A Whole New World (Twisted Tales #1) by Liz Braswell Book Review !

A Whole New World is the first book in the Twisted Tales series which is a fairytale, young-adult, retelling novel that was published on September 1, 2015 by Disney Press.


This book review will be short because it’s only going to a spoiler-free book review.






★★★★.5      4.5/5


This story is a retelling of the Disney movie Aladdin (1992). This is one of my favorite Disney movies and I’m not afraid to say that while reading this book, I listened to the soundtrack and sang along to it because why not?

What was really cool about this story is that it was a twisted tale which means the most important conflict of the real story will be twisted in a way that’ll change everything in the story including relationships between people.


In the movie, Aladdin summons the Genie first but in the book it shows us the life of the people of Agrabah if Jafar was the one who summoned the Genie first. It was actually more violent than the movie obviously.


The city’s basically imprisioned but they’re not hungry and they’re forced to swear loyalty to Jafar. So Jasmine helps the Street Rats rebel against Jafar and his men.


I really enjoyed how real Jasmine and Aladdin’s relationship felt throughout the whole book like they bickered and disagreed on a certain topic but they loved each other nevertheless.

One thing I didn’t like was how fast they fell in love and started being in a relationship but at the same time, it’s a Disney Fairytale Retelling so I don’t think I should’ve expected anything less than that.


I also enjoyed how Liz Braswell protrayed the Street Rats and Aladdin’s past story. It was amazing and you could actually imagine the book in your head.


I think people who love Disney or enjoy Retellings will actually really enjoy this book.




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