Recommending Completed Wattpad Books !

I really enjoy reading Wattpad along with reading published books. If you guys love reading on Wattpad and don’t know what to read, I’m going to recommend books that I love. And if you’ve never read a story on wattpad and don’t know where to start, I would suggest starting with these.


the bad boy stole my bra

Trailer: The Bad Boy Stole My Bra

1.) The Bad Boy Stole My Bra by: @Cherry_Cola_x

Oh my God, this story has got to be my number one favorite book on Wattpad and I reread this one at least 6 times a year because it’s so amazing. It’s basically about this girl named Riley who gets a new neighbor named Alec. On his first night there, he manages to sneak into her room and steals her mickey mouse bra. She decides to pull revenge on him and falls in love in the process. Alec is one of my favorite characters in books of all time because he’s just so charming and such a bad boy. Ugh, he’s just so amazing. I recommend everyone to read this one if you’ve never read on Wattpad before. It’ll really get you obsessed with the app.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: The Bad Boy Stole My Bra


stupid cupid

Trailer: Stupid Cupid

2.) Stupid Cupid by: @closet_anarchist

This story follows a girl who’s name is Reed. She’s the daughter of a professional matchmaker who’s always trying to set her up on dates but they never end up working like she wants them too. She gets paired up with bad boy Parker who she hates on a school project. Reed wants her mom to stop hooking her up on dates so her and Parker decide to fake date. Which helps her get her mom off her back and helps him get his crazy ex girlfriend off his. This story is so amazing and it was just so charming and cute to watch their relationship go from one thing to another. Not a lot of people talk about this one, but it’s one of my favorites and I think everyone should read this one.

if you want to check out this book, click the link: Stupid Cupid


the bad boy's dancer

Trailer: The Bad Boy’s Dancer

3.) The Bad Boy’s Dancer by: @pinkladyfingers

This story follows a girl who’s name is Flo. She lives a very hard life and she’s constantly battling herself. The only thing that makes her feel happy and alive, is dancing. It’s hard for her to dance nowadays when it’s a risk to her life. She meets a mysterious boy named Zac who has a dark path himself who saves her multiple times. She slowly starts falling for him even though she doesn’t believe in love. Zac intends to get to know Flo whether she likes it or not. This story was so beautifully written and you can see the struggle of Flo’s life and her passion for dance was so beautiful. Also, Zac’s character was so amazing and perfect.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: The Bad Boy’s Dancer


better than revenge

Trailer: Better Than Revenge

4.) Better Than Revenge by: @TheFlamingPopsicle

This story follows a girl named Sophia who’s an aspiring actress and Christian Ryder who’s an actor and is loved by most of the female world population but is hated by Sophia. He’s a cocky womanizer who’s genuinely shocked when he finds out his new co-star in a new movie actually hates his guts. Sophia and Christian have to learn how to get along in order to finish filming the movie. This story was so much fun to read, I’ve never read a story where we follow an aspiring actress who moves to Hollywood to follow her dreams but I absolutely loved it. A lot of secrets and plot twists happen in this book and I loved every second of it.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: Better Than Revenge


Faking Deliquency

Trailer: Faking Delinquency

5.) Faking Delinquency by: @TaintedRain

Falice Winters has always been the good girl compared to her twin sister Arabelle. Arabelle’s always getting herself in trouble and never respecting her father so one day their father decides to send Arabelle to a summer camp for delinquents which makes her angry because she was planning to spend her summer in London with her boyfriend. Arabelle asks Falice to pretend to be her so she’ll be able to go to London and Falice can’t say no. Falice gets sent to a place where being rude is the only way to fit in. There she meets a guy and his friends and they don’t seem as bad as the beginning. This book was so amazing and I loved how the twin sisters really loved each other because most Wattpad stories have the twin sisters hating each other so I’m happy this was different. Falice’s character was so funny and relatable and you could tell she ends up enjoying herself there and loving the people she meets there. I recommend this book to anyone because I know everyone can enjoy this one.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: Faking Delinquency


the quirky tale of april hale

Trailer: The Quirky Tale of April Hale

6.) The Quirky Tale of April Hale by: @demonicblackcat

April Hale’s a weirdo and she’s really witty. Her and the bad boy Ryder Black have been neighbors for 10 years but have never talked to each other or acknowledged each other’s existence. Until one night when Ryder’s father kicks him out and he asks her if he could stay in her bedroom that night. He calls her “March” instead of “April” but she still allows him. This is a beautiful coming of age story and the character developement was amazing to read. This story is more on the humor side and you would catch yourself dying of laughter and then fangirling because Ryder Black is just everything you cuold ever want in a bad boy.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: The Quirky Tale of April Hale                         


Depicable Arrogance

7.) Despicable Arrogance by: @istolethecookiez

Audrey Peters hates 5 main things that include Arrogant guys, Guys who have girls falling at their feet and they proceed to use them, Guys who think everyone loves them, Guys who ride motorcycles and Strawberry Ice Cream. Grayson Carter can be described by 4 of the 5 things named in this list. Grayson lives down the street from Audrey and their moms have been life-long friends but he doesn’t even know her name. Grayson’s everywhere and the only place that she doesn’t have to see him is at her job at the library and he ends up applying for a job there. I recently read this book and I loved it and became one of my favorites. It was probably because I shipped Audrey and Grayson so hard, I never wanted 2 characters to get together so bad like I did in this book.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: Despicable Arrogance


hey, beautiful

Trailer: Hey, Beautiful

8.) Hey, Beautiful by: @TaintedRain

Cassidy Williams has always dreamt of having her first kiss on her wedding day. That dream is slowly crushed when Sean James kisses her out of spite angering her. Now, that she’s had her first kiss her best friend is using that as an excuse of her to help her do the kissing booth that year. Sean won’t leave her alone and finds any way to stress her out when she’s already stressed about her college classes and her family life. This book was so beautiful and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried in this book. It was impossible for me not to laugh or cry throughout this whole book. Cassidy and Sean were literally goals and they just connected. Plus, Sean secretly loves Vampire Diaries like how can anyone not like that?

if you want to check this book out, click the link: Hey, Beautiful


How to Turn a Good Girl Bad

Trailer: How to Turn a Good Girl Bad

9.) How To Turn A Good Girl Bad by: @LikkleAngel

Hailey is a good girl who gets good grades and doesn’t argue. She’s complete opposite of her twin sister who’s the “queen bee” and head cheerleader. They move to a different school which they’re used to because they’ve been moving around all their lives. Daniel is a bad boy who doesn’t care about anything and never listens to anyone. When Hailey and Daniel cross paths, no one thinks anything of it because they’re complete opposities and shouldn’t even be talking. But Hailey’s getting tired of being the “good one” and Daniel turns out to be only person in her life who could turn her bad. This one the first wattpad story I read that wasn’t a fanfiction story. I loved this story and enjoyed every minute of it. Each chapter, Hailey becomes badder and badder and she becomes her own person as they go through the different steps. If you guys like stories with hot bad boys in them, then I definitely recommend this one.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: How to Turn a Good Girl Bad


Never have I ever

Trailer: Never Have I Ever

10.) Never Have I Ever by: @farawayfromnowhere

Aria has always been a person who kept to herself and laid low with her small amount of friends. Aria meets Nash at a party and he’s rude and blunt and you could tell that he’s been through a lot and is hiding it. Aria immediately hates him. A game of Never Have I Ever changes everything between them. I actually really loved every second of this book, there wasn’t one thing I hated. It was one of those books that you don’t really know so much about in the beginning because it doesn’t say much in the “synposis” but you still know you’re going to enjoy it because of the title of this book and the whole idea of them meeting and playing this game. I just had a lot of fun reading this book and I know you guys will also have a good time.

if you want to check this book out, click the link: Never Have I Ever






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