Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare Book Review !

Clockwork Angel is the first book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare which is a young-adult historical paranormal fiction novel that was published on August 31, 2010 by Simon & Schuster and Margaret K. McElderry.


I’m going to include a spoiler-free section and a spoiler-filled section.








★★★★★ 5/5


Spoiler-Free :


The year in this novel is 1878. Tessa Gray travels to London to find her missing brother Nathaniel and she enters the dark supernatural downworld of London.

She soon discovers what she really is and that the only people who she can call allies in this world are the shadowhunters which includes Will Herondale and James “Jem” Carstairs who are the two myserious boys that she finds herself attracted to.

They find themselves against the Pandemonium Clun which is a secret organization of vampires, demons, warlocks and humans. These secret organization have created a magical army of clockwork creatures (which could be similiar to robots) and they want to get rid of the shadowhunters who they despise.


This story was amazing and every character’s story was just so interesting and you wanted to learn more. There’s paranormal/supernatural beings, there’s a hot and charming Herondale boy, a cute and romantic Carstairs boy, Magnus Bane and superbeings that we’ve met before like Camille Belcourt.

I’m really annoyed that it took me this long to finally pick this book up but I’m happy I finally did.

I loved the 3 main characters; Tessa, Jem and Will. Will was a dick most of the times but at times his facade would show and some sweet things would come out of his mouth which led me to fall in love with him. He’s charming even though he’s obviously going through a lot mentally.

Jem is like the perfect guy. Like he’s sweet and he understands Tessa and his supportive attitude is everything. Now I can see why Tessa has a problem with choosing between those 2 boys.


If you loved reading the Mortal Instruments and you need more shadowhunters, you should really pick this book up.








Spoiler-Filled :


So in the Prologue, we see Tessa Gray arriving into London from New York and she’s talking about how her Aunt died and now she’s moving in with her older brother. She meets the Dark Sisters – Mrs. Black & Mrs. Dark who say that her brother couldn’t make it because he’s busy so they’ll bring her to him. From the beginning, I knew they were sketchy.

In the beginning, we see the Dark Sisters kind of mistreating Tessa and forcing her to Change into other people who have died. We can see that Tessa is able to go into their heads and kind of have thoughts like the person would have. We hear them talking about how they are preparing her for the Magister who wants to marry her.


She tries to escape when she figures this out but is caught. Of course Will Herondale comes to the rescue with the help of Thomas. I loved how Tessa actually hits Will with a vase because he startles her and also how she bites Thomas when he gets a hold of her. The whole fighting scene when she first meets Will is so entertaining.

Will ends up taking her into the London Institute and it’s hard for her to trust anyone after how the Dark Sisters treated her and she believes that they just want to use her for her power and soon she realizes that she’s wrong.


She meets Sophie who’s the “servant” and it’s crazy to her that she’s able to talk to Will as she pleases because usually they don’t get to speak their mind. Also, it’s weird for her to see women as warriors but by the end of the book, she becomes a warrior herself.

Brother Enoch comes into the institute to tries to figure out what Tessa is because she has warlock abilities but she doesn’t have a warlock mark like the others. For example, Magnus has the cat eyes. He doesn’t know what she is so he leaves.

She shows her powers to them for the first time at the dinner table and she Changes into Jessamine and I love how she says something like “Why didn’t anyone tell me my nose is that big?” or something along those lines. She was a snobby charcaters but she rubbed off on me.


She finally meets Jem because she hears him playing his violin and Will comes in and basically insults Jem’s playing ability. Then Jem has one of his episodes where he’s coughing up blood and becoming pale. Will looks so concerned and Tessa wants to go tell Charlotte but Will tells her not to and kicks her out of his room. At this point, I’m like what is going on with Jem and why is he always sick?


Charlotte and Henry promises Tessa that they would look for her brother Nathaniel. So they go to talk to his old boss Mortmain and they question him and he answers all the questions and basically tells them that the Magister is De Quincey; the head of the vampire clan.

Camille appears and says she has some information on the Magister who they believe is De Quincey at this point. She tells them about this party that he’s throwing where he’ll be most likely doing something illegal according to the Clave Law. They make a plan where Tessa will Change into Camille and with the help of Magnus Bane, she’ll be able to figure out where her brother is and get more information of the Pandemonium Club and clockwork creatures. Will volunteers to go with her.


For a couple days, Tessa tries to train herself to act like Camille and being comfortable in a vampire’s body. On their way to the party, Will and Tessa have a moment and Tessa starts to think to herself, “Is he looking at me like that because I look like the beautiful Camille or because he’s really looking at me, Tessa?” Then she really gets into the whole Camille act and she bosses Will around which she enjoys too much.

She is introduced to De Quincey and Camille’s thoughts help her with what to say to him and is brought memories of how De Quincey has hurt and betrayed Camille. Then, she sees Magnus Bane and is brought loving memories of them kissing and doing romantic things which is weird to think about being a #Malec shipper. Magnus leads Will and her into the library and he basically tells her that there’s no way that she’s not a warlock. They find De Quincey’s plan of making more clockwork creature with the help of the Dark Sisters.

They catch De Quincey about to sacrifice a human and Tessa realizes that it’s her brother Nathaniel and she yells at Will to pull the signal to the clave now and he does which ends up putting the whole place on fire (Honestly Henry’s inventions never worked but it’s good that he at least tried).

During the battle, Will does the dumbest thing I think a Herondale has ever done. He bites De Quincey so he’s digested vampire blood and now he has it in his system. But I loved how Jem was like really ? Again? Like dude, how many times have you done this? And didn’t you learn from the last time.


They take in Nathaniel and he’s really sick so they call Brother Enoch. Nathaniel apparently sees the Shadowhunters as the enemy and refuses to get the Silent Brother’s help but Charlotte and Tessa convince him and Brother Enoch helps him. Tessa bumps into Sophie who tells her that Will refuses to drink the holy water that would stop his transformation and Tessa’s like I’ll make him drink it and she goes upstairs to the attic where’s he’s laying looking all miserable and bloody.

That’s where they share their kiss and I’m fangirling over here because he’s bae. & then he tells her to get out and I’m just like “How dare you?!”


Jem takes Tessa to the bridge and he talks about his past and also a little about Will. Then, these clockwork creatures show up and say that they serve the Magister who is De Quincey and Jem and Tessa try to fight them off but they end up running off. The Clockwork creatures follow them to the Institute where they attack Jem who’s already weak and Tessa can’t open the door because she’s not a shadowhunter. The door finally opens and Will takes Jem upstairs and Tessa’s confused on why Jem got weak so fast.

Later, Jem tells Will to get Tessa for him and she goes up to him and he tells her why he’s always so sick. This demon basically gave demon blood to Jem in order to torture his parents and his body became addicted to the demon blood. And even though, it’s slowly killing his body, he has to keep drinking it in order to keep fighting which he refuses to stop. You could tell that it’s a hard topic for Will especially when Gabriel Lightwood made a sick joke about it and Will was about to go off on him but Jem held him back.


Nathaniel tells them about De Quincey and the Pandenomiem Club and how he has a gambling issue and they gave him this warlock potion that made him come back again and again. He talks about this evil plan that the Magister has and how he sold Tessa out and wrote a letter to get her to come to London because he wanted more money in order to gamble and he was saying how sorry he was and Will was just being a sassy boy which made me smile especially when we find out that Nathaniel’s a backstabber who’s loyal to the Magister.

The clave goes to De Quincey to stop him and they leave Jem and Will behind. Mortmain shows up and tells Jem and Will about the Dark Sisters being apart of it and how they’re making a spell as they speak. So Jem and Will go to Dark Sisters in order to figure out what’s happening.

The Clockwork Creatures attack the Institute and Agatha dies which hurt my heart even though she was a minor character because I liked her. We find out that the Magister is actually Mortmain and he said all that about the Dark Sisters to get Jem and Will out of the way. Tessa, Jessamine and Sophie hides in the Sanctuary after Thomas tells them to.

Mortmain makes his voice sound like Will’s and the girls opens the door for him and it ended up being him and he forces Sophie and Jessamine to leave the room.


Will finally realizes what’s happening and he rides his horse to the Institute. He gets to the institute and becomes angry when he sees Agatha dead and Thomas also. Thomas wakes up and tells him to watch over Sophie and that Tessa’s okay.

Mortmain tells Tessa that she’s a warlock but he implyed that she’s mixed with something else because he says that her mother didn’t even know what she was. Tessa puts a blade against her heart and tells him that if he moves she’ll kill herself which is really brave of her. He mocks her saying that she won’t and she turns around and actually does it.

Will walks in when she’s dead on the floor and Mortmain’s freaking out because his hardwork is now dead besides him. Will blames it on him and he vanishes. Will holds onto Tessa and you could tell that he’s mourning and hurt. Then, she wakes up and I swear that I screamed, “you little bitch! You scared me half to death.” Like even though I know she’s alive because of City of Heavenly Fire, I was still scare that she actually did it and that Magnus would have to do some warlock magic to bring her back. She explained how she Changed into a girl who was shot in the chest when she turned around and the Change actually made her faint but when she became conscious again, she faked the death.


Will and Tessa share another kiss after Charlotte tells her that she can stay in the Institute and he was being a huge dick and was saying “Oh, I guess we’ll have to use your bedroom” implying that he only wants sex from her. & he drops the bomb of her being a warlock means that she can never have kids. I was like “Nooooo. You were doing so good.”

Jem tells Tessa that he’ll help her find the truth about who she really is.


The book ends in the Epilogue where we see Magnus in Camille’s apartment and Will shows up and asks for a favor. And it literally ends with Magnus saying “Why don’t you tell me what the problem is?” which is stressing me out like what does Will want?!


I’m really excited to move along with this storyline!





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