The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave #1) by Rick Yancey Book Review !

The 5th wave is the first book in the Fifth Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey which is a young adult, science fiction dystopian novel that was published on May 7, 2013 by Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers.


I’ll be showing 2 sections, one spoiler free and then a spoiler section.




★★★★★ 5/5


Spoiler Free:


In this book, we follow the main character Cassie which is short for Cassiopeia. One day, the humans see a mothership in the sky which freaks them and out and they try to get a peace arrangement with them but the Aliens or the “Others” (as Cassie and her father calls them) don’t say or do anything for 10 days which makes everyone nervous.

After those 10 days, the first wave hits them. The first wave is darkness and anything electronic like cellphones, cars, etc. don’t work anymore.

Once we read the Fourth Wave, no one is able to trust anyone because anyone could be one of the “Others”.

Cassie starts to lose hope until she meets Evan Walker who might be her only chance of getting her little brother Sammy back.


The characters were amazing in this book.

We also get to see the point of view of Ben Parrish who is an important character in this book. But, I think I enjoyed Cassie’s point of view more. She was just a sassy, sarcastic 17 year old girl who was definitely badass.


Rick Yancey had an amazing talent of putting us into this world where we feel like we’re with these characters and we’re going through these experiences with them. There were some points while I was reading it where I would forget where I was because I would just get so lost in this book.

The writing is amazing, the characters are amazing; like yaas Evan Walker is bae (well one of my baes)


If you haven’t read this book yet, you really should. You won’t regret any second of it. It’s just so good.




Spoiler Filled:


Okay, so the first thing I want to talk about is the paranoia that I dealt with throughout this whole book. Like when the soldiers were picking up only the kids and in my head, I was like “Don’t do it! They’re aliens!” But then when we go to Ben’s point of view, I found myself kind of trusting them because even though it was a crazy army place, they were really passionate about getting rid of the aliens. But there were things that when I looked back, it was so noticeable and I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. I really believe that we were brainwashed just like Ben and Sammy were. Especially when they had light and technology. Like how is it that the rest of the whole is filled with darkness but here, there’s light and cures for diseases that millions of people died from.

Also, when we went into the point of view of the Silencer; that was so trippy. To see the enemy of the humans feel these strange emotions for Cassie. And then when we were introduced to Evan, I was like “Okay, he must be the Silencer who shot Cassie in the leg.” and then we got to know him and he was charming. Also, he talked about his family with such pain that we’re thinking no alien could be able to feel. So, I trusted him and I was like there’s no way he’s an alien. Even when he would be out late “hunting” and then bringing nothing back, I was like nope, just going to ignore that; he’s a human. & he ended up being a Silencer.


I feel like Rick Yancey made us accuse the person correctly but then slowly start to change our minds so when they revealed themselves, we would be so angry that we didn’t see them coming. Cassie was right; trust no one.


I definitely shipped Evan and Cassie and Ben and Ringer but a small piece of me shipped Cassie and Ben because he was the guy that she was in love with from far away and cherished a 1 minute conversation they had together on the bus about their siblings being born a week from each other. Like, the whole time she was waiting for the day when she can go up to Ben and be like, “Do you remember The Babies?” and then it actually did happen which gave me so much life. But I still love Evan.


The ending was a good ending but it was a kind of ending where way more could happen (which is why it’s a trilogy) like when I finished, I was like, “Wait, that’s it?” But I’m so excited to see where this story goes and also to see if Evan made it because at the ending we don’t really get a closure on Evan after they left him in the building. But he said he would find Cassie again, so I’m going to believe that he is.


This book was so amazing and it’s honestly became one of my favorites. I can’t wait to watch the movie this weekend, hopefully they don’t mess up the movie.





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