you haven’t read the book.




★★★★★ 5/5

This is the second book in the Lux series and I think I might like this one better than Obsidian just because of how the relationship between Daemon and Katy progressed through this book. But sometimes I like Obsidian more just because Katy had more time in that book to actually be friends with Dee Black .

I honestly don’t know how I’m emotionally stable after reading this book. My heart and thoughts went on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this book. As Daemon Black would say; My chest constricted.

The name Onyx came from the stone named Onyx which is a weakness for hybrids and Luxens.

The first book the main enemy were the Arums (the Arums had their moments in this book though) but in this book the enemies were the DOD or The Department of Defense.

Throughout this book Daemon tries to prove to Katy what he feels for is more than just a weird alien connection. Katy hides her feelings for her blaming it on the connection and she starts pushing him away but nothing stops him.

He starts to bring her flowers and her favorite strawberry smoothie(etc.) to school to show that he isn’t afraid to show anyone what he feels for her.

Daemon and Katy’s relationship and love for each other grows and they actually see each other together as an us.

The main charcater Katy grew so much from the last book. She became this strong fierce character who stands for what she wants and isn’t afriad to fight. Also, she wants to become an equal to Daemon which I admired.

Of course Katy had some stupid moves and decisions. You can tell that she has trouble with expressing her emotions which causes more problems than she already has.

Daemon Black’s charcater also grew throughout this book. He became more aware of what he says to Katy (I mean, he’s still a dick most of the time) but he’s not afraid to show what he feels which was one of his problems from the first book.

His character made me smile so hard.

Can we talk about that scene where Carissa, Lesa and Katy were passing notes to each other and they were talking about Daemon. Daemon saw them passing notes and grabbed it . He also wrote something back and Katy said something along the lines of it being unspeakable. I’m dying to know what he wrote; hopefully we see it in the next book .

There 2 things that I didn’t like about this book; they weren’t horrible but it bothered me emotionally. I really didn’t like Blake Saunders. I didn’t trust him from the beginning, he just gave off this weird vibe. Have you guys ever shipped someone so bad that when anyone got in the way, it annoyed you in a spirtual level? Well that’s what happened to me during the Blake and Katy scenes. It just urked me.

I also didn’t like how Dee and Katy barely hung out during this book. I love female friendships and I was said that there wasn’t enough in this book. Let’s just hope that there’s more of them in the next book.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves swoon-worthy bad boys with these many qualities.

1. Not so Modest

                   ” ‘Maybe one day I can be just as lazy as you and turn off the lights without moving.’ ‘That’s something to aspire to.” ..’God, you’re so modest.’ ‘Modesty is for saints and losers. I’m neither.’ ‘Wow, Daemon, just wow.'”

   -Jennifer L. Armentrout, Onyx

2. Makes really uncalled for Pervy jokes (one of my favorite qualities)

                        ” ‘Maybe they’re getting some bow-chicka-pow-wow.  ‘

                          I looked at him. ‘Ew.’

                         He flashed his teeth. ‘She’s definitely not my type.’ His gaze dropped to my lips, and parts of                me quivered    in response to the heat in his gaze. ‘But now I totally have that on my mind.’

                         I was breathless. ‘You’re a dog.’

                         ‘If you pet me, I’ll-‘ 

                         ‘Don’t even finish that sentence,’ I said, fighting a grin.”

                                                    -Jennifer L. Armentrout, Onyx

3. But loves so hard.

                        ‘Say it’ -Daemon

                        ‘Say what?’ -Katy

                       ‘Tell what you told me earlier.’

                        ‘I love you’

                        ‘That’s all I ever need to hear.’

                         ‘Those three words?’

                          ‘Always those three words.’ “

                                              -Jennifer L. Armentrout, Onyx

Oh God, so swoon-worthy.



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