Top 10 Favorite Friendships in Books 2015 !

I’m going to name the top 10 best friendships that I enjoyed reading in 2015.


the mortal instruments

1.) Simon and Clary // The Mortal Instruments Series (2007-2014)

Author: Cassandra Clare

Their friendship is so precious. They grew up together and it’s always been Simon and Clary always together. Simon’s so in love with Clary and in the second book they try the whole dating thing but it didn’t really go there because they were meant to be best friends. I loved how throughout the whole series they told each other everything even when they knew they shouldn’t and when they were told not to tell anyone, they’ll think “But I have to tell them.” They’d do anything and sacrafice everything for each other. Their friendship is one of the things that makes The Mortal Instruments.


the fault in our stars

2.) Augustus and Isaac // The Fault in Our Stars (2012)

Author: John Green

Augustus and Isaac were friends before the support group scene and Augustus went to support Isaac before he goes into surgery and becomes blind. They played a lot of video games while talking about everything and teasing each other. But, they still support each other for example, Augustus supported Isaac through his depression after his girlfriend broke up with him. Isaac can’t imagine his life without Augustus. Their friendship was one of my favorite things in this book including other things.


perks of being a wallflower

3.) Charlie, Patrick, and Sam // The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999)

Author: Stephen Chbosky

Friends was one of the reasons why Charlie got into his dark place in his life but Patrick and Sam got him out of it which is one of the reasons why their friendship is so unique and important. They supported each other and made each other realize that they’re important and heard by the people they love. The most important theme in this book is friendship and Stephen did a really good job with creating the group of friends in this book.


paper town

4.) Quentin, Marcus and Ben // Paper Towns (2008)

Author: John Green

They were so funny and enjoyable to read. They would tease each other and make fun of each other which is really relevant to every friendship nowadays. But even when they teased each other, they were always there for each other and supported each other even when they had crazy ideas. They decided to do a lot of crazy things that only them would do like being naked under their graduation gowns. That was one of my favorites to read about.


if i stay

5.) Mia and Kim // If I Stay (2009)

Author: Gayle Forman

I also put Mia and Kim in the movie version of this but I just love their friendship. They kind of have opposite opinions on things but they still come together as one. They’re each other’s family and it was so sad to watch Kim being so upset about Mia being in a coma and I almost cried during those scenes while reading this book.


the lunar chronicles

6.) Cinder, Iko, and Thorne // The Lunar Chronicles (2012-2015)

Author: Marissa Meyer

Of course, I had to mention this book. This friendship is so strong especially in Winter which I’m currently reading. I look forward for their scenes because they’re so funny. I love how the girls go along with Thorne’s flirting and they just say the perfect things to him. I also love how they always support each other even when they know it’s a bad idea. I also love how they can tell what the others are feeling based on how they’re acting. They are just goals and I love reading scenes with them in it together.


the duff

7.) Bianca, Casey, and Jessica // The Duff (2010)

Author: Kody Keplinger

They care about each other and Casey and Jessica were always worried about Bianca when she was in her own little world with Wesley and in the book that’s the reason why they kind of went through a rocky road in their relationship. Their friendship was kind of realistic because every friendship has their fights but they still care for each other.


carry on

8.) Penny and Simon // Carry On (2015)

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Their friendship was so cute. They kind of reminded me of Christina and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy just because they acted like a married couple and just watched over each other like husband and wife. They always told each other everything and when people were meeting one of them, they would expect the other to be there as well. I also loved how when something went wrong they would think about each other. I just loved their friendship.


even when you lie to me

9.) Charlie and Lila // Even When You Lie to Me (2015)

Author: Jessica Alcott

These 2 characters were just so different from each other but they just generally worked together. Charlie’s used to living in Lila’s shadow since she’s more outgoing and Charlie’s always reading. And there were times that Charlie would be kind of jealous of the way boys would talk to Lila and not her. They always cared for each other throughout the whole book, they understood each other like no one else could. I loved reading their friendship.


girl online

10.) Penny and Elliot // Girl Online (2014)

Author: Zoe Sugg

Penny and Elliot were so funny together and supported each other. They consider each other family which is why Elliot goes with Penny’s family to New York. Something I really enjoyed reading in this book was how Elliot helped Penny with her panic attacks. Also, my favorite scene of theirs was when Elliot and her stand up to the “mean girl” in this book. Also, how Elliot tells Penny to create her own alter-ego to help her during the plane ride to New York. Their friendship was so cute !















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