Joyride by Anna Banks Book Review !

Joyride is a new book by Anna Banks which is a young adult, contemporary, romance novel that was published on June 2, 2015 by Feiwel & Friends.

This book review might have some spoilers; so you haven’t read this book before read until you see ——–“




★★★★ 4/5

Carly Vega is a shy girl who’s parents were departed 3 years ago. Now her and her brother Julio work to safe up enough money in order to bring them back from Mexico. Carly’s life consists of working hard for little money and studying whenever she’s not working in order to keep her GPA high.

To most people, she really hasn’t lived her life. She’s never focused on herself.

Arden Moss used to be a football star quarterback who dated many blondes and had fun pranking with his older sister. When his older sister dies, Arden blames his father and loses the life out of him. Arden’s known around the town as the sheriff’s infamous son.

Carly lives her life doing what her family expects from them and Arden is nothing like his parents expect him to be. When they cross paths, they realize they’ve been living for other people and not themselves.

Carly and Arden start pranking at midnight and they’re way over their heads with each other and the law.

This book was honestly an adventure in itself. They went in a lot of pranking adventures and everytime my heart would beat cause I was afraid they would get caught.

Anna Banks has a way with writing that it felt like you were a fly on the wall (in this case, a fly in the car) because it felt like you were there experiencing everything with them.

The relationship between Arden and Carly was very special especially because they were so different. But they also dealt with their own family issues which connected them in some ways.

I also liked how the story didn’t involve only around them. They showed what’s going on with minor characters and experiences that “normal” couples wouldn’t go through. For example, they go against the law/cops. They were just a fun couple together.

I liked how each chapter jumped from Carly’s point of view to Arden’s point of view. So I was never wondering what they were thinking because I already knew.

The only problem I had with this book is the beginning was kind of slow. The experiences they went through in the beginning wasn’t slow but the writing made it slow for me. But after I got through those parts, I really couldn’t put the book down.


if you haven’t read this book, don’t read ahead.

This book had many different minor characters. There were 2 characters who I didn’t really like.

One being Arden’s father. I didn’t like the fact that he was racist against Mexicans. I don’t really like anyone who’s racist to anyone for that matter. Even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to like him cause he’s the main antagonist, he was just a horrible person. He blackmailed to get what he wants.

I also didn’t like how he treated Carly when he found out that his son had interested in her. Also, the things that he said to Carly were unexceptable but it shows that stereotyping and racism still exists.

Another character I didn’t like was her brother Julio. He was so rude and didn’t have trust in Carly at all. He expected her to drop everything in her life just to help him. Like I get the fact that he wanted her help to bring her parents back but she was working until 3 in the morning, doing her homework while she was doing her hours. No 16 year old should be doing that and be having that much things on her shoulders.

One of my favorite characters that I really enjoyed was Unlce Cletus. He was a reason that Arden and Carly met since he’s Arden’s uncle. He brought so much lightness to the story and I just loved whenever he was part of the chapter or something. He was like that kind of person that asks questions that get you to think.

The character I really related to was Carly. I related to her because I’m also a latina that has to deal with stereotypes that people only get when they have spanish heritage. I also related to her on the part where I have to work hard and study in school in order to keep a high GPA and get into a good college.

I really enjoyed how the ending happened. It was a happy ending that satisfied me. I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Plus, I don’t know why but I loved the cover. It was basic but it was a good basic. Sometimes, i’d catch myself just staring at the cover.



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