P.S. I Still Love You (#2) by Jenny Han Book Review !

P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han which is a young adult, contemporary, romance novel that was published on May 26, 2015 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.


I’m going to have 2 sections; Spoiler-Free and a Spoiler Filled section.


If you haven’t read To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I wouldn’t recommend reading even the spoiler-free section because it might spoil the first book.








★★★★★ 5/5




Lara Jean never expected to fall in love with Peter because they were just pretending so she’s confused and shocked when it actually happens.

Another boy from her past returns back into her life and Lara Jean’s feelings for him returns back also.

Also, the hot tub scene (from the first book) comes back to bite her in the butt.

Can a girl possibly be in love with 2 guys at the same time or could she just be in love with love?


This book was so freaking cute and I couldn’t even breathe for most of the book. If you’ve read To all the Boys I’ve Loved, you know the cuteness and the swooning you can experience. I loved this book the same amount that I loved the first one.

I was swooning throughout the whole thing. We leave off right where we were at the end of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and we just got to see Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship as a couple which we don’t really get to see in contemporary books.


If you haven’t read this book, you really should !










Okay, so the first thing I want to talk about is the beginning part where Lara Jean wants to talk to Peter and forgive him so she writes him another letter which is where we left off in the last book which is the cutest thing.

The beginning of the letter was :


“Dear Peter,

I miss you. It’s only been five days but I miss you like it’s been five years. Maybe because I don’t know if this is just is, if you and I will ever talk again. I mean I’m sure we’ll say hi in chem class, or in the hallways, but will it ever be like it was? That’s what makes me sad. I felt like I could say anything to you. I think you felt the same way. I hope you did.”

                                                                                -Jenny Han


The cutest freaking beginning ever. But, I didn’t know if the letter would be enough or if Jenny Han would just make them go through so many things before actually letting them be a real couple but it’s a good thing she didn’t.

It seemed at first that Lara Jean wasn’t going to give Peter the letter because he was being nonchalant but then he saw it and I was so happy when he saw it and read it and he was kind of upset that she was just going to leave without giving him the letter. & he says that he’s been waiting for her for 6 days and that he was playing hard to get, I squealed so hard.


They start real dating and they make a contract of all the rules in their relationship.


“1. Peter will not be more than five minutes late.

2. Lara Jean will not make Peter do crafts of any kind.

3. Peter doesn’t have to call Lara Jean before he goes to bed at night, but he can if he feels like it.

4. Lara Jean will only go to parties if she feels like it.

5. Peter will give Lara Jean rides whenever she wants.

6. Lara Jean and Peter will always tell each other the truth.

7. Lara Jean and Peter will not break each other’s hearts.”

                                                              -Jenny Han


It’s sad to think that they broke more than one rule on this list. The reason they broke up was because Peter was always comforting and always being there for Geneviene. & even though towards the end we found the reason why exactly, I feel like they could’ve worked it out if Peter let Lara Jean know that he was going to be with her. Because if I was Lara Jean and I kept walking in on my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend of years hugging, I would be insecure and thinking that something was going on there.


In this book, we met John Ambrose McClaren and he was just the perfect dream boy. I don’t even know which one I love more Peter or him. Also, I already knew going into this book that there was going to be another guy so when Stormy (which I loved throughout the whole book) was trying to hook Lara Jean up with her great-grandson I already knew it was going to be him.

He was one of the 5 boys who she sent letters to and he got his last and he sent her a letter asking why she would send this love letter now. She’s completely mortified and she asks to see the letter she wrote to him because she can’t remember what she wrote. They write about 3 letters to each other before she actually gets the letter back. And oh my God, was that letter embarrassing.


“Dear John Ambrose McClaren,

I know the exact day it all started. Fall, eighth grade. We got caught in the rain when we had to put all the softball bats away after gym. We started to run back to the building, and I couldn’t run as fast as you, so you stopped and grabbed my bag too. It was even better than if you’d grab my hand. I still remember the way you looked– your T-shirt was stuck to your back, your hair wet like you just came out of the shower…..”

-Jenny Han


Then she goes on about her being in love with him and it’s just so naked, this letter. I’ve never felt so much second-hand embarrassment from a character in my life. After she reads the letter, she’s like there’s no way I’m sending this back to him and I’m never going to speak to him again because this is too embarrassing and I was laughing during that part.

Slowly, he keeps coming back to her life and I just loved him. He was there for Lara Jean when Peter was comforting Geneviene. You could tell that John actually listened to what she was saying and understood and cared about it.

My favorite scene of this whole book was the 1940’s dance at the Nursing Home. And Lara Jean and John get all dressed up and they dance together and John lifts her up and she’s laughing and she’s so happy and I couldn’t even contain my giggles. Then they walk out and Lara Jean sees Genenviene and Peter and then John pulls up in his convertable and Peter’s so jealous and I got really excited.

After the dance, I loved the conversation Lara Jean had with her neighbor Ms.Rothschild. She told her about her night and I teared up when she was asking herself is this how it feels to have a conversation with your mother after such an amazing night. Throughout this whole book, you could tell that these are the moments in her life when she really needs her mom around and her dad’s trying to be there for her like her mother would’ve but it’s never the same as actually having your mother around.


I also loved watching the whole game of Assassin happen and the time capsule.


One thing that I hated that Peter did was ask for the necklace he gave her on Valentines Day back. Like I was so hurt, like how dare you ask for that back? But he gives it back to her on her birthday. Lara Jean tells John after that, that she’s half way to falling in love with him but she’s still in love with Peter and he says, It’s okay maybe it’s just not my time but I know my time will come one day (or something like that and it made me so happy.)


The book ends with Peter meeting Lara Jean in the treehouse, them and their friends used to play in and they talk about everything that has happened and this happens:


“Fiercely he says, ‘What if we do? If we’re so guarded, it’s not going to be anything. Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.'”

-Jenny Han


What’s the sound? Me slowly dying. I loved this book and even though it had a perfect ending I could still see Jenny Han making a third book for this so we could see some character developement with Chris and we can have a real closure with the friendship between Lara Jean and Geneviene. And obviously seeing more of John and see how this real relationship with Lara Jean and Peter will look like.





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