The Martian by Andy Weir Book Review !

The Martian by Andy Weir is a science-fiction novel that was published on February 11, 2014 by Crown.


I’ll be showing 2 sections, a spoiler-free section and a spoiler-filled section.








★★★★ 4/5




Mark Watney is the first people who walked on Mars and now he’s convinced he’s going to be the first person to die there.

During a dust storm in Mars, Mark was nearly killed which forces his crew to evacuate the planet before they all die. So, Mark is left behind on Mars because his crew thought he was dead.

The next time NASA will send anyone back to Mars will be in 4 years so Mark has to figure out how to survive on his own. Al he has is his botony and engineering skills to help him survive. His humor also keeps him entertaining especially when he goes through hard obstacles on the planet.


I was captivated by the story of a man stuck on Mars since the first time I heard about this book and it wasn’t hard for me to read this book in 2 days because I couldn’t put the book down.

It’s so intense and a survival story where you’re just rooting for him to survive this experience. It was also crazy to think about this actually happening to someone who’s average and not as smart as Mark, like how would they survive.

This story was incredibly hilarious like I chuckled so much throughout this book. I wouldn’t think that a book about a man stuck on Mars would be funny but it was. It was mostly Mark’s personality, he was just a smart ass which was entertaining.








Spoiler-Filled :


This is going to be short section. I just want to talk about a couple things.


Okay, there were many points in this book where I would hold my breathe and just think “Okay, this may be the end.” But it never was because Mark was just so freaking smart. It blew me away how he was able to find a solution for every problem he faced.

One problem was that big storm. We knew about it before Mark did and that was even more stressful because we’re thinking shit’s about to go down. But, it wasn’t even a big deal for Mark. He’s like I’ll just test some things and he just went around the storm. Like I would’ve just given up and he never did which is admirable.


One of my favorite parts of the book was when NASA told him to do something for them and he’s like “fuck that, no way.” and they’re like “Watch your language, you’re on a live stream” and he’s a smart ass and he makes boobs and he’s look, “Look, there’s boobs!” which made me laugh. He just always knew what to say.


The whole process of Mark planting potatoes and turning fuel into water. Like it was crazy at how close he was to death. Those moments confused me a bit but when it happened it kind of made sense.


Also, there was so many moments where he’s like “I fucked up.” and everytime I’m just like, “Mark! Stop fucking touching things. Just sit down.” but I would laugh like of course nothing can go smoothly for you.


Something I loved was the relationship/friendship of his crew. Like those small moments where we saw their point of views, it was so much fun and intense.

I also loved how Mark had a food planned for different events he might go through. I laughed when he exploded something and almost died so he was like, “You know what? I almost exploded today, let me have a big meal tonight. I deserve it.” Like it’s just so good. The though process was gold.


I didn’t really cry in this book but I was really emotional towards the end when they were counting down and they were describing everyone on earth watching together on the television trying to see if he’s going to make it. Like, it felt so real as if I was watching a movie. And when they finally made it, I was so freaking happy because I was really scared Weir would just kill him towards the end. But he made it.


This book has become one of my favorites and I’m so excited that I read it before watching the movie just incase it’s not as good as the book.





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