Stars Above (Lunar Chronicles #5) by Marissa Meyer Book Review !

Stars Above is a collection of short stories from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer which is a young-adult, science fiction, romantic novel that was published on February 2, 2016 by Feiwel & Friends.


If you haven’t read any book in the Lunar Chronicles, I don’t recommend reading this book because you’ll be spoiled at some point .


I’m going to do the different stories seperately.




The Keeper




This story follows Michelle who’s Scarlet’s grandmother when Scarlet was younger and when she took Princess Selene into her home.





We meet in Logan in the beginning who is the doctor and man that Michelle fell in love with. Logan is one of the most honest lunar person I’ve ever read in this series . (I lowkeyed shipped him with Grandmere though)

2 months after leaving Logan in Luna, Michelle finds out she was pregnant with Scarlet’s father (Luc).

Logan made sense when he said there was no way a nanny caused the fire because it’s not reachable for someone who’s not in power. The only one who is in power is Levana so like all the facts are pointing at her.


Young Scarlet was still sassy which I loved. I smiled when Scarlet said she used her, “Leave me alone” vibes on the bus.

Luc is one of the worst parents I’ve ever read about. And I didn’t like how he blamed Michelle for everything.

Grandmere was the one who gave Scarlet’s first gun on her 11th birthday. She blows her birthday candles and she wishes to learn how to fly from her grandmere and she got her wish which was amazing.


They had to speed up the progress of making Selene a cyborg because Logan has the Lunar sickness which makes me realize that why Cinder always had problems with her parts being too small because she isn’t fully developed yet.

Logan found something to help him with the lunar sickness but instead he sacrificed himself and gave it to Michelle to protect her from being forced to do anything by a Lunar.

I really think that Michelle should tell Logan about the fact that Luc is their son before he passes away. Even though I feel like he has a feeling that that’s his son.

Scarlet is more upset on walking out on her grandmere than her father you can tell she considers her grandmere her real and only family. I also loved the fact that Michelle was the one who got Scarlet her red hoodie.

Also, I enjoyed watching the process of Selene becoming a cyborg. It was really cool to see.

Also, Michelle named Selene Cinder ! Like Michelle had a such impact on Cinder’s life and she has no idea.







This story follows Cinder first weeks after her cyborg surgery and she’s introduced to her new step family.





It’s so sad to see Cinder when she was really nervous to meet her new family and once he’s introduced her, she fell out of the hover. Like, it’s so embarrassing and if that happened to me I would’ve just cried.

I love how Peony accepted Cinder from the beginning. Like she didn’t know herbut she wanted to room with her.

At this point, Iko’s android body is in pieces and Peony mentioned that she liked her because they used to play dress up together which describes Iko perfectly.


Cinder wakes up and she thinks she’s on fire and she’s freaking out but then she’s actually not it’s just her body overheating.

Cinder overheard Adri talking badly about her with Garan and saying how she didn’t want this and I was thinking it’s a horrible thing to hear about yourself.

Peony mentions Prince Kai (who’s bae) and Cinder’s like “Who’s that?” & Peony says my future husband which made me laugh because he actually ends up with Cinder.


Cinder is trying to figure out what she’s good at because she doesn’t have any memories and then she looks at Iko’s android parts again and thinks bout fixing them which feels right to her. It’s cool to see how her mechanic mind started.

No one besides Peony is impressed that she fixed Iko and she really thought Garan would at least be in some way thankful but he just pitied her.

Garan walked into the house and he’s all panicked. He tells the family that he caught it and by it he means the plague. Adri, Peony and Pearl are heartbroken and they’re screaming and sobbing.

Iko awakens but she does when everyone’s crying and screaming and she’s completely confused.

Cinder realizes that maybe she can’t cry and Iko explains to her that it might be a glitch and that sometimes she doesn’t know if she’s an android or a human which I don’t find hard to believe.



The Queen’s Army




This story follows Wolf when he was younger and he doesn’t want to become the monster that everyone expects him to be.





Wolf is afraid to be chosen for Queen Levana’s army even though it would bring his family great honor because he’ll be serving the queen.

He actually gets chosen. It’s awful though because you’re not allowed to ever speak with your family again like that’s heartbreaking. They should at least get a phone call or be able to send letters or something.

I thought it was ironic when Wolf said he’ll be like a trained dog because he basically does become a dog.


When Wolf is getting his surgery, it seems like they don’t tell the army what they’re becoming. They just tell them it’ll make them stronger and beneficial. But, they’re actually on planning to create an animal like werewolves.

One of the hardest things to get used to for Wolf is not having the gift always available to him.

We meet Master Jael and it’s funny because Wolf doesn’t know how to act around him. Wolf got punched by Alpha Brock because he “disrespected” Master Jael but at the same time Wolf is new at this, he literally just finished his surgery. He doesn’t know how this whole army thing works.


We also got to see Wolf’s brother Ran joining the pack which hurts Ze’ev. I don’t think he saw that coming even though I did because he briefly mentioned it in “Scarlet” .

Alpha Brock is a dick like he’s just picking on anyone who shows up new in the pack. Ran was embarrassed and angry when Wolf stood up for him which is like he’s your brother no matter what happens he’s always going to have this instinct to protect him.


Queen Levana shows up and tells them she’s making selections for her dream army.

Master Jael has Wolf fight with Alpha Brock for Queen Levana and Wolf has been lowkey stronger while watching everyone fight. This helps him memorize how everyone around him fights.

Wolf killed Brock which makes him the new Alpha. This fight was the only interesting thing that happened in this short story. This one is definitely my least favorite stories.



Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky




This is a prequel to Cress and it shows Thorne’s childhood and adventures from before he met Cinder and the crew.





Thorne has been trying to get money ever since he was younger. I also don’t think he used to have many friends because in the beginning he was telling his plans to his cat.

Thorne grew up rich so his mother is appalled when he has an obsession with Rampions.

Also, something I found weird was that his car was a robot kind of like an android that does whatever it’s told.

Thorne’s dd wants him to go to the same school he did which is basic rich did thing to ask and Thorne is not having it. He wants to learn how to fly but not in the same place his father did.

Thorne was so smart. He took oranges from his neighbor’s tree and then sold them to them for 65 univs because he said they’re really great oranges. Like that’s so intelligent.


This girl Shan has a crush on Thorne and I don’t blame her honestly.

This kid Jules wants his money back because Thorne sold him this acne remover cream and it doesn’t work and Thorne was like yeah it’s actually not, I was hoping for the placebo affect to happen and he jsut bullshitted this whole thing about how it takes 3 steps to work and that the scent of it attracts women.

Thorne is like a plater he used the same line about the date to the dance with different girls. (Also not surprised)


This girl Kate is so relatable because she loves to read and she’s to herself. I also loved how Kate realized Thorne’s game that he’s been playing with all the girls and she refuses to be apart of it.

I think Thorne had always had a weak spot for awkward isolated girls because he definitely has a crush on Kate and Cress was the exact same way.

So Jules has a crush on Kate and he was bullying her to show affection and got jealous when Thorne saved her. Boys soemtimes make no sense to me.

Thorne got jumped for helping Kate and got beaten up pretty badly and got suspended even though he was trying to do the right thing. Kate agrees to help him in Math because she feels bad and blames herself.



After Sunshine Passes By




This story follows 9 year old Cress who’s been taken into the satellite and starts spying on Earth for Luna.





In the beginning, Cress is being mocked by other shells because she actually wants to escape while the others don’t mind being captured.

Cress was caught hacking into something in order for her and the other shells could learn how to read. Sybil was not having it.

That’s the reason why Cress gets chosen to be the one to go to the satellite.


Cress is really excited of the chance of her going into space and I’m just like you have no idea what’s going to happen.

Also, sometimes I forget that these are retellings and when Cress mentioned her hair, it just hit me.

Sybil made Cress feel like shit when she said that her mother willingly gave Cress away to be killed because she was “mortifying” which we know isn’t true because her father was genuine and surprised when he finds out she’s live.

It’s actually really sad to think about a 9 year old girl being left alone. Like it was sad when Cress talked about it but actually seeing her there just killed me.



The Princess and the Guard




This is the prequel to Winter that shows the friendship between Winter and Jacin and how Winter got her scars. I’m actually really excited about this one.





Jacin and Winter are literally playing the cutest game where she’s the princess who needs help and he’s trying to save her but then Winter uses her glamour and becomes Vile Velamine.

Jacin says:

“Seeing my princess’s smile when she is returned safely home is all the reward that I need.”

That literally killed me because it’s so freaking cute.

In the middle of the game, they see this woman standing on the dge of the window getting ready to jump and Jacin runs to her.


Winter saved her from jumping which is so brave to do when you’re only 8. Winter’s dad is still alive and he tells her that it’s not right to use manipulation against someone without their permission which makes sense since Levana manipulated him to love her.

Winter decides to use her gift for good so whenever she sees the woman who tried to kill herself, she gives her happy thoughts so she won’t try to do it again which is so sweet.

When Winter’s dad died, his blood and still body didn’t traumatize her but the scream and sobs coming from Queen Levana.

The woman ended up killing herself anyway but instead of jumping in the lake, she jumped into the garden. She was pregnant with Thaumaturge Park’s baby and he’s been manipulating her to have these negative thoughts which made her sadder over the years.

This whole situation made Winter realize how wrong this all is and how she’s done practicing and trying to be the best.


Winter’s happy to see Jacin happy when he talks about medical things. He’s also the one who tells Winter about the Lunar sickness.

“I will accept any amount of monsters my mind wants to give me, but I will not become a monster myself.”

That was one of the best quotes from Winter.

Levana’s becoming more jealous as Winter starts growing up and becoming more beautiful. Everyone starts complimenting Winter more than Levana.

Winter is having her first hallucination and she’s hearing her father calling for her.

Winter realizes that she’s always been in love with Jacin but she just realized that when he assured her that it’s just her mind playing tricks and he’s always been there for her.

Winter is being a little actress when Levana asks her what’s going on with her gift and she’s saying she’s still traumatize from the suicide incident.

Levana takes out a knife and tells Winter to manipulate her and Winter refuses and Levana cuts a line under her eyes (that’s where she gets the scar). Winter’s a badass because Levana tells her to do it again and Winter refuses and she stands her ground without crying as Levana gives her 3 cuts on her face.


Jacin either has to leave with his family or become a guard and Winter doesn’t wnt him to because of what happened with her father and she wants him to become a doctor. Jacin says after the Levana incident, there’s no way he’s leaving her alone.

Winter has her first blood hallucination and she tried to jump out of the palace’s window and Jacin stopped her nd while she was struggling, Jacin was crying. That whole scene broke my heart and made me cry.

Jacin just became a guard which means he can’t act the way he did with Winter before but the real Jacin is in there somewhere.



The Little Android




This is a short retelling of the Little Mermaid where an android falls in love with a human boy.





We’re introduced to Mech6.0 and she’s trying to find a little girl who lost her chip. She sees this cute guy which I’m guessing is the guy she has a crush on.

This guy was Dataran who gets stuck in black oil trying to protect the girl he liked Mika and Mech6.0 is “swimming” through it to save him. She saved him even though she knew that the oil might kill her.

She finds Dataran’s locker on her. This man walks in and the mechanic tells him that there’s no way Mech6.0 can be saved and her personality chip wasn’t working like it usually should with other androids. They say this because she has a tendency of reaching human emotions which kind of reminded me of Iko.


Mech6.0 is planning to see Cinder before everything happened.

Cinder wasn’t going to give her a new android body because she didn’t have money but Mech6.0 reminded her of Iko so she decided to do it.

Cinder is selling her an escort-droid that can’t speak just like the Little Mermaid when she got her legs, also it’s really painful to walk with.


We find out Miko is a cyborg and that she’s in love with Dataran.

Mech6.0 doesn’t end up with Dataran and I think she ended up dying at the end. Marissa Meyer always surprises me even though they’re retellings.



The Mechanic




This story is Cinder and Kai’s meeting from “Cinder” but in Kai’s point of view.





This was one of the stories that I was the most excited for.

Kai didn’t want anyone to know that he’s going to Cinder to fix Nainsi.

I also totally forgot that the information Nainsi had was the information on Princess Selene.

Kai is actually dying in his sweater which made me laugh becuse in Cinder’s point of view he seemed so calm but really he was internally dying.


I also died at the thought that Kai thought Cinder was cute. He was impressed because he needs help for everything and she’s a teenager girl and she had a reputation of being the best mechanic and owns her own shop.

Kai was totally checking her out and I loved it. Also, he wanted to know more about her and she’s being so nonchalant but when we were in her point of view we know she’s internally freaking out and if she was able to blush she really would be blushing right now.

Also, Kai was caught off guard because Cinder wasn’t impressed with anything he was saying.

“Maybe he could learn more about her then. Maybe he’d make her smile. A real smile. Maybe… Maybe he needed another hobby.”

Best thing I’ve ever read.

Kai had so much faith in Cinder since the beginning before she even knew who she really was.



Something Old, Something New




This is an epilogue of Winter. A big wedding is happening.





I’m really excited about this one for obvious reasons.

From the beginning, I had a feeling that Scarlet and Wolf are getting married because Cinder is packing and planning on staying on a farm and there’s a wedding so I was putting two and two together.

Cinder talked about how she went to the Winter ball with Kai whcih made me smile and people were really jealous of her and they mocked their relationship which is a common thing to get used to if you’re dating an emperor but I’m happy that Kai and Cinder are still dating even if it’s long distance.

“It wasn’t until that moment, seeing Kai’s smile and being wrapped up in his arms— both of them ignoring the fact that the world was watching— that she realized he was the home she’s been missing.”

I’m freaking dead ommmmmgg.


Kinney and Iko are my favorite ! Like them bickering was everything to me especially when Iko said that Kinney shoudl stop having impressive muscles if he doesn’t want to carry her things and he scowls but he was blushing. Marissa Meyer should write a short story about only Kinney and Iko.

“She was desperate to see Kai again. To kiss him. To be in his arms. To laugh at his ironic jokes and watch his eyes crinkle when he laughed at hers.”

Ugh, Cinder and Kai are so in love it’s so amazing. We’ve made it so far.

When Iko and Cress see each other, they squeal and attack each other and Thorne and Cinder are like Oh my God get me out of here.

It was cute when Cinder was proud of Cress has grown when she used to be really awkward and scared but now she’s more open to them and herself.


When they arrive on earth, there’s reporters asking Cinder questions. Scarlet showed up like a badass and shot her gun in the air to quiet the reporters and I was like yaaaaas Scar.

I was right about the wedding being Scarlet and Wolf’s.

Cress said that she’s used to Thorne flirting with people so it doesn’t matter but I know it bothers her.

The rest of the crew are here and I’m so happy that they’re finally reunited.


When Kai and Cinder are reunited, Kai keeps walking closer to her as they do small talk before kissing.

Omg, Kai and Cinder both talked all night before falling asleep in each other’s arms. When they wake up, Kai is warming her metal hadn with his eyes closed and this happened:

“‘Kai?’ He grunted in response. ‘I love you.’

A sleepy smile curved across his mouth. ‘I love you too,’

‘Good’ leaning over, she kissed him fast. ‘Because I’m taking the shower first.'”

It’s like they want to kill me.


They’re planning something for Scarlet and it was a surprise wedding for Scarlet. I was happy to see Thorne so excited and focused on this wedding decorating process.

The girl moments in this story was amazing. Like especially Winter and Scarlet when Scar was sad about her grandmere not being there.

Wolf did this surprise wedding because he knew how stressed she was with the attention her wedding was getting and Kai is going to marry them.

Wolf and Scarlet are finally married and everyone’s having fun and dancing and I love it.

Cinder shows Kai where she was kept before she was turned into a cyborg. Kai takes her to a creek and he proposes to Cinder and now they’re getting married which made me the happiest person ever.





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