Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare Book Review !

Clockwork Prince is the second book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare which is a young-adult historical paranormal fiction novel that was published on December 6, 2011 by Simon & Schuster & Margaret K. McElderry.


If you haven’t read Clockwork Angel , then you shouldn’t even read the spoiler-free section because it might spoil the first book.


I’m going to include a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled section.






Tessa Gray has found family in the Shadowhunters in the London Institute. But Charlotte Branwell’s position in the institute is being questioned and Tessa Gray will be homeless if she doesn’t own it anymore.

The Magister is still out there working his way to get rid of Shadowhunters and to take Tessa Gray. Tessa, Jem and Will are trying to get more information on him so they go to a Manor in Yorkshire and a clockwork demon has warnings for Will from Mortain which makes them realize that the Magnister knows their every move.

Tessa finds herself getting closer to Jem but her heart is also longing for Will even when he’s in one of his dark moods. There’s love and betrayel in this book and they’re both done perfectly.


The triangle of Will, Tessa and Jem technically starts in this book and I have to say I’m on Team Will even though I wouldn’t mind being in love with Jem. I usually go for the broken boy for some strange reason.

I also love how there was so much woman empowering scenes in this book. Like, it’s set in a time where women was needed only to support their husband but here it’s like they fight like men, they can run the Institute. It just makes me so happy.

I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the final book in the trilogy. If you haven’t read these books after the Mortal Instruments, you really should. I definitely recommend it!






The book starts with us following Will. He goes to a demon to find an anti-love potion and the first thing that came to my mind is Tessa!!! and then I was thinking why doesn’t Will want Tessa to love him? Will suspiciosuly has been meeting up with Magnus and looking for a specific demon. We find out later on why this is going on.


The Clave wants to take Charlotte out of the head of the institute and they give her a couple of weeks to figure out where Mortmain has gone. And if they don’t find him, Charlotte’s not going to be the head of the institute anymore but Benedict Lightwood will be. They also have Gabriel Lightwood and his brother Gideon train Tessa, Sophie, and Jessamine (even though Jessie never shows up for training)


Will and Tessa have a moment by themselves and he gives her a book and on the train when they were going to Yorkshire he was really disappointed when she said she had nothing she’s been wanting to read lately. It literally hurt my heart because he really believed that Tessa would enjoy the book and she decides to be mean.

Will, Jem and Tessa were on their way to Yorkshire because they were going to meet with Starkweather because he has information on the Mortmains.

I loved when Will was trying to rhyme and Tessa and Jem were shitting on his life. Tessa was like you can’t rhume York with York, that’s cheating and Jem is like you should’ve just used the word fork its the most common sense thing to say. Like I was laughing throughout that scene.

Tessa has a nightmare where they are ripping her apart and Will wakes her up and I swear I die everytime he calls her Tess. They hve a moment and then she brings up the whole attic incident and she asked him if it’s possible that he regrets what he said and he said no which ruined everything. & I was like whyyyyyyy Will?


And then the next morning Will acts like nothing happens and he makes her Tessa drink at least tea when she doesn’t want to eat.


Will sees his sister Cecily and Tessa was jealous for a short second when she didn’t know she was his sister. Will being in pain just hurt my heart it’s awful that Mortmain used Will’s family against him probably knowing it’s his only weakness.


Even though I ship Will and Tessa, Jem saying he likes the way his family ring looks on her made me die and then come back to life.

Will admits he’s in love with Tessa to Magnus .


“I had come to thing I would never love anyone but I love her.”

             -Will Herondale about Tessa Gray ; Clockwork Prince


We find out why Will has been pushing everyone especially Tessa away. A demon cursed him and told him anyone who would love Will, will die. Will left his family because the demon told him the curse will start with his older sister Ella and the next morning Ella was dead and it looked like she was rotten from the inside out.

Will wants to go to the demon realm and Magnus won’t allow it and now Will is really upset with Magnus but it’s not like it’s a common thing to do.


Tessa Changes herself into Starkweather and she sees herself in his memories which freaks her out and helps her get out of it.


Gabriel’s a dick especially when he said he wished Will was dead like a sane person would never wish death on anyone.

Also, currently shipping Gideon and Sophie.


Ragnor Fell is introduced and apparently he’s been watching out for Will Herondale’s family just to make sure they’re okay.


Tessa refuses to read anything that reminds me of Will which is most of her books. Magnus sends her a letter that says it’s not normal that Will is missing and that he’s worried which makes me smile. I love Magnus.

Tessa’s letters to her brother Nate while she was taken by the Dark Sisters. Those were kind of her diaries and she finds them in Will’s copy of A Tale’s of Two Cities.

Jem also tells Tessa that Will was the one who asked Jem to be his parabatai . Excuse me, while I’m quietly crying.

Jem and Tessa found Will at this place with a bunch of warlocks (the place where they get Jem’s drugs) and he’s looking awful. Jem is obviously done with Will’s shit. He slapped him after Will said he didn’t have to save him because he was having a pleasant time.


It hurt my heart when Jem was sayinf he’s dying and he was so distraught about it. He’s really pissed about Will and is thinking if he’s even a good person inside.

Jem and Tessa’s first kind is really intense but I didn’t like how she kept comparing the kiss with the kisses she’s had with Will. Like do this later, focus on Jem right now.

Jem ws so self cautious about himseld which made my heart hurt. I’m happy that Tessa told him he was beautiful because I think deep down he needed that. Jem and Tessa almost had sex but they dropped the box that was his drugs and he told her to go because he doesn’t want the girl he- to see him like this, I’m guessing he was thinking love.


Apparently werewolves are taking this drug where their skin is changing colors.


Sophie slayed me when she slapped Gabriel like I was getting annoyed with him . How dre he say that Henry doesn’t even love Charlotte. That’s so disrespectful. I was really shocked when she did it but I was still shocked.

Gideon isn’t so bad, I actually like him and how he is with Sophie.


Will genuinely didn’t think that him taking drugs would affect Jem as much as it did because when Tessa told him it did, he was shocked.

Gideon told Sophie that training her has been the best part of coming back to London.

Mr. Scott who’s a werewolf ships Tessa and Will so hard. I’m just like, “Same.”


Ragnor Fell writes Charlotte a letter and in that letter he talks about Will’s sister Cecily catching him spying on their family and that she resembles Will and acts like Will and she said that Will’s desertion hurt that family more than their sister dying.


Jem has a cough attack and blood falls on his sleeves and Charlotte tries to help him but he told not to and he said she’s always been the best kind of older sister which made it sound like a goodbye.


“When he saw her, he wanted to be with her; when he was with her, he ached to touch her; when he touched even her hand, he wanted to embrace her. He wanted to feel her against him the way he had in the attic. He wanted to know the taste of her skin and the smell of her hair. He wanted to make her laugh. He wanted to sit and listen to her talk about books until his ears fell off. But all these were things he could not want, because they were things he could not have , and wanting wht you could not have led to misery and madness.”

Cassandra Clare ; Clockwork Prince


I literally read this book 10 times because I loved it so much. I just love will so much.


That moment between Jem and Will where Will was saying how sorry he was for not considering Jem’s feelings when he was taking that drug got me so teary eyed. It was such a great parabatai moment.


Jessamine is acting suspicious, leaving in the middle of the night dressed like a boy, she’s been meeting with Nate.

Sophie hit the top of Jessamine’s head with a mirror and Will was so proud of her which made me laugh. He was like, “Would you marry me Sophie?” I feel like Sophie grew balls in this book which I love.

Will tells Tessa what happened with Gabriel’s sister Tatiana and it was basically she had a crush on him and wrote corny poems about him and Will was not having it and read her diary which embarrassed and Gabiel.

Jessamine’s been spying on the institute for Nate and Mortmain. & Nate and Jessamine are married which really caught me off guard.

At this party, Will let it slip about how much he wants to be with Tessa and touch and they kissed again but this time like you can actually feel the love they have for each other.

Apparently they had lemonade at the masquerade had this warlock powder that made them do things that they wouldn’t dare do which is why Will is breaking his walls.

Will got bitten by the blue demon which I’m guessing is the demon who cursed him and he’s so excited and not even wondering if it’s poisionous or not.


Jessamine is trying to explain what happened with her and Nate. Jessamine was using the whole I love him and he loves me excuse for what she did which is patheric. I’m so annoyed with her. I feel like she should be suspicious that she tells him everything and he tells her nothing.

Tessa’s father was a demon and her mother was a Shadowhunter which is what Tessa suspected.


Camille shows up and Magnus is annoyed because she hasn’t called him since she left London. She’s been seen with a human man. Magnus is jealous and tells Camille that he’s with Will now and he kisses him and Will is so shocked I couldn’t stop laughing.


Charlotte was really strong during Jessamine’s questioning especially because she saw her as her daughter. I understood why she broke down crying once they left.

Tessa made Will promise that their kiss didn’t happen and Will just acts so nonchalant, like I wish we could get this curse over with so they can talk. He needs help with communicating.


Sophie tried to break it off with Gideon after finding out about his father’s involvement with Mortmain. He explains he didn’t know anything about it and the whole time they’re calling each other Mr. Lightwood and Miss Collins and at one point when Gideon was vulnerable he almost slipped up and called her Sophie.


Jem and Tessa expressed feelings to each other and they kissed. Imma need Tessa to make up her mind soon like one day she kisses Jem and then the next day she kisses Will and then the day after that she’s kissing Jem aagin like keep it together girl.


I feel bad for Jessamine because I feel like she genuinely does love Nate but it’s just like he’s horrible, why you fall for him?

Tessa’s dressed in boy’s clothes because she’s going to switch into Jessamine but the clothes are tight on her so it makes her look “undressed” and when Jem walked into the room he starts blushing so hard which is so cute.

When Tessa was Changed into Jessamine, Nate knew it ws her. Nate reveals that his mother was actually Aunt Harriet so him and Tessa are basically cousins.

Tessa Changes into Nate and controls the automatons which was one of the smartest things I’ve ever read after the whole fake suicide scene from the first book.

Nate dies and the moment they shared kind of reminded me of the moment between Sebastian and Clary had in City of Heavenly Fire where Nate’s goodness shows and Tessa forgave him.


Will’s hurt because he jumped in front of an explosion so Tessa wouldn’t get hurt. Tessa has a gash on her forehead but she doesn’t care, she only cares about Will and then she faints. While Tessa is unconscious, she wakes up randomly and there’s a scene where Charlotte is actually anxious and worried about Tessa which shows her that she’s important.

Jem and Will are holding hands because Brother Enoch is trying to get metal pieces with a tweezer from Will’s back. & Will’s looking at him half naked without saying anything. It’s so cute how she’s so curious since she’s never seen a boy this exposed before.

Jem tells Tessa that he loves her while she’s unconscious.

She wakes up and Will is watching her. I smiled when she was complaining about the bandage across her forehead and Will said, “In the meantime, you can enjoy looking like a pirate.”

Tessa believed the whole scene with Will was a dream and puts her head on Will’s shoulder and he jumps in shock and she’s like “Did I hurt you” and he’s like, “I don’t care” before putting his arm around her, literally dead.



Magnus finds the demon that Will fought with. The demon tells Will that there was never a curse which is such a horrible thing to about because for 5 years he’s been pushing everyone away and he didn’t have to. His sister actually died because of the demon’s stinger.

Magnus sort of has feelings for Will and Woosley Scott points them out.

Tessa really thinks the moment she had with Will was really a dream and I’m here like nooooo it wasn’t.


Charlotte and Henry are having this big argument where they’re accussing each other of not loving each other and I could really see this happening and the hurt on Henry’s face being so real. They’re so cue when they talked everything out.

Will is being nice to Charlotte and Henry after finding out that the curse was never there. When he walks out she was like, “Was that Will?” and Henry’s like “Perhaps he’s been kidnapped and replaced by an automaton”


Jem just asked Tessa to marry him, of course he waits for the moment when Will finds out he’s not cursed. They’re officially engaged.

When Will sees Tessa, his whole face lights up which is the cutest thing ever especially when he dropped some tea.

Sophie tells them about Mr.Lightwood having demon pox and Will starts dancing and singing a song that basically was saying that he knew it all along that Demon Pox was a thing and everyone who said he was wrong can suck it. That whole scene made me smile. The happiness Will has because he was right about it is so cute.


Sophie and Tessa make up and Soph tells Tess not to break Jem’s heart.

Gideon and Gabriel to go with him and go against their father and Gabriel refuses because the whole “Family before Lw” which hurts Gideon and makes Bendict smug.


Will told Tessa that he loves and I couldn’t breathe for a whole minute. He was like “I didn’t protect you so you could be grateful” and she wa slike, “Then why did you do it?” and he was like, “I did it because I love you!”

He told her about the curse and he said words connect them. I love the way he talks about books like it warms my heart.

Tessa tells him abot Jem proposing and Will was like, “My Jem?” and he literally just gave Tessa to Will by telling Tessa to love him as best s she could as a wife should. & he tells her not to tell anyone what he said.

Will couldn’t believe that Jem could love Tessa more than he does but when he sees his face while he talks about her, he realizes that he was wrong and that he can’t take that joy away from Jem.


Benedict pulls back from taking the Institute from Charlotte and Charlotte is still owning it which makes everyone happy.

Jem and Tessa announce their engagement and everyone’s quiet but Will saved them. Charlotte also announces that her and Henry are pregnant with a boy which got me all excited.

At the end, Cecily Herondale shows up and tells them that she wants to be trained as a Shadowhunter.

I’m really excited to see how all of these storylines get their closure.





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