Shadowhunters TV Series: Episodes 1-5 Review !


The finale is coming out tomorrow and I’ve been watching every week. I want this show to succeed and it is since we’re getting a Season 2. I’m going to try and rewatch the episodes and write descriptive recaps of every episode in groups. This is going to be Episodes 1-5 obviously as you can tell from the title. I’m going to bullet them in order for you guys to see the different thoughts that I had throughout the episodes.


Episode 1: “The Mortal Cup”

  • I wasn’t expecting much from this episode because it’s only the pilot episode.
  • The episode starts with Jace, Alec and Izzy walking around like badasses and then Jace bumping into Clary and saying “you can see me?” which I didn’t enjoy because I love how they met in the book.
  • We go back in time to that morning and Clary gets accepted into the Art school because of her rune and demon drawings. She goes out for lunch with Simon (Their friendship seems so real like the chemistry between them is on point). The food that she bought isn’t on the table but we can kind of see that it’s black and white so it’s like glamour.
  • They mention Maureen and that she’s in the band with Simon which made me uncomfortable at first because she’s supposed to be this crazy young fan who’s obsessed with Simon and apparently they’re friends but at least she still has a crush on him.
  • They give a foreshadowing moment when Luke is at a crime scene cause apparently he doesn’t own a book store but he’s a cop and the dog is barking and they have this eye contact thing which makes the dog quiet down (He’s a werewolf)
  • We’re introduced to Dot and she’s looking at the cards that fortune tellers use and when they zoom into the card, there’s one with the mortal cup and I’m just like I found it! Also, I imagined Dot being really old in the books but I’m fine with her being younger.
  • They also had a lot of twitter mentions which made me cringe a little, I felt like they were forcing the whole idea of social media.
  • I don’t really like the girl who plays Jocelyn, because she doesn’t really feel like Jocelyn . Jocelyn gives Clary a stele for her birthday and she was going to tell her everything but got interrupted by Simon on the phone . Jocelyn wouldn’t have never done that in the books but I guess that’s what tv Jocelyn wanted to do.
  • I liked how they kept the whole thing about Simon’s band always changing their names.
  • We go back in time and we see the monster coming out of the pond scene when Clary was younger before Jocelyn takes Clary to Magnus so he can erase her memories. I honestly don’t know why they had to tie her down to the chair.
  • Clary and Simon’s friendship is the best thing. Also Simon and Luke bonding made me smile , cause you can see that they’re all like family.
  • We go to the institute and Izzy’s getting ready and she’s so gorgeous by the way. The casting of Izzy and Alec are my favorite ones. The whole platinum wig thing was so funny just because the way Alec says everything like as if he doesn’t have time for any of this. Izzy: “Demons dig blondes.” Alec: “You’re right but that’s white.” Izzy: “It’s platinum.”
  • Also, I don’t like how there’s so many people in the institute like in my head I just imagined a couple of people.
  • It’s ironic how Maureen and Simon were singing Forever Young and at one point they’re both going to become vampires. Also, I didn’t like how the rest of the band like Eric weren’t there.
  • Simon’s face while Clary was talking to a glamoured Jace was priceless.
  • We get to see Magnus in action in the club with his glowing blue finger thing which was cool and he just does it like a badass. I love Harry as Magnus.
  • We also got to see Izzy in action with the whip which is one of my favorite things. Clary kills her first person by accident and Jace is basically distracted throughout the whole fight. & then Clary just gets the fuck out of there.
  • The circle members arrive at the house and Jocelyn is trying to get everything prepared like she really planned this out. She gives Clary the necklace before sending her through the portal to the police office to be with Luke.
  • The fighting begins and he literally throws Dot out of the window and Jocelyn burns down Clary’s room with her hand which I didn’t expect. Jocelyn drinks the potion and now she’ll basically be sleeping for the rest of the series.
  • Clary overhears Luke saying he doesn’t care about her and Jocelyn which makes her run out of the police department and goes back home.
  • We see Valentine in his lair and he just gives off the Valentine vibes. I love when the circle member was talking shit about Jocelyn and Valentine was not having it and he injects him with something. & It’s basically like only Valentine could be a dick to Jocelyn and no one else.
  • Jace saves Clary from the demon that disguised themselves as Dot. I feel like they made Jace too attached to Clary from the beginning like Jace was kind of a dick in the beginning because he couldn’t admit to himself that he was interested in her.
  • Clary wakes up and Isabelle is watching her. Jace and Alec walk in and Alec is just like why is she here right now? Also, the sibling relationship between Alec and Izzy is everything to me. Especially when she was like I don’t understand why you’re so mad and then she was like Maybe it’s because it’s the way he’s looking at her.
  • Simon throughout this whole episode is like is my best friend on drugs right now?
  • The episode ended kind of like a Twilight way where Simon and Jace are both saying no come with me and then she closes her eyes.
  • BTW: Alec freaking Lightwood is my favorite character in the show, plus look at him. Matt plays him perfectly.


Episode 2: “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy”


  • The episode starts the way it left off with Simon and Jace convincing Clary to go with them.
  • Clary tells Simon that she thinks Jace can help and they walk into the abandoned church. They walk in and Simon can’t see through the glamour so Jace does a rune and holds Simon’s hand and he’s like “Woah buddy, you’re not my type.” and you can see Jace having a sly smile on.
  • I like the bickering sessions between Jace and Simon. Alec shows up and he’s like why is there a mundane in the institute.
  • I like the best friend moment with Clary and Simon when she says that they’re a package deal. Jace is like there’s runes all over the floor that can kill him.
  • Simon sees Isabelle for the first time and he’s flustered. He’s like “So hot.” which is something that Simon wouldn’t say but the way Alberto sounded, it did sound like Simon. And he quickly came with “The rune.” Isabelle offers to make him something and Jace was like “Maybe the runes will be less lethal” implying that Izzy’s cooking sucks just like in the books.
  • The circle member is looking for Magnus Bane and Luke finds her and I’m guessing kills her. They imply Luke being a werewolf again with the sound of a wolf attacking.
  • We see Hodge who’s way hotter than how I imagined Hodge to be in the books. Every time he talks about the Circle, the circle rune turns bright red and literally burns him . That whole scene just looked so painful, I just couldn’t.
  • Jace realizes that her memory’s been wiped because she says she just sees blackness when she wants to think about it.
  • Luke is looking through Clary’s bedroom that’s been burned down by Jocelyn. Dot shows up and tells Luke what happened and we see the mortal cup in the card is now in Luke’s hands.
  • Izzy runs really fast which reminds me of the vampires in Vampire Diaries. I never imagined the rune that made them run faster made it look like that. It made me smile when Izzy was like “Don’t worry there’s more where that came from.” & Simon’s disgusted and he’s like “Good to know.”
  • Isabelle and Clary have a girl talk. & Izzy assures her that Jace is like her brother in every way. I like how they’re making Izzy supported of Clary and showing that all girls don’t have to be mean to each other. Izzy just said , “Simon is kind of nerd hot.” which literally made me die when I first watched it.
  • Izzy says, “50 bucks that he won’t approve this mission.” and right away Alec shows up and is like “I don’t approve this mission.” Alec and Clary have the whole “little girl.” bicker thing that I loved in the book.
  • Clary holds her necklace and she could see vivid images of where Dot is. Also that stone is huge which makes it look weird on Clary (Kat) because she’s so small.
  • I laughed when Simon was like “Wait, you were kidding when you said the runes on the floor will kill me?” and Alec, Jace and Izzy smirk at each other and Jace is like, “Possibly.”
  • I don’t like how they made Magnus run from New York, because the Magnus from the books would stay in his fabulous home and will hope that Valentine’s people would show up any moment. It kind of made him look weak. (BTW: I love Harry playing Magnus)
  • Jace thinks about bringing Clary to the Silent Brothers and Alec and Izzy are like, “Don’t you dare! Absolutely not!” Alec is my favorite in this episode because he’s so sassy and done with everyone. When they were talking about the process of the Silent Brothers, Alec was like “It can kill you, so there’s that.”
  • Simon was obviously freaked out about the City of Bones and Izzy was like, “Don’t tell me you’re afraid.” & Simon was like, “Are you kidding? I was born afraid which sounded cooler in my head.” I found that relatable because I’m really awkward and that’s exactly how I would’ve acted if I was actually there.
  • Jace stops Simon from going in there and he’s not even shocked, he was like, “I’ve watched every horror movie and the funny best friend who’s left behind; dead man.” & Jace was like, “You’re not that funny.” & Simon’s walking and Jace stops him and tells him that he’ll die if he goes in there and Alec is like he’s not lying. Mundanes die when they go in because it’s sacred ground and Alec is basically so please walk in. Also when Simon says missing a class is such a sacrifice Alec has had enough and he’s like, “I can’t be here anymore.” Like he’s honestly me.
  • “Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies” scene happened but it didn’t feel the way that it felt in the book. I feel like in the beginning, Dom was just getting to know Jace’s character so he didn’t know exactly how to play it.
  • Simon keeps talking and Alec was like, “It literally never stops talking.” & Izzy asks what Simon wants after he tells her what his mother wants him to be . Izzy wants Simon to show her his music and Alec was like, “Where’s it going?”
  • Izzy hears something and tells Simon to stay in the van. Simon’s listening to his headphones and a girl takes him from behind.
  • Clary finds out that her father is Valentine.
  • The vampires have taken Simon as hostage for the cup which probably going to become a vampire sooner than the books. We’re introduced to Rafael and the actor plays him so correctly it kills.


Episode 3: “Dead Man’s Party”


  • Clary blames Simon getting kidnapped on them and doesn’t know why Shadowhunters are better than mundanes.
  • Simon is really nervous when he’s trapped. Rafael showed up looking like a badass and Simon’s like “You can have the shadowhunters especially the blonde one.”
  • Izzy mentions that Alec shouldn’t talk down on downworlders and Jace and Alec kind of tease Isabelle about Meliorn
  • We go back to Simon and Raphael and Simon was acting fidgety and Raphael’s not having it. Simon throws a knife at him and it literally hits Raphael and there’s no way book Simon could make that shot.
  • Camille shows up and the girl who plays her is really pretty but I imagined her being blonde and a little bit older but she still gives off the Camille vibes.
  • Izzy and Alec bicker like real siblings. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, The Lightwoods always make up for it, like they’re my favorite part of the episode.
  • Something that really made me cringe was when Jace said abracadabra and Clary’s like, “Wait you guys actually say that?” and Jace is like, “No, Clary.” It just didn’t feel like Jace, it felt really corny and uncomfortable.
  • Clary and Jace have this moment where he’s teaching her how to use a seraph blade and it was really uncomfortable. & Clary in the tv show learns how to fight like a Shadowhunter in 3 episodes even though it took Book Clary more than 1 book to learn how to fight.
  • Jace assures Clary that there’s no way Alec and Izzy won’t come bck because they’re family. I also like when Jace says, “Alec doesn’t like anyone.” Jace also describes the term parabatai to Clary.
  • Simon’s freaking out about him throwing the knife and he’s saying that he doesn’t know why he did it since he doesn’t like throwing things. Simon then says, “God” and then he says, “Oh right you guys can’t say God.” and Raphael was like “For God sake, what’re you trying to say?” which made me smirk. I ship Simon and Raphael #brotp.
  • Camille has Simon freeze in the moment which I didn’t know vampires could actually do.
  • Izzy shows up at Meliorn’s house/tent thing and I don’t like the fact that Isabelle’s basically having sex with Meliorn for information.
  • Jace takes Clary to this “biker” club where there’s vampires. Clary goes and flirts with this vampire who basically “charms and hypnotizes her” and Jace is just watching with amusement until he goes close to her and you can tell Jace is uncomfortable.
  • Simon and Camille are like making out and I’m just like this whole episode is basically this uncomfortable sex episode.
  • Apparently Meliorn is also sleeping with Camillie and Izzy acts like it’s no big deal even though she told him she doesn’t want him being with anyone else.
  • Hodge basically foreshadows when he sees Alec is just like him, “Loyal friend who’s in the shadow of the chosen one.”
  • Jace punches the vampire so hard, it throws the motorcycle keys into Jace’s hands. My favorite scene in this whole episode was when Jace started flying with the motorcycle just because it was one of my favorite moments in the City of Bones. At first I didn’t think they were going to do it but he kept asking her if she had a good grip and I was like yaaay! They’re doing it.
  • Also, I wish they kept the whole Simon turning into a rat thing and biting a vampire instead of Simon literally biting Camille’s neck as if he’s already a vampire.
  • “Just like love, it wears off.” -Jace Wayland. I don’t know even though the way he said it was awkward, I really liked that line.
  • Alec and Izzy are still bickering and Isabelle’s trying to tell him that he’s hiding from himself. Izzy opens the door and there’s a bunch of vampires and like a badass she locks the door with this pole that she breaks off.
  • The Lightwoods looked like badasses when Izzy took out her whip and we finally see Alec in action with the bow and arrow.
  • Jace and Clary are struggling and Alec shows up with his bow and arrows and instead of killing the vampire, he just makes a hole in the wall which causes the light to come into the room. Clary kills a vampire and Izzy’s proud of her and she’s like, “Didn’t she do great?” which made me smile.
  • Raphael lets them go and he tells Jace, “Remember who your friends are.”
  • Simon and Clary have this best friend moment where they’re having the whole “I couldn’t live without you” thing.
  • Jace yells at Alec and Izzy’s face is just like, “Hmmm, I knew this was going to happen but no one listens to me.”
  • We see Simon watching Clary’s pulse which shows the whole vampire progress is coming up.


Episode 4: “Raising Hell”


  • Clary has a “nightmare” or a memory coming back of Magnus taking away her memories and then she wakes up and thinks she sees Jace but it’s just Simon.
  • Clary and Simon realize that Magnus Bane was the one who took way her memory. Simon’s looking in the mirror and he sees blood coming down his chin and Camille laughing but it was just a hallucination.
  • Clary walks into Jace’s bedroom and she’s nervous because he’s shirtless and he was smirking.
  • Isabelle looks so beautiful in this episode. Like the first outfit with the blue sports bra and she has a braid in her hair. I just want to own Isabelle’s closet.
  • Simon’s leaving and going home. Simon’s really trying to fight Jace right now. He was like “Come at me, bro.” & I was like, “Oh no.” and then Simon started talking about this bully and he tells Jace, “Why don’t you ever do any of your own homework?!” and I’m just sitting here like, “Buddy, is there something you wanna talk about? You good?”
  • They’re talking about Magnus Bane and Clary’s like he’s like the downworld David Beckham and Izzy’s like he’s already a downworlder, vampire. That’s why you don’t see him in the daylight and Alec is all serious and cute looking like, “Guys, this is not a joke.” & Izzy literally says, “Someone needs to get laid.”
  • Izzy’s necklace and Hodge tells them about Magnus and Camille and how he gave that necklace to Camille when they were in love.
  • Seelie’s were spying on Valentine and they were caught. Pangborn dies when he blows this green air on them in order to kill them.
  • Isabelle calls Clary to see what she’s planning on wearing and Clary’s like this and she’s wearing jeans and a green shirt and I was just like “That’s so me.” They’re having these girl moment when they’re looking at dresses and Izzy shows her this black short dress and Clary’s like, “Okay, that is too short.” and Isabelle’s like, “It’s stretchy.”
  • Magnus mentions Tessa which made me scriech the first time I watched this episode.
  • Izzy says that before Clary showed up they had the same boring routine so now it’s interesting and Alec completely disagrees while ranting about everything. Izzy’s like, “Wow, feel better now?” and Alec says, “No.” and then he pauses and smiles and says, “Okay maybe a little.”
  • Maureen showed up and she’s actually acting like Maureen did in the book. Especially when Maureen was jealous when Simon’s mom mentions Simon being out all night with Clary. After Maureen says she likes Simon, she breaks a frame and cuts herself and Simon’s just distracted by the blood and she leaves. He literally put her blood in his mouth.
  • They show up at the party and they give Magnus the necklace and Magnus tells Clary that he sold her memories to a memory demon because he didn’t want Valentine to torture him like he did to Dot. Dot is dead. He then tells her to come with him and Clary refuses.
  • There was a circle member behind them while talking and Alec shoots him with an arrow. Magnus gets all distracted and is like, “Who are you?”
  • Clary’s catching her breathe and kind of traumatized because Dot is dead and Alec does not have time for this. Clary has a button from Magnus and Jace and Alec do the parabatai tracking while they dramatically stare into each others eyes. There’s more connection with them than Jace and Clary though.
  • Clary protects a little warlock girl from a circle member. Jace protects her and Clary’s like, “Thanks for that.” and Jace winks and smiles before saying, “Anytime.” which was kind of cute.
  • Alec protects Magnus. Magnus introduces himself and Alec has this huge grin on his face when he introduces himself. He was also stuttering which made my heart all happy. He’s so freaking cute.
  • Magnus decides to help because Clary helped the young girl because in her heart she knew it was the right thing to do.
  • Simon says he probably has the flu and I’m like I’m pretty sure if you had the flu, you wouldn’t have the urge to drink blood.
  • Magnus not so subtle with Alec and it’s so funny. Especially when he was like, “Normally, I love a dirty lair but this one is sloppy.” and Alec is looking all confused.
  • Magnus gives Izzy the necklace. & he asks Izzy if he’s more of a flower or cologne man
  • Magnus says, “Pretty boy get your team ready.” and Jace starts walking before Magnus stops him and points at Alec and says, “I’m talking to you.” which makes Alec smile and when Jace looks at him, he does this cute confused shrug thing.
  • Magnus compliments Clary’s drawing skills and he says, “The only person that I knew that could draw this well was Michaelangelo who is excellent in bed may I add.” and he looks at Alec to see if he’s impressed and his face is just like, “Nailed it.”
  • Izzy’s just watching them awkwardly holding hands and she’s just like, “You people are pathetic” which makes me laugh because throughout the whole thing, it looks as if she’s judging them.
  • The demon wants a memory from each person of the one they love the most. Izzy’s is Alec, Clary’s is her mom and Alec’s is Jace which makes Alec nervous because his gay was exposed and he lets go off the bond. His face hurt my heart though, like he looked so broken and helpless. Also, if you think about it. Obviously Alec loves Jace because they’re parabatais, they’re the most important to each other.
  • The demon has Jace and Magnus tells Clary that if she kills the demon, her memories will be lost forever and she does it with one stab. Like how can you possibly kill a Greater Demon with just one stab.
  • A line from the book! Clary: “is he going to be okay?” ; Magnus: “I don’t know, does he normally just lay like that without moving?” (I love that line.)
  • Alec looks so guilty and afraid to even touch Jace which hurts my heart. Magnus: “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.” Alec: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Magnus: “You will.”
  • Simon’s at Hotel DuMort because’s tempted to go there like in the books.
  • Clary holds her necklace and she sees Valentine who tells her to give him the cup and he’ll give her her mother.


Episode 5: “Moo Shu To Go”


  • Clary tells Jace about Valentine speaking to her and Alec comes in and interrogates her. Alec takes it but before he does him and Clary have this bickering moment which I always enjoy.
  • Alec says we can’t beat Valentine with 3 and 1/2 shadowhunters and Clary’s like 4 and I’m just like Alec just shitted on your life you should’ve had a better comeback than that.
  • Izzy and Clary have this nice talk. Iz talks about how sometimes she wants to kill Alec too so she understands. Then they start talking about Jocelyn and Isabelle tells Clary that even though she doesn’t have the necklace anymore, doesn’t mean she won’t see her mother again which was so sweet for Iz to say.
  • Maryse shows up and the first thing she does is make a comment on how Izzy is dressed. They mention Max .
  • Clary comments on the fact that Maryse didn’t even hug Izzy and she says “Shadowhunters aren’t big huggers.” and right when she says that she hugs Jace and Alec and you can see the heartbreak on Izzy’s face which hurts my heart.
  • Maryse tells Izzy how wrong she is for hanging out with a downworlder and Izzy volunteers to go talk to Meliorn to find out what’s going on . Alec volunteers to go with her but Maryse tells Jace to go instead.
  • Clary draws Valentine and it looks really good and then she crumbles it up and throws it. My question is, why did she draw him in the first place?
  • Jace touches Alec’s arm and he pulls back and Jace is like “What is wrong with you?” Alec tells him that he has every right to be mad at him and Jace is like, “what’d you do? Put my leather jacket in the washing machine again?” Alec explains it to him and Jace said exactly what I said about them being parabatai’s. That was one of my favorite moments.
  • Also, Jace tells him to look after Clary and that he knows Alec won’t let him down and I was like, “Oh shit, Alec isn’t going to look after Clary well if that’s part of the script.”
  • Simon’s standing outside the hotel again and Raphael shows up and tells him to leave and never come back.
  • Alec and Clary have this moment while training which I loved, I also feel a friendship building.
  • Clary mentions the J.C. box and how she opened it once a year and cried and she says that it belonged to her father and I’m just here like actually, you’re wrong.
  • Magnus calls Alec which distracts him (He uses the “Alexander, Hi.” line and I couldn’t stop fangirling) and Clary runs off. Magnus asks him out for a drink and Alec says that sounds like fun. Alec realizes that Clary left and cancels on Magnus and says, “Playing hard to get, I love a challenge.” I lol’d.
  • A werewolf turns into a human again but he hid behind the door and I’m like you were behind there for 2 seconds couldn’t you just do that out there.
  • Clary’s invisible and Alec shows up when her phone is ringing and he’s like “What’s the point of using a invisibility rune if you won’t shut off your phone?” which is a good point
  • Clary tells Alec that he always looks miserable and then she says, “I know it’s hard to be in love with Jace when he’s straight.” & they have this bicker moment when Clary’s like, “You’re in love with Jace” and Alec comes back with the “No, you’re in love with Jace.” I love the chemistry they have, sometimes I wish she had that chemistry with Jace
  • Simon’s dashing through these buildings and climbing over things like it’s nothing. Also, he can see runes. & Simon opens up a locked door like these are all signs that’s becoming a vampire
  • Clary shows Alec this heart that her and Simon were engaged to be married and Alec’s like, “I’m almost certain I don’t want to hear this story.” and Simon starts telling it and Alec’s face is just like, “Of course he’s still going to tell it.” I love Alec, he’s my spirit animal.
  • They find the box under the floor and there’s a noise coming from outside. Also, I’ve never noticed this but I think Alec uses a glamour to had his bow and arrow whenever he’s not using it and when he needs it , it just shows up.
  • Clary and Simon have been kidnapped by the werewolves
  • Jace figures out that the seelies are in mourning because of the scouts they sent in the last episode that died.
  • Jace and Izzy show up and Jace blames everything on Alec. They do the parabatai tracking ing but apparently Alec isn’t focusing enough. Jace says, “Your mother was right maybe your good wasn’t good enough” and I was like how fucking dare you?
  • Simon’s trapped and he’s just hanging backwards and he’s frustrated because this keeps happening to him which is the funniest thing. Simon calls Jace and doesn’t really know where he is which doesn’t help.
  • Simon sets off the fire alarm and the werewolves have to evacuate. Luke shows up when Clary’s in the safe and she tries to get rid of Luke with a stele and Luke is like you do know it’s not like a magic wand or something which makes me laugh.
  • Izzy saves Simon and she says, “I’m getting tired of saving you” and he’s like, “I’m not.” #Sizzy.
  • Luke becomes Alpha by killing the original Alpha and he’s injured and Clary begs Jace to help her and he tells her that he needs to go see a warlock aka Magnus Bane.
  • This episode is actually one of my favorites because I feel like the #Clace isn’t so suffocating .


I’ll be posting soon.




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