Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer Book Review !

Winter is the fourth and final book in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer which is a young adult, science fiction, romantic novel that was published on November 10, 2015 by Feiwel and Friends. This book is a retelling of Snow White.

if you haven’t read “Cinder”, “Scarlet”, and/or “Cress” don’t read below because it may contain spoilers from the last books.




★★★★★ 5/5

Princess Winter is admired by the people of Luna because of her beauty and kindness. Despite the scars on her face, she’s considered to be the most beautiful of them all including her stepmother Queen Levana.

Winter has a mental sickness which is called “The Lunar Sickness”. She got this because she refuses to use her gift of controlling other people’s minds because she knows what it’s like to be controlled and it’s not fun. She gets hallucination.

Winter hates her stepmother because of the way everyone around her including her. She knows Levana won’t approve her feelings for her childhood best friend and handsome guard Jacin. Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s undermining Levana’s requests. With Cinder -Princess Selene- and her allies, Winter might have the power to rebel against Levana’s power and win the war.


This book was so amazing and it was everything I could’ve asked for in the last book of my favorite series. My feels were everywhere because every single couple was just so cute.

The action in this book was really intense and I would have to take breaks in between reading just because I would scare that something bad could happen.

This book had 823 pages so a lot of stressful things happened but the cute romantic moments made up for it.

Winter was such a likeable character. She was really random and had awful hallucinations but she was so cute. & I loved how Jacin was series most of the time but with her, he’ll be teasing her and more comfortable.


If you haven’t read this book yet, you must read it you won’t regret it.










The first thing I want to talk about is Cinder because she’s the character we’ve been following since the beginning. She has really developed as a charcater throughout the series. She went from being a Mechanic in New Bejiing to being the Queen of Luna. She’s also been close to death in this book and everytime I got a heart attack because I thought “This time it’ll happen”. But she made it ! She was an amazing rebellion leader and an even better best friends to her “crew”. I loved her friendship with Thorne, Iko and Scarlet. Especially her friendship with Thorne because they’re kind of polar opposites and he’s always flirting with her and she has no patience for it which is always funny.

Cinder and Kai were so amazing in this book and I ship it so hard. In the beginning, they’re both on the space ship together and they’re actually acting like a normal couple besides the fact that they’re talking about Kai actually marrying Cinder’s aunt. Kai was so funny and charming in this book which we don’t really get to see because most of the time he’s being an emperor and worrying about his country.

One of my favorite moments of his was when Levana changed herself into Cinder to taunt Kai while they got married and considers it a wedding gift to him because she knows he’ll perfer and he says, “In fact I do, Selene is more beautiful than you could ever be” and he grabs her and kisses her. That literally slayed my entire exsistence. He was just so sassy in this book.

And something I also loved was when Cinder was trying to be all formal and queen-like and he kind of made fun of her because that isn’t who she is.

At the end, he kind of mentioned marriage which made me so happy and squeal like a retard.


Scarlet’s so fierce and is one of the strongest characters. She ends up getting the plague for a while and I love how even when she’s on the verge of dying and she’s still fiesty, sassy and bossy. She was seperated from Wolf so many times and even though we all know it hurt her, she still tried to be as much of a help to the crew as possible. I also liked how she bonded with the other “wolves” especially Ryu and Alpha Strom. I also loved the relationship she had with Winter. Even though Scarlet thought Winter was crazy, you could tell that she looked up to her and cared about her.

Wolf and Scarlet acted like an old married couple throughout this entire book. Wolf goes through a lot in this book. First, we meet his mom Maha who tells him that his dad died and she ended up dying while protecting Cinder and where she was hiding. When Levana captures him, she finishes the process of the “wolf soldiers” which she created. So his physical features changed and he was more viscious and was always hungry for more blood, especially from humans.

During the battle, Wolf almost kills Scarlet until he realizes what he’s doing. At the end, it was so cute because Wolf was being so shy and cute. He walks into the room Scarlet’s staying in after she got off her call with her friend and he brought her flowers from his childhood home. And it was so cute because his leg kept shaking because he was nervous. He was afraid that now he’s more viscious and look differently if Scarlet still wants him and she told him that obviously she does because he’s still Wolf in the inside. And he was also afraid that she wouldn’t want him to go back with her to her grandma’s farm. It was just so sweet how nervous and shy he was being.


Cress also had amazing character developement towards the end of this book. In the beginning just like the last book, she’s kind of shy around Thorne because he makes her nervous. In the beginning, Thorne still doesn’t have his eyesight back and Cress helps him with applying the eye drops. My favorite thing about him being blind was that he memorized Cress’ footsteps so he’ll always know when she’s coming. That was just so cute. Also, Cress was more comfortable with him when he was blind because she mostly just stared at him and he didn’t actually look at her.

When he gets his eyesight back, he compliments her short hair because he hasn’t seen it. And that’s all he focuses on when he walks into the room. But, of course Thorne compliments Iko and Cinder which makes Cress jealous. Throughout the whole thing, she feels insecure because Thorne doesn’t flirt with her like he does with every other girl. But we all knew Thorne had feelings for her especially when he had a deep conversation with Kai on the spaceship.

Towards the end, Cress and Thorne have to go undercover as Lunars for the coronation and Thorne flirts with everybody. Cress was so jealous and at one point he was flirting with a man who used his lunar gift to become a beautiful woman but Thorne didn’t know but Cress did because she can’t be manipulated.

Then there was this girl who kissed Thorne and Thorne kissed her back and he tells her that he’s in love with her while Cress watches while getting her heart broken. She gets mad at him and then mad at herself because it isn’t her place to get upset. Later, we find out that the girl made herself look like Cress which is why he kissed her. So, he’s basically implying that he’s in love with her. They kiss so much in that scene and my heart was content. We also know that he’s implying that he’s in love with her because when he’s sa

During the battle, Levana forces Thorne to stab Cress and when he does, you could see the pain and guilt. He was afraid that she would hate him so he just stayed back in a corner and cried. After, he basically tells her that he’ll change his ways for her. He mentions that he told 24 girls that he loves them but it didn’t mean anything until now and that he’s so terrified of her. I read that entire chapter about 5 times before moving on because it was too cute.

Iko’s my favorite sidekick. She’s so funny and she could be going through the worst things ever but she won’t care if she looks good. Like, there was a part where her parts were basically falling and she was like at least my hair looks good.

We meet this character Liam Kinney who’s a guard and I’m not afriad to say that I ship them. Nothing happened with them but I felt the chemistry. She’s so sarcastic with him and they’re always glaring at each other.

Winter was so cute, especially when she would just start singing out of nowhere. I loved how she made 11 packs of viscious wolves fall in love with her and stop them from killing her and Scarlet just because she’s so cute.

She was strong-minded even though she believed that was the weakest part of her. Jacin and her were so cute and I hated how Levana tried to seperate them. At first she made him her persoal guard which sounds amazing but in reality it just means he has to be serious with her at all times and there’ll be no fooling around. Which Winter hated and she tried to get him alone so many times.

Also, Levana told Jacin to kill Winter because she’s weak and mostly because she knows the people love Winter more than they love her. Of course Jacin’s heartbroken about this and he knows he has to go on with it because Levana will kill him and everyone he cares about. Winter understands this when he tells her and she expresses her love to him and kisses him. Jacin ends up killing her wolf-friend Ryu who was behind her and tells her to fake her death. He helps Scarlet and her escape the palace.

Levana also poisons Winter with the plague using her favorite apple candies.

Sometimes I forget that these are retelling and I forget that all of these intense things happen before their happily ever after.


Levana actually awful. And as you can tell everything that happened that was awful goes back to her. She finally dies but it takes the whole book to do it. There were many plan fails coming from the crew because Levana was really smart and always knew what they were up to. And at the end, when it looks like they’re losing they end up winning. The one thing I hated was that Levana forced the “Crew” to go against each other using mind-control.


I just loved this book despite the stress that I’ve experienced through this book.





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