Oblivion (Lux #1.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review !

Oblivion is Obsidian but in Daemon’s point of view from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout which is a young-adult, fantasy paranormal-romance novel that was published on December 1, 2015 by Entangled Teen.


If you haven’t read Obsidian, then I’d recommend that you don’t read this book review until you do read it !


I’ll be including a short spoiler-free and spoiler-filled.







Like I said above, this is basically Obsidian but it’s told in Daemon Black’s perspective.

You guys know about my obsession with Daemon and this is one of my favorite book series of all time. I didn’t know I knew it before Jennifer L. Armentrout announced she was doing this. I really missed this love story.

I enjoyed this because it felt like I was rereading the first book with new eyes especially because I totally forgot about most of the things that happened in the first book. I also enjoyed seeing more of Daemon and Dee’s sibling relationship because usually we saw it from an outside point of view.

Also, I know Daemon is horny all the time but this book made me realize that Katy turns him on 99.9% of the time.

There’s not much I can say without spoiling it. If you want to know the basic synopsis, I wrote it in the book review for Obsidian.


If you read and loved the first book or even the full series, you should really read this book.





These are just the thoughts I had while reading this book.

In the beginning, we learn that apparently Katy’s house wasn’t supposed to be on sale because it’s like an alien neighborhood.

We also learn that Daemon’s has an obsession with Katy’s ass since the first time he saw her.

I love how Daemon’s getting annoyed and impatient with Katy because she’s taking forever to open the UHaul back door, he’s like how long does it take for a human to open a simple door. I thought it was so sweet how Daemon used his Source to lighten up the boxes that Katy was struggling with and he kept doing it until they finished bringing everything in.

Daemon’s actually obsessed with Katy and hating her and also making sure that Dee doesn’t get close to her.

He’s also so interested in her, when they first met he was trying to remind himself that humans are evil and he was like imma need her cute ass to get off my porch before I do something stupid like smile at how cute she looks when she blushes.


I think it’s nice that Daemon is protective over Dee but he’s going too far and he’s using his dickish attitude to get what he wants but doesn’t even get.

One of my favorite scenes in Obsidian was when Daemon told Katy that Dee had his keys so seeing it in his point of view and him saying that his keys are on the kitchen’s table killed me. I loved every second of that.

Daemon and Katy hold hands as he helps her over a log and he feels eclectricity but tries to ignore it but he can’t.

Daemon thoroughly just checked Katy out in her red bikini. And I just realized that he had such an interest because she looked good and also his favorite color’s red.

When Daemon went underwater for a long time, he was actually trying to get rid of his arousal which made me laugh.


Matthew tells Daemon off and telling him to not follow on Dawson’s footsteps which angered him.

Daemon and Katy talk about books and Daemon tries not to laugh when Katy tells him that she imagines aliens being all green and gooey.


“I’ve always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside and out, add the ones who are quietly unaware of that effect. The ones who throw their beauty around, waste what they have? Their beauty is only passing. It’s just a shell hiding nothing but shadows and emptiness.”

                                                                               -Daemon Black


One of my all time favorite quotes from Daemon.


The bear scene happened when Daemon traced Katy, it was so intense. The swing scene after that and I never thought about Dee being able to see the trace because I didn’t know it was a thing when I read it in Katy’s point of view.


“‘Gee, you think?’

I mouthed a not very nice four letter word that included ‘you’ at her. She giggled.”

                                                              -Dee and Daemon Black


I love their relationship. Daemon doesn’t want Dee to do anything with boys but he’s happy she chose Adam because Andrew is too much like himself.


Daemon freaks out when Kat leaves her house at night which was when Kat is attacked by the Arum which was cute. Daemon healed her when he found her even though it’s against their beliefs just because he knew she was in pain.

Katy curling up next to Daemon in his point of view is one of my favorite things. He’s just being so cute, he definitely has feelings for her at this point.

Katy tells Daemon he’s really pretty and he whispers back, “So are you.” when sh epasses out and I actually squealed because we didn’t see that in Obsidian.


They tell Ash and Andrew about Katy and they’re obviously being really rude about it because they’re just horrible like that and Ash was being a bitch to Dee and I was not having it.

Adam tells Daemon that Simon and Katy bumped into each other and Dee thought they were a cute couple to see how he’ll react and Daemon was so jealous which is what Adam wanted.

Daemon was thinking about kissing her but he knew it was going to blow in his face and I’m just like “Just do it already!”


“Wanting something and doing it were two different things. Wanting something and really wanting it were also different things. Kind of like how you can want someone when you don’t even like them? Then again, that wasn’t entirely truth.”

                                                                                      -Daemon Black


After he thought that, Daemon totally masturbated. Like he wasn’t direct with it but it was implied.


Daemon missed Dawson especially on the first day of school which is so sad.

I can tell Daemon felt really bad for saying those mean things to Katy during lunch and I know he regretted it but I was like why can’t you just stay quiet?

I also totally forgot about the part where Katy throws spaghetti on him so when it happened I was like, “Yaaaas bitch!”


“‘Just try it, Kitten.’

Her cheeks flushed. ‘Don’t call me that.’

‘I wouldn’t call you that if you were sitting in the car turning it on,’ I replied reasonably.

‘Oh my God.'”

                                                         -Katy and Daemon


Daemon saying all those mean things to Kat before she runs in front of the truck was even sadder in his point of view.

I loved when Daemon smiled when she called him gorgeous and she’s just like shut up it’s like you don’t know everyone on this planet think you’re good looking.

I also forgot how funny the whole scene of Kat figuring out what Daemon is was. It ws so Twilightish.

Dee ships Daemon and Kat so hard, I love it.


“‘My brother fell in love with a human…. And now they’re both dead.'”

                                                                   -Daemon Black


That line actually gave me chills.


“I spent most of Sunday listening to Dee and Kat talk about books and how book boyfriends were universally better than real boyfriends…”

                                                                         -Daemon Black


I have to agree with their statement. Especially because Daemon is actually one of my favorite book boyfriends.

It’s funny to think that Dee and Daemon’s excuse for there being a lot of energy around was that they were playing football with balls of lights.

Honestly, Daemon is turned on by Katy about 99.9% of the time.

Dee convinced Daemon to go to homecoming by talking about Simon and Katy being together and how hot Katy looks and I’m just like “I see what you’re doing girl.”


“I knew Kat could handle herself. Deep down, I knew that.”

                                                         -Daemon Black


I’m happy to see him finally admit that.


Katy almost getting raped is more traumatizing coming from a different point of view. Because her mind was going crazy because of what she was experience.

I loved when Matthew basically told Daemon what we’ve all wanted to tell him. Like you’re the one who needs to be protected from Katy not Dee.

Also, that make out scene was so much hotter in Daemon’s point of view like ommmmmg. Like the way he ws just describing everything was just perfect.


At the end, I never knew that Daemon felt their heart beats as one once he healed her.

I actually know that Daemon is actually interested in Katy and that he has feelings for her because I’ve been reading this in his point of view but when I was just reading her point of view , I was like she’s right you only want her because you guys are connected with this whole alien thing.





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