This or That Book Tag !

I was going to post this book tag yesterday but I had prom on Saturday and I was too tired yesterday.


1.) Physical Book or Ebook?

Physical book. Even though I read faster with ebooks, I’d perfer to be able to hold the book and hug it whenever I get too emotional.


2.) Audio or Book in hand?

Book in hand. I can’t really concentrate whenever I listen to an audiobooks. Like whenever I’m reading, sometimes my mind goes elsewhere and it’s easier to just reread the last paragraph you read than to try and find the spot that you were last paying attention.


3.) Paperback or Hardcover?

Hardcover. Even though paperback is cheaper, I like the feeling of a hardcover. I also like when it’s naked and it looks really pretty as well.


4.) Adult or Young Adult?

Even though I read a lot of Adult books, I prefer Young Adult books especially because I read more of those.


5.) Series or Standalones?

I enjoy reading standalones but I’d rather have series because sometimes one book isn’t enough to tell a whole story.


6.) Dog ears or Bookmarks?



7.) Breaking the spine or Barely opening the book?

Barely opening the book. I hate ruining my books, it gives me anxiety.


8.) Borrow or Buy?

I’d rather buy. But if it’s borrowing from a library, I don’t really mind doing that.


9.) Bookstore or Online?

Online. You can find more deals online than when you go to a small bookstore or Barnes and Nobles.


10.) Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Definitely fiction. I don’t enjoy reading non-fiction unless it’s something like “The Child Called It.”


11.) Fantasy world or Real life issues?

Fantasy world.


12.) Kindle, iPad, or other?

Well , I have an iPad and that’s where I do most of my reading but I would love to have a Kindle or a nook.


13.) Monster read or Short & sweet?

It really depends on the mood that I’m in. I perfer to read short books but I don’t mind big books especially if it’s needed for the storyline.


14.) Starry-eyed romance or Full of action?

Honestly, both. My favorite types of books are the ones who has all this action but also cute romance moments.


15.) Curl up in a Snuggie or Bathe in the sun?

I don’t have a snuggie but I’d rather curl up in one than bathe in the sun because I don’t really like going out and reading, I’m more comfortable at home.


16.) Read the review or Decide for yourself?

I usually do both. I usually read a review and then see for myself. But if I had to choose, I would probably just decide for myself.





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