Top 10 Best Couples in Tv Shows 2015 !

I’m going to be showing my favorite couples or the 2 people I ship from my favorite tv shows in 2015. I think this will be my favorite one to make because I love watching tv.


1.) Hanna and Caleb – #Haleb // Pretty Little Liars (2010- )

Actors: Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn

Ever since Caleb came into the show in Season 1, #Haleb has been my favorite couple from PLL. Like I love the other ships, but not like this one. Caleb is always there for Hanna and even when she doesn’t want him part of the A business and starts pushing him away, he won’t let her. They just make me smile and so happy and they’ve honestly been through so much. For the new season, it looks like Hanna’s engaged to someone else which hurts my heart but I’m hoping Caleb comes back and changes everything because they’re endgame.


2.) Meredith and Derek -#MerDer // Grey’s Anatomy (2005- )

Actors: Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey

Of course this was going to be on the list, they’re one of my favorite characters and even though something tragic happened to Derek, I’m not going to stop shipping them even though whenever I think about it, I get emotional. They’ve been through a lot from when they started. They started as a one night stand and he ended up being one of her bosses and he really tried to get with her until she finally gave in. When, they’re finally together we find out that he has a wife when she shows up. Derek chooses the wife (Addison) first and even though I hated those moments, I also loved it because of their tension in the elevator (Favorite location). They went through more struggles that tested their relationship but they ended up together at the end.


3.) Davina and Kol(Kaleb) – #Kolvina // The Originals (2013- )

Actors: Danielle Campbell & Daniel Sharman

They’re my favorite couple from The Original and I can’t deal with their cuteness. I love how Davina’s powerful and serious and Kol’s charming and funny. They just connect so well together and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve rewatched many episodes and just watched their scenes together because they’re all so great. Kol’s always been my favorite Mikaelson brother but I loved him even better as a witch. Hopefully, Kol comes back either in his old body or in this body because something always happens to the guys Davina likes and it sucks to watch because she’s my favorite character.


4.) Cory and Topanga – #Corpanga // Boy Meets World (1993-2000)

Actors: Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel

Cory and Topanga are endgame in everything. They’re so perfect for each other and I love watching their growth from Boy Meets World to Girl Meets World. They’ve been knowing each other since they were little kids and in the beginning Cory thought she was weird so him and Shawn made fun of her. But as the time went by, the only girl he would ask to dances etc, was Topanga and that led to having a crush on each other whcih led to being in love with each other. The way Cory talked about Topanaga was beautiful to see because you can really tell that he’s in love with her.


5.) Elena and Damon – #Delena // The Vampire Diaries (2009- )

Actors: Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

Team Delena all the way. In the beginning, I didn’t like Damon because he was dick even though he was funny. But the more we learned about him, the more I started loving him. Elena makes Damon a better person and Damon accepts Elena for what and who she is which I love. I feel like they’re more passionate towards each other than Stefan and her. Damon’s love for her is so real and I love watching them together.


6.) Maya and Lucas – #Lucaya // Girl Meets World (2013- )

Actors: Sabrina Carpenter & Peyton Meyer

I know this is a Disney Channel show but the chemistry and tension between these 2 are so real. Maya always liked Lucas but she stepped back from doing anything because she knew her best friend Riley liked him so instead she made fun of him because he’s from Texas and she gave him different nicknames like “Huckleberry.” You can tell they really care about during Season 2. We learn that Lucas has talked about Maya to his friends and he called her “Blonde Beauty.” They’re so cute together especially when they tease each other. You can also tell that Maya likes every side of Lucas even the bad boy he used to be in Texas.


7.) April and Jackson– #Japril // Grey’s Anatomy (2005- )

Actors: Sarah Drew & Jesse Williams

They’re so cute together. I love how they started off as best friends and they slowly started falling for each other. Jackson’s not used to be anyone’s husband but for her he’ll try because he’s in love with her and he believes that she’s the one. They support each other and they’ve been through a lot especially in the recent episodes . I just love watching their scenes and also looking at Jackson because he’s beautiful.


8.) Lydia and Stiles – #Stydia // Teen Wolf (2011- )

Actors: Holland Roden & Dylan O’Brien

I ship these two so hard and I’m ready for them to happen one day,forreal. I actually started watching this show a little later than everyone else and the reason why I started as because I saw a bunch of Stydia gifs on tumblr. I just love how it started with him caring more about her than him and then to just caring about each other.


9.) Callie and A.J. // The Fosters (2013- )

Actors: Maia Mitchell & Tom Williamson

A.J’s character just came into the show in the 3rd season and I know not a lot of people ship them because they want Brandon and Callie together but I honestly like her way more when she’s with A.J. I love how in the beginning, he would tease her and he would have no shame to say that he’s attracted to her and that he likes her. Also, I like how Callie always did everything in her power to help A.J. whenever he needed help and never said anything about it.


10.) Carrie and Sebastian – #Kyddshaw // Carrie’s Diaries (2013-2014)

Actors: AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler

This couple was so cute and the love they had for each other was so real. They had a lot of bumps in the road but they still loved each other even when they weren’t together. They were goals.










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