The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2) by Rick Yancey Book Review !

The Infinite Sea is the second book in the Fifth Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey which is a youg adult, science fiction dystopian novel that was published on September 16, 2014 by Putnam Juvenile.


I’ll be showing a spoiler-free and also a spoiler-filled section.


If you haven’t read The 5th Wave , then you probably shouldn’t read this review just incase it spoils you.









★★★★ 4/5


Spoiler-Free :


In order for the Others to get rid of seven billion humans, they have to get the humans to get rid of their humanity.

Cassie survived the last 4 waves and now she finds herself in the world where no one trusts one another and they find themselves bickering with one another trying to put in their own opinions. Cassie, Ben and Ringer definitely have their disagreements with the Others’ ultimate goal.

This whole book surrouds the battle between life and death, love and hate where Cassie and her friends haven’t seen the depths to which the Pthers will sink and the Others don’t know the heights to which humanity will rise.


I enjoyed this book and seeing where all of my favorite characters are and their experiences. I didn’t like this one as much as I loved the first book in this trilogy but I still loved it. Not a lot of things happened in this book like it did in the 5th Wave but a lot of the thought processes of the characters got me thinking about things I don’t normally think about.


I liked how we got to see some of the background stories of some of the kids in Ben’s crew. Like, Poundcake and Ringer. I also enjoyed reading from Ringer’s point of view but I did miss seeing more of Cassie and Ben’s point of view.


Also, we meet Razor (Alex) in this book and I loved him throughout the book from the moment we met him. He was so lovable, funny and charming.


If you have read the first book and you haven’t gotten a chance to read this one, you really should! It’s great to see where the characters are physically and emotionally in a book like this.










We’re introduced to the CO2 deadly product system in the prolouge which was really intense and vivid like I couldn’t believe it.


In the first book, we hear mostly from Ringer’s point of view and it starts with Ringer having a short conversation with Cassie where they’re slightly arguing and we get to see the fuller version when we get to Cassie’s point of view in book two and it was really trippy that we didn’t see the full thing from Ringer’s point of view.

Also, Cassie and Ringer disagree with each other throughout this whole book but towards the end you can see Ringer’s mindset when she slowly starts to understand where Cassie’s coming from and why she would trust Evan so easily.


Something that I hated in this book was the fact that there was so many false alarms of so many characters dying. Like, Teacup, Ben, Evan, Sam, etc. I think the Sam one really hit me though like when I thought he died, I got teary eyed and everything hurt because Cassie was just so upset and Rick Yancey was just like jk he’s fine. Also, when we thought Poundcake was going to die that was so intense.

Poundcake’s background story was so intense and how he lost his younger brother and his mom would treat him like shit when she got sick. She always told him to shut up and that’s why he doesn’t speak or react to anything anymore because all he has from his past is how his mother hated him and the guilt he carries around for losing his younger brother because he was hungry and looking for food.


I hated Grace in this book and even though I loved Evan in the last book, he was just alright to me. I felt like in this book, Cassie was a much more stronger person than in the last book and that really affects the kind of relationship she has with Evan. I still ship them though. Especially when they were taking out the bomb from Megan’s throat and he kept bantering with her and making her more nervous than she already was, that made me smile.


I also kind of shipped Cassie with Ben for a little while. Their bickering sections were my favorites and she told him to leave without her because she wasn’t going to leave Evan alone but he wasn’t having it. Ben turned really sassy in this book. Also, that kiss that happened when Cassie was going to take the bomb out of the little girl Megan’s stomach and there was a really big chance that she was going to die, that was cute. I actually squealed in that moment.


This book explained so much about aliens and the way that they are able to heal so quickly and have this incredible strength. That’s called the 12th system. We see Evan’s system crash which means he can’t heal and his ankle’s broken and he has 2nd degree burns all over him. I literally cringed when I read the part where Evan was going to kill Grace and she rips off his burns. Like why did she have to do that, everytime I thought about it, I felt the pain.


Towards the end of the book, we’re focusing again on Ringer and her encounters with Vosch. Everytime they’re having a conversation, he’s trying to get her to understand what exactly is happening here. & they keep using the rats as a metaphor and I didn’t understand it at first but it’s basically saying the aliens lost their homes and they needed a new one and they found earth. But they saw that the humans were mistreating their home so he decides to destroy them like humans would do with rats who are destroying their houses. Which made so much sense when it was all figured out.

Ringer made a realization where she starts to think what if this isn’t even real and it’s all an illusion and they’re actually human beings. Which was really trippy to think about and I don’t know if it’s true or not. Also, she points out that people like Evan aren’t exactly aliens at all because aliens wouldn’t risk putting themself inside a human being. So, it’s like why would the aliens do something like that when people can just talk and they’ll believe it so the humans can do all the dirty work for them.


We meet Razor in this book and at first he’s just Ringer’s caretaker. I loved his character and he made me laugh and I loved at how much he talked about his life with Ringer and her comebacks to him was awesome. At one point, I believed he was a backstabber but then he made up for it by being him and being in love with Ringer. Razor helps Ringer and Teacup escape and is obviously found by Vosch again because he’s freaking everywhere. But the part where Ringer’s falling with the plane to the ground and she was tumbling all over the place was so intense and vivid like I could actually picture that whole scene.


This book was so intense and the realizations we got from this book is so unreal and it’s all I can think about right now. I can’t wait until the next book comes out so we can some confirmation on everything and we can see how this all ends.





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