R.I.P. It or Ship It! (Book Edition)

I’m really excited to do this tag. This is when you put random book character’s name in a cup and you pick 2 at a time and you try to figure out if you ship it or not.


Round 1:

Four and Alex

I kind of ship this. At one point, Alec was in love with Jace and Tobias and Jace kind of have similiar past experiences and they both love and care hard. If they did meet at some point, I think they’ll be attraction there.


Round 2:

Isabelle and Baz

I kind of ship this also. I think Pre-Simon Izzy would definitely be into Baz. I feel like if they would meet, it would be Izzy got called down for a mission and it’s vampire activity and then they meet. I really thought about this. But it would obviously be in another world where Baz isn’t gay.





Round 3:

Jem and Anna

I’m honestly waiting to R.I.P. something but I just can’t. I feel like if Anna time traveled or something, they would be beautiful together. The love that Jem gives to the people he cares about is amazing and I feel like Anna would love that. Also, he’s foreign just like E’tienne.



Round 4:

Sebastian and Cress

I RIP THIS! Cress’ innocence cannot handle the crazy mind of Sebastian Morgenstern. Cress is too precious.



Round 5:

Simon and Simon

I RIP this! I feel like if they were introduced, they might just be friends. I don’t see myself wanting this to happen. Plus, it’ll be really hard to come up with a ship name for them.



Round 6:

Scarlet and Clary

I RIP this! I feel like they’re too much alike. They’ll both do anything in order to keep their loved ones safe. Scarlet’s a bit more badass than Clary but they both have some elements of badassness.



Round 7:

Evan and Tris

I ship this! I feel like they’ll be a badass couple who run away from their enemies while also staying lowkey. He also has a similar personality to Four.


Round 8:

Magnus and Peeta

I RIP this! No offense to Peeta, but Magnus wouldn’t want to be with someone weak like Peeta.


Round 9:

Dee and St. Clair

I ship this! I feel like Dee needs true love like her brothers had and I feel like Etienne would be perfect for her and would show her what love really is.





Round 10:

Jace and Iko

I RIP this! I feel like if they were ever introduced, they would just have a sarcastic, flirty friendship like Iko and Thorne have.



Round 11:

Winter and Thorne

I RIP this! They didn’t really interact in the book for me to fully ship them in any way. Plus, I can only see Thorne with Cress and Winter with Jacin.



Round 12: Cassie and Tessa

I RIP this! I just can’t see myself shipping them.


Round 13:

Katniss and Ben

I kinda ship this! I feel Ben’s charm could make Katniss smile and just have fun. They’re the opposite from each other and opposites attract!




Round 14:

Katy and Wolf

I RIP this! I love Wolf but I feel he’s too serious for Katy compared to Daemon.



Round 15:

Cinder and Kai

I totally ship this! After Cress and Thorne, they’re my favorite couple in the series. Obviously I chose them together though because they’re meant to be.



Round 16:

Daemon and Will

I RIP this! Even though they would be a hot couple, they’re both cocky and I feel like they would clash too much.



Round 17:

Lara Jean and Jacin

I ship this! I’m currently P.S. I Still Love You and Jacin has a similiar personality that John has so I can see Lara Jean falling in love with him as well.





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