Recommending Completed Wattpad Books !

This is the part 2 of me recommending wattpad books that I’ve enjoyed and I think you guys would enjoy if you’re a Wattpad readers or if you’ve never read on Wattpad and you don’t know what to start with.


Mr. Player, You've Just Been Played

1.) Mr. Player, You’ve Just Been Played by: @TheFairytale

This was actually book I read on Wattpad that wasn’t a fanfiction and it actually made me read more books on there. This book was so amazing and I giggled like a crazed fangirl when I read this book. The main character is Carson and she’s trying to make it through high school and she continuously see the school player’s Jesse get with different girls before hurting them and causing them to cry before moving on to the next. When Carson becomes one of those girls, she promises to herself that she won’t be the one crying in the end. It’s basically about a girl who’s trying to get back at a player by playing his game.

if you want to read it, click Mr. Player, You’ve Just Been Played


The Bad Boy's Girl

Trailer: The Bad Boy’s Girl Trailer

2.) The Bad Boy’s Girl (Bad Boy Series #1) by: @JessGirl93

I’m in love with this story and actually seeing this book again makes me want to pick it up and re-read it. This book follows a girl named Tessa O’Connell who’s basically an ordinary girl. For her Senior Year, her goal is to keep herself unseen and at the same time try to make her childhood crush Jay to love her back. Jay’s brother Cole who’s a gorgeous bad boy comes back to town and she isn’t happy about that because he’s her number one enemy and tormentor. But the guy that comes back is way different than the Cole who left. He challenges her and forces to bring out the girl she buries deep inside.

if you want to read this, click The Bad Boy’s Girl


The Bad Boy, Cupid, & Me

Trailer: The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me Trailer

3.) The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by: @Slim_Shady

This was one of my favorites because it made me laugh (it’s funny) and it made me feel all the emotions the character was feeling. This book follows the main character Chloe Armel who’s the good girl. She never gets in trouble and is loved everyone. She’s considered “Cupid” because she helps her classmates get together with the ones they are interested in. Her parents go to Cambodia to treat children for 2 weeks and she needs to stay with neighbors. Chloe’s neighbors have a son named Reece Carter who’s the school’s badass with an ego. This story contains sneaking out, parties, Hash Brownies, flirting, breaking the law, and road trips.

if you want to read this, click The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me


The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy

Trailer: The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy Trailer

4.) The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy by: @KamiNicolino

This book has the perfect banter between the cheerleader and the bad boy. While reading this, you can really feel the tension between the characters. This story follows Sage who just moves to a new town and tries out the cheerleading team. Everything was going fine until she met the bad boy Aaron who challenges and tempts her.

if you want to read this, click The Cheerleader and the Bad Boy


The Bad Boy and The Good Girl. Cliche !

Trailer: Good Girl & Bad Boy. Cliche ! Trailer

5.) Good Girl & Bad Boy. Cliche ! by: @AnnabelleSmithson

The banter in this book is also amazing, one of my favorite books on wattpad (dialouge wise). This book follows the main character Grace who’s sweet, simple but also very sarcastic. She doesn’t like being rude to people but she would to stand up for her friends and family. Cameron is the badass who breaks the law and who doesn’t believe in love and doesn’t focus on getting with girls. The banter in this book is amazing because she’s the queen of sarcasm and he’s a cocky badass.

if you want to read this, click Good Girl & Bad Boy. Cliche !


Mr Popular and I

Trailer: Mr. Popular and I Trailer

6.) Mr. Popular and I by: @thefreaksoffreaks

My favorite thing about this book is the whole relationship process between the character. I feel like everything just happened at the perfect time. The book follows Lea Wilso who’s a sarcastic nerd and who’s house was destroyed by mites. Her and her family have to stay with old family friends. River Parker is their son and he’s considered an egoistic sex god. River and Lea live under the same roof and slowly they become closer and closer.



if you want to read this, click Mr. Popular and I


Run Bad Boy Run

Trailer: Run Bad Boy Run Trailer

7.) Run Bad Boy Run by: @simranm17

This book was so good and intense. It includes Ember Chance and intense bad boy Hayden Cross who fights. He was her old bully and tormentor who was sent somewhere else. But now he’s back and they’re back to how it used to be which includes pranks, rumors, and drama. They become important in each other’s life which is something they never saw coming.

if you want to read this, click Run Bad Boy Run


my brother's best friend

Trailer: My Brother’s Best Friend Trailer

8.) My Brother’s Best Friend by: @knightsrachel

This is one of my favorite books also. I absolutely loved reading this book and I loved the main guy character in this book. This book follows the main character Emily Winston who has returned home from being away in London for a year and moved in with her twin brother Emmett. She finds out he has given a room to his best friend Parker Adams. Parker and Emily try to get along while having daily insults and arguments. Emmett can feel the tension between them and so can they. This book also includes self harm and Anorexia, so if you can’t handle those topics don’t read this one.

if you want to read this, click My Brother’s Best Friends


dorm room 210

Trailer: Dorm Room 210 Trailer

9.) Dorm Room 210 by: @Broken_Dream07

This book was so good and it kind of reminded me of She’s the Man but she’s actually a girl in this book. In this book, there’s a legend of Dorm Room 210 where this boy and girl hated each other and always put pranks on each other but he was still a boy and she was still a girl so naturally they fell in love with each other. After her parents were killed in an accident Lillian Camel focused all her energy in surviving college and also surviving her arrogant roommate Noah Sky who she lives with in Dorm Room 210.

if you want to read this, click Dorm Room 210


the president's daughter

Trailer: The President’s Daughter Trailer

10.) The President’s Daughter by: @xoxo_mysteriousgirl

In this book, the main character is Alice “Ali” Montclair who’s the daughter of the President. When her father told her he was going to be the president of the United States 7 years ago, she was very happy for her father. Now, not so much. She finally gets a chance to go to a real high school. Once she arrives, she doesn’t make a good first impression because she angers the school bad boy. Her life gets more complicated as she has to struggle with school, friends, and being the president’s daughter. This book is also amazing, it has great characters.

if you want to read this, click The President’s Daughter




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