Favorite Top 10 Couples in Books 2015 !

In this blog post, I’m going to be showing my top 10 couples in books that I’ve been obsessing over in the year 2015. These are not in order of favorism because I honestly can’t do that.


the mortal instruments

1.) Clary and Jace // The Mortal Instruments (2007-2014)

Author: Cassandra Clare

This has got to be one of my top 5 favorite couples just because I know they’ve been through a lot of obstacles to get them where they are today. I also feel like they’ve changed each other for the better in the course of their relationship and they’ve realized what true love is with each other. Their relationship is just so beautiful whenever they’re just happy which is basically rare. And those times when we all believed that they were brother and sister were the most stressful moments of my life and I never shipped incest more in my life than in those moments.


the lunar chronicles

2.) Cinder and Kaito // The Lunar Chronicles (2012-2015)

Author: Marissa Meyer

I’ve shipped Cinder and Kai since the very beginning of this series and they’re my second favorite couple in this series. In the beginning, it was a cinderella story where he’s the prince and she’s just a mechanic but as time goes by they become so much more. They’re so cute together and Kai always knows what to say to Cinder to a point where I giggle and squeal like a love sick girl. I love how Kai would constantly be proud of Cinder and he’s not scared to show it or stand up for her. And in general, Kai is more serious with his emperor self but when he’s with Cinder, he loosens up and becomes more playful and more like a teenage boy which he doesn’t get to experience much.


the lunar chronicles

3.) Cress and Thorne // The Lunar Chronicles (2012-2015)

Author: Marissa Meyer

Oh God, Cress and Thorne are my favorite couple in the Lunar Chroncicles and I know a lot of people would agree with me on this. I just love the fact that Cress is shy and inexperienced with everything and Thorne is flirty, charming and just so funny. Also, how Cress loved Thorne even before she met him because she used to watch him through the satelite cameras. Thorne’s also a thief and he always feels like Cress can do better than him even though she always thinks more highly of him than he does of himself. But Thorne developes as a characters to be a better person for her which is just so cute. Usually Thorne’s charcater is making jokes and flirting with everyone but when he’s with Cress he shows a vulnerable and serious side to him that no one besides her gets to see.

lux series

4.) Katy and Daemon // The Lux Series (2011-2014)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy and Daemon obviously had to be on my list of my favorite couples. In the beginning, Daemon was a realy big dickhead to Katy but we all know he was attracted and intruiged with her since the beginning. Their loves grows more and more throughout the book. They’re so cute all the time which makes all the characters around them complain but they just don’t care. I love how Daemon would admire and think dirty thoughts that include her no matter what kind of situation they’re in. They’re like a married couple since the beginning.


anna and the french kiss

5.) Anna and E’tienne // Anna and the French Kiss (2010)

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Oh God, Anna and E’tienne. The feels I got from this book because of them was unreal. The whole time I felt like a fly on the wall because it was vividly explained and you can see every moment they went through vividly. Like you could tell when they both fell in love with each other. It hurt my heart when they were just friends E’tienne was dating that girl and Anna was starting to realize her feelings for him and I just couldn’t deal. I’m planning to reread this book just because of freaking cute they are together. They were goals and if they were real people I would hate them for being so cute.


the mortal instruments

6.) Magnus and Alec // The Mortal Instruments (2007-2014)

Author: Cassandra Clare

#Malec for life. Their chemisty from the beginning was so noticable and ah I die every time there’s a scene of them in the books. Magnus is very sarcastic and he’s had a long past of dating both men and women and he’s so cute and serious when he’s with Alec. You can tell that they really care about each other and love each other. (I will always try to ignore Page 511- If you’ve read City of Lost Souls you know what I’m talking about. That page literally broke my heart.) I can’t wait to see them connect and fall in love during the tv shows that comes out in January 2016.


to all the boys ive loved before

7.) Lara Jean and Peter // To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2014)

Author: Jenny Han

In the beginning, I didn’t ship them as much because I shipped her with Josh. But, Peter and her started fake dating I slowly started shipping them. They were so cute and I like how they started off as a boy and girl who used to be friends and he was her first kiss and they bickered all the time. They fake-dated to get the person they “loved” jealous and the “faking” just started to feel real and I think they both noticed and noticed that they’ve actually fallen for each other.


my life next door

8.) Samantha and Jase // My Life Next Door (2012)

Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick

Samantha and Jase come from 2 different lives. Her mother’s the mayor and she was raised with her sister to be respectful and organized. Jase comes from a huge family and has a lot of siblings and was just raised to be himself. Samantha wishes she could be part of their carefree family as she watches them from her roof. Then one day he joins her on the roof and their worlds come together. Their relationship was so cute and the buildup to their relationsip was amazingly written and they just fit each other perfectly because they’re such polar opposites.


the duff

9.) Bianca and Wes // The Duff (2010)

Author: Kody Keplinger

I loved reading about this couple. They hate each other in the beginning especially when Wes calls Bianca “The Duff.” But Bianca’s going through a lot with her family and she realizes that being with Wes distracts her after she kisses him. They start sleeping with each other and Bianca still hates him but you can tell that Wes was slowly falling in love with her. One of my favorite parts of this book was the hand written letter that Wes wrote to Bianca where he expresses his love and I was feeling so many emotions. Gah, I loved it.


eleanor and park

10.) Eleanor and Park // Eleanor & Park (2013)

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park was one of my favorite couples just because they felt so real. The ending of this book crushed me and if you’ve read the book then you know why. I really loved how they started with just sitting next to each other on the bus and just being interested in the same things. Eleanor’s going through a lot at home and I love how Park kind of realizes and sticks up for her whenever he can. They were a cute couple.





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