Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Book Review !

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is a fantasy, young-adult, romance novel that was published on October 6, 2015 by St. Martin’s Griffin.


This book review may have some spoilers but I will caution you when I’ll talk about the book in depth.




★★★★★ 5/5


Carry On follows the main character Simon Snow who’s considered the Chosen One and the only one who’s able to get rid of or destroy the evil, magic sucking villain named the Humdrum. The Humdrum wears Simon’s face and you’ll always know when he’s around because of the strong feeling he brings with him.

Simon’s roommate Baz who he believes is a vampire is always insults him and there’s always this strong angry tension between them for the last 7 years they’ve roomed together. But now, Baz’s missing which makes Simon very suspicious of what he’s trying to do so that’s all you can think about.

You follow many characters including, Simon, his best friend Penelope, his girlfriend Agatha, etc. Simon makes life changing decisions throughout the book and you can to see supernatural creatures like ghosts, vampires, obviously magicians or wizards, and even dragons.


This whole book is just a huge adventure and there’s a lot of kissing and fighting and just enough dramatic scenes. It’s just everything you can ask for in a novel.


I feel like anyone out there would just enjoy this book and the writing in this book. It’s definitely become one of my top 3 favorite books of all time.


if you haven’t read the book yet, don’t read ahead until you have. & if you have read the book, let’s discuss how amazing it was.




Okay, the first thing I wanted to mention was that something I loved to see was how Rainbow Rowell explained the Magickal World and the spells they used throughout the books were riddles and children’s song. It was so funny to see them being in a serious situation and then just starting to chant things like Ladybird, Ladybird. (Like when Baz was trying to send the dragon away who obviously didn’t want to be there)


Okay, also I never trusted the Mage. Never. But the whole plot twist of the Mage actually being Simon’s father kind of messed with my head because that was the last thing I expected but I hate how the book ended without Simon knowing. He mourned The Mage as his mentor rather than his father who focused his whole life on making sure he was the most powerful magician in the magickal world in order for him to save the Mage World.

Also, we didn’t really get closure with the whole Simon’s mother Lucy thing like they implied that she’s dead but how? I’m not really sure.

I wouldn’t mind if Rainbow Rowell wrote a series for this.


The last thing I want to talk about was the whole Baz and Simon thing. In the beginning we find out that they’ve been roommates for 7 years and they’ve always hated ech other anf fought all the time. Baz doesn’t show up for a while which makes Simon suspicious because he thought Baz was a vampire and we find out later on, that he infact was. But I never expected for Baz to be secretly madly in love with Simon. Like in the beginning, I was expecting Simon to end up with Penelope so this was a plot twist for me but I didn’t mind it. I actually love it more than if he ended up with Penny. Baz and Simon’s relationship was so amazing and I just loved their love. I loved how they would shit on each other’s lifes but also be the ones who brought each other up when they were feeling down.


Also, I loved the relationship between Penelope, Baz, and Simon. I feel like their personalities even themselves out when they’re together. I didn’t really like Agatha much and I didn’t understand why she was intrigued with that picture of Lucy and Davy.

But I loved the book and I wouldn’t mind rereading this book over and over.





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