Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 2 Review !

I decided to also review tv shows seasons since I’ve been watching a lot of tv and trying to get caught up on my tv shows. But I’m going to keep this blog as angiesbookblogs because I’m definitely going to keep recommending books and writing book reviews but this is something I’m going to do so there won’t be weeks between every post I make. Talking about book reviews, i’ll be posting a book review for City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare this weekend. Most likely either Friday or Saturday.

Degrassi: The Next Generation – Season 2

This show is a rewatch for me because I’ve missed this show and all of the amazing character developments and life lessons, so I recently started rewatching this show and I just finished Season 2 last night.

For Degrassi’s reviews, I’ll be talking about the development every character went through in this season.

So if you haven’t watched Degrassi and are planning to I don’t think you should read ahead. But if you’ve watched it a long time ago, then maybe reading this would remind you of things that’s happened in the past seasons of this show.


Emma Nelson(8th grader):


Emma Nelson’s the main character. From the beginning of Season 2, she was uncomfortable with the idea of her mom dating her media/computer teacher Mr. Simpson. In the beginning, Emma was awkward and disgusted with that which made things awkward for her in school and at home. In the beginning, she has a crush on the new boy Craig Manning and her and Manny end up sneaking into Degrassi’s 80’s dance with his help. At the dance, she realizes that Craig is actually more interested in Manny and she goes home upset to see her mom and boyfriend and kissing. Her mom talks to her and tells her that she’ll always be number one in her life. After that, Emma gets used to the idea of them dating.

Snake and Spike’s wedding gets closer and Spike finds out she’s pregnant and thinks about having an abortion and Emma gets upset and tries to stop that from happening. She finds out that Manny invited to Sean to the wedding which stresses her out even more. But, he ends up being the person she goes to when things gets hard. Sean shows up to the wedding and the dance before sharing their first kiss together.

Emma becomes an outspoken person about the things that are important to her. For example, she wanted to have the cafeteria to have organic food. When the principal disagrees, she starts rioting. This decision ends up being a mess because the students end up having a food fight which gets a day suspension. But Emma doesn’t stop, she walks in front of the school rioting which actually ends up giving her a week suspension.

Craig Manning(9th grader):


Craig Manning was first introduced in this season but he was so important to many storylines in this season. From the beginning, we know that the most important to him was his younger half-sister Angela. He starts sneaking behind his father’s back to see her which angers him and his father starts beating Craig out of anger for his mother’s death. After he gets beaten, Sean takes him out and Craig wants to kill himself by a moving train but Sean saves his life. After this, he runs from home and when Joey finds him, he asks him to live with him .

He ends up sneaking Manny and Emma into an 9th grade dance and ends up asking Manny to dance which she gladly accepts. This moment leads to more in the relationship between Manny and him. They go on a date and he tells her that he’ll pick her up at 7 at Emma’s house. After their date, he tells people that it wasn’t the best date he’s been on while Manny says the opposite. He explains to the guys that Manny reminds him of his 5 year old sister ( which btw is supposed to be funny because the actresses who play Manny and his sister Angela are sisters in real life) They end up breaking up which leaves her heartbroken.

During the season, him and Ashley start getting closer and he’s one of the only people that actually accepts her for her. At the end of the season, something horrible happens to him. His father comes back into his life and he accepts his apology and starts hanging out with him without telling Joey. One night, his father tells him that he wants Craig to move back with him but he explains that being at Joey’s house is home to him which angers his father.

They get into an argument and his father ends up beating Craig in public before driving away recklessly. The next morning, the police come to Joey’s house and tells them that his father’s been in a terrible car accident and didn’t make it. At first, Craig’s actually happy but as it slowly starts sinking in, he breaks down and ends up breaking the decorations at a Hawaiian theme dance after he won Luau King and Queen with Ashley. & Terri’s the one who actually makes him feel better.

Ashley Kerwin(9th grader):

ashley 2

As you can tell by the picture, Ashley goes through a big change. After the ending of Season 1, Ashley was friendsless and in the beginning of Season 2, she apologized to everyone and was accepted again. Jimmy even thought they would get together . Sean ends up asking Ashley out on a date and she accepts. This makes Jimmy angry and ends up calling Ashley a “slut.” And she becomes friendless again when Terri chooses Paige and Hazel over her.

Ashley turns Goth and ends up befriending Ellie. When Ellie wants to get a piercing, Ashley says she’ll get one too just to seem cool. Ashley ends up deciding not to get one and explains to Ellie the situation but she tells her that they’re best friends now and they don’t have to change themselves. Ashley starts befriending Paige, Hazel and Terri slowly again and she actually helps Paige when she goes through something awful.

Jimmy and Ashley become a couple again and it keeps giving her hints about how he misses the old Ashley and doesn’t like the Goth Ashley. Ashley starts changing her look again and Craig helps her figure out that if a guy really loves a boy, they wouldn’t make them change who they are. Jimmy and Ashley end up breaking up and Craig and Ashley start to have a crush on each other.

J.T. Yorke(8th grader):


(J.T. will always be one of my favorite characters.) J.T. has a massive crush on Paige and ends up going on a date with her. After giving him his first kiss, she tells him that they should just stay friends. J.T. and Toby end up sharing a locker and he ends up being a lob which highly annoys Toby and they get into an argument before forgiving each other.

Liberty finds out J.T is amazing a sewing and she’s not. He starts feeling embarrassed because the boys in the class start to tease him. So when he becomes embarrassed, he trades his masterpiece with Liberty. He stops sewing when Manny, Emma and Kendra ask him to make him clothes.

When he finds out what’s going on with Paige, he stands up for her in a really big way(I’ll talk about it when I talk about Paige). One of my favorite moments is when J.T and Toby persuade Craig to call a stripper for Joey. Also, when he has a huge crush on his science teacher.

At the end of the season, he tries to convince Liberty to help him study for his finals in exchange to being her date to the Hawaiian theme dance.

Manny Santos (8th grader):

manny 2

(Manny’s also in my Top 5 Degrassi’s favorite character.) Just like Emma, Manny has a huge crush on Craig. After they share a dance at the 80s themed dance, she keeps fantasizing really overly romantic scenes in her head that involves him. After they break up because she reminds him of his younger sister, they still share a dance at Snake and Spike’s wedding after she plays matchmaker for Emma and Sean.

Manny ends up joining the girl’s hockey team with Liberty being the coach. When Manny has her period, she decided to sit out which causes Liberty to yell and Manny quits the team. Manny ends up joining the cheerleading squad.

During one of the games, a known rapist tries to talk to her and Paige warns her about him and Manny tells her that she’s just mad that he doesn’t like her anymore.

Toby Isaacs (8th grader):

Toby 2

In the beginning of the season, Toby finds the perfect girl for him named Kendra. Then, he finds out that Kendra’s Spinner’s adoptive sister. Spinner threatens him to stay away rom his baby sister and Toby says he’ll stay away from her. He does for a while before sticking up to Spinner saying he’s still going to hang out with her.

Toby starts to feel invisible so he joins the wrestling team. He fails the weight division against Sean and J.T starts training him but secretly Toby starts taking laxatives and stops eating. He ends up joining the team but doesn’t have enough energy because he keeps puking out his food; not eating and taking laxatives which leads to him fainting during his first game.

A couple of episodes, Toby felt pressured by J.T to have sex with Kendra and she lets him know that she’s only 12 years old and she’s not ready. But when Spinner finds out about this, he almost beats Toby up.

Paige Michalchuk (9th grader)


Something awful happens to Paige this season. Spinner asks her on a date but she meets the school’s rival soccer team player Dean and ends up ditching Spinner to go to a party with Dean. This girl warns her about him but she just dismisses it. He takes her somewhere private to talk and he ends up trying to have sex with her but she constantly says no and she defends herself but she still ends up getting raped. Spinner ends up finding out that she ditched him for another guy just to have sex with him and implies that she’s a slut which leads her to slap him and run to the bathroom. There, she tells Hazel about her getting raped and she tells her to tell the police but she doesn’t listen.

Ashley writes a song about a girl being victimized of rape which angers Paige and soon enough Ashley realizes that she’s been a victim herself and decides not to use the song. When the band performs, Paige decides to sing the song when she sees Dean in the crowd which makes him walk out. The next day, Paige decides to talk to a counselor.

After a few months of therapy, Dean shows up again for a game. When he sees her, he starts taunting her when she tries to ignore him. When she sees Dean flirting with Manny, she becomes anxious and tries to warn Manny but she thinks she’s saying these things because she’s jealous. She decides to press charges but her therapist tells her the right time to press charges when the rape happens where there’s more evidence. Paige breaks down and tells J.T about her being raped and J.T tries to fight Dean during the game and ends up getting Dean suspended.

When Spinner finds out about her being raped, he goes after Dean and starts fighting him until Paige breaks it up and declares to Dean that she’s going to press charges.

Spinner Mason

Spinner 2

In the beginning of the season, Spinner helps Emma with her healthy food campaign and starts getting boners at random times and he thinks it’s a side effect from eating the healthy food. He even gets one in front of the whole class which was really embarrassing. Jimmy and the lunch lady later tells him that’s it’s hormones not the healthy food that is giving him the erections.

When Toby tells Spinner off, he tells him that he’s allowed to hang out with his younger sister if he doesn’t break her heart.

During this season, Spinner starts having a crush on Paige and he sticks up for her against Dean. They even go to the Hawaiian themed dance together at the end of the season and try to get Luau king and queen crown.

During the mid-season, Spinner starts to sense that Marco might be gay and constantly teases him because of it. Marco tries to hide this by going out with Ellie.

Later on, Spinner gets jealous of Jimmy’s wealth and ends up stealing his new MP3 player. This causes a huge fight between them and by the end of Season 2, they’re still not friends (which sucks because I love their friendship)

Ellie Nash (9th Grader)

Ellie 2

Ellie’s one of the newest characters this season and she’s definitely one of my favorites. In her first episode, she becomes Paige’s enemy because she didn’t want to move so Paige and Hazel can sit next to each other. Jimmy tries to ask her on a date because he finds her cute and even though she finds him cute as well, she says no because he used to date her new best friend Ashley but she does give Spinner her number.

Ellie starts to have a crush on Marco and starts sending him anonymous love letters and he doesn’t even guess it’s her. When they finally meet, she feels like he was disappointed that it was her but Marco reassures her it’s not that before asking her out. Her and Marco become boyfriend and girlfriend and she starts to feel like he’s more of a friend than a boyfriend. & while they make out in Ashley’s room, he tells her that he’s confused about his sexuality and she accepts him and tells him that she’ll keep fake dating him. While working on a Media assignment, they get into a really big fight and he feels like she’s treating him like a slave. Marco finally comes out to her as gay and she accepts him for who he is 100%.

Marco Del Rossi(9th Grader);

Marco 2

Marco Del Rossi’s a new character this season. He was first seen messing around with Jimmy and Spinner at a dance competition and slowly starts becoming friends with them after. Spinner early on in the season starts foreshadowing Marco coming out as gay. Spinner would constantly tease him but Jimmy was really supportive (which I loved). He starts to fake date Ellie in order to hide out from everyone until he’s ready to come out.

Hazel Aden (9th Grader)

hazel 2

Hazel Aden really supported Paige in order for her to recover from being raped. I feel like Hazel was a really supportive friend, she was also supportive to Terri when everyone made fun of her.

Hazel was insecure about being Muslim and ended up lying and telling everyone she’s Jamaican. She even goes as far as to bullying this other Muslim girl. When the other Muslim girl’s presentation gets ruined, it brings back memories when people used to harass her after 9/11 at her old school. She apologizes to the other Muslim girl and ends up giving a presentation on the “Real Her” and she tells everyone that she’s actually Muslim.

She also goes to the Hawaiian themed dance with Jimmy.

Jimmy Brooks (9th Grader):

Jimmy 2

Jimmy and Spinner decide to tell the truth to everyone after Jimmy not telling Spinner that he smells bad. They end up having a big argument about telling the truth and at the end of the episode, they decide to never tell the truth again. They also get into another fight when Spinner takes Jimmy’s new MP3.

Jimmy gets back together with Ashley and basically implies that he wants the old Ashley back by keeping her old pictures and always talking abut how amazing she looked during 8th Grade. They end up breaking up but on good terms.

During the end of the year, Hazel and Jimmy start becoming closer.

Terri MacGregor (9th Grader):

Terri 2

Terri tries to forgive Ashley but when they get into an argument, Ashely tells her that she shouldn’t be giving her relationship advice because she never had a boyfriend which is a touchy subject for Terri.

Terri starts to get expensive things and Hazel and Paige think that she’s shoplifting. But in reality, she’s become a plus size model and is suddenly embarrassed by this when an ice cream boy makes fun of her. She becomes so embarrassed that she doesn’t even show up for some of her photo-shoots. She changes her mind when Spinner tells her that she’s pretty. When she shows her pictures to the girls again and the ice cream boy makes fun of her again and she tells him that with just one photo-shoot she got $500 which gets him really impressed. She starts to become happy with who she is.

When Craig broke down when his father dies, Terri’s shoulder is the one he cries on. Terri can relate to him because she also lost her mother.

Sean Cameron (8th Grader):

Sean cameron 2

Sean Cameron’s relationship with Emma kind of started off slow in the beginning of the season so Sean tries to date Ashley after what happened between them during the season finale in Season 1.

But after Snake and Spike’s wedding, they start their relationship over again. Their relationship becomes complicated when Sean starts drinking alcohol in order to calm him down during the dinner with Emma’s family. He insults her mom before regretting it and leaving to Jimmy’s party. Even though, they aren’t friends because of Ashley; Jimmy still tries to help Sean and his drink problem when Sean tells him that Emma and her family probably hate him.

Emma comes to Sean’s rescue and he realizes he doesn’t need alcohol to fix his problems and he’s obviously going to make mistakes in life.

Liberty Van Zandt (8th Grader):

Liberty 2

Liberty’s biggest obstacle this season was when she becomes the girl’s hockey’s team manager. Her attitude towards the girls on the team leads the girls to quitting. Even though she struggled with that, she ended up setting a contest against the boys in order to get new Jerseys, this was sponsered by Joey.

J.T. called Liberty a bore which gets her upset because she still has a crush on him. So she ends up vandalizing his locker which almost gets him a suspension. When she reveals herself, they apologize to each other and J.T tells her that she’s not boring. They ended up going to the dance together even though J.T wanted to ask Paige. But they both agreed to stay friends.


That’s a small review of the character’s stories throughout the second season. Not all of the TV reviews will be like this mostly just this show since this show has many characters and different storylines.

Throughout the season, I really enjoyed watching the characters grow since the first season and getting to know the new characters. I also love the friendships and relationships between these characters.

I give this season a 3.6/5.

If you haven’t watched this series, I definitely recommend that you do.


P.S.: I decided to post the City of Ashes book review tomorrow since I just need one more chapter and I’ve had a long day.


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