Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Book Review !

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is young adult, contemporary romance novel that was published on September 10, 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin.


I’m going to have a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled section.








★★★★★ 5/5




Cath is a Simon Snow fan and it’s definitely consumed her life especially because her main focus is writing her fanfiction Carry On, Simon . Her twin sister Wren is also a fan and that was the only thing that got them through their mother leaving.

As time went on, Wren has mostly grown away from the fandom but Cath doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to either.

They’re going to college and Wren doesn’t want to room with Cath so Cather is on her own. While she’s trying to get used to be outside her comfort zone, she meets Levi; her roommate’s boyfriend, a cute classmate, a fiction-writing professor who doesn’t understand fanfiction and she’s also worrying about her father who has never been with both girls and who’s fragile.


This story was so incredible, it’s definitely become one of my favorites of Rainbow Rowell’s books. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally pick it up.

It was so relatable to me because I’ve written fanfiction and I’m also apart of so many fandoms and it’s hard to leave them and I also don’t want to.

I was really excited about reading this because I also fell in love with Simon and Baz in Carry On .

There was so many times that I literally couldn’t help but squeal especially when it came to Cath and Levi.

I also loved Cather’s relationship with the different characters like her roommate, her father and her twin sister.

I definitely recommend this book especially if you’re in the mood for a cute contemporary novel.








I’m going to be talking about the different thougths I had while reading this book.

So when Cather first walks into her dorm room, she sees Levi there and it was so cute to see her reaction of her thinking that her roommate was a boy but he’s just her roomate Reagan’s friend.

It’s sad to think about being in Cath’s place when it comes her twin sister Wren. Like Cath isn’t good at this socializing thing (so relatable) and I feel like Wren should’ve just eased her into the college life instead of throwing out her there alone.


“Why are you reading that?” Wren had asked when she noticed.


“Soemthing without a dragon or an elf on the cover.”

“I’m branching out.”

“Shh,” Wren said, covering the ears on the movie poster above her bed. “Baz will hear you.”

“Baz is secure in our relationship,” Cath had said, smiling despite herself.

                                                                              -Wren – Cather


Their relationship seemed so cute and sweet before they went to college.


I’m really liking Levi, he’s so cute especially when he was standing outside her room in the beginning and Cath refused to let him in because this whole situation is too rapey . (Her words, not mine)


“Why do we write fiction?” Professor Piper asked.

Cath looks down at her notebook. To disappear.



That’s so sad to think about. The fact that she writes in order to disappear from her real life. Even though it’s sad, I can relate to that statement. I write on Wattpad for the reason that whenever my life isn’t going so well, there’s a life that I created with really cool characters that I can escape to whenever I can.


Cath has literally not eaten real food since she went out to eat the first night in college. She hasn’t eaten real food because she doesn’t want to experience the awkwardness of the cafeteria.

They mention Abel who’s a kid who lived in their town. And apparently Abel’s is actually Cath’s boyfriend of 3 years which was a shock to me because the way they’ve been acting together, it seems like they’re best friends.

I like how Reagan is concerned about Cath’s eating pattern because most of the time they ignore each other but they’re roommates and somehow they care about each other.


Currently shipping Levi and Cath. Also I fell in love with the new friendship between Reagan and Cath. Levi called Cath “Little Red” when he was talking about not wanting her to walk alone in the dark.

It was sweet when Levi heard the phone ring and he already started running out to make sure Cath doesn’t walk alone.

I love how their dad is taking parenting advice from 90210 because Brandon and Brenda went to college and the parents were barely in any episodes (me as a parent).


Abel broke up with Cath through phone call because he met someone else named Katie. And he literally started comparing the smart level that Cath to Katie’s and I’m just like when did this become relevant?

Cath definitely has a crush on her fiction-writing classmate Nick and I don’t blame her but I still ship her with Levi.

Wren really annoyed me like she has her moments but I don’t know. Especially when she kept pushing aside the fact that Cath believes that something is wrong with their father.

Levi was so happy after Cath visited him at Starbucks because he knows deep down she went just to see him.


Wren and Cath’s mother wants to be apart of their lives and this was the first time they mentioned her.

I love the fact that Wren and Cath used to have Emergency Kanye Parties which was when they would listen to Kanye West songs and basically had a dance party whenever something stressful happens. Cath has one of he rown and Levi shows up in the middle of it and joins in.

In the middle of the Emergency Kanye Party, Wren texts Cath a 911 and Cath obviously shows up and she’s fine. Cath was freaking out and Wren was like “Oh that text for Courtney(her roommate) wrong C.” If I was Cath, I would’ve fought her.

Cath starts reading Levi her fanfiction because he was curious and I’m just sitting here like I would never have the balls to read my fanfiction to anyone.

Levi has a crush on Penelope and it’s just so cute because whenever Cath would read her name, he would whisper it to himself.


“I just didn’t know if you wanted me to go on. I mean, you get the idea.”

Levi closed his eyes and shook his head. “Don’t be stupid. Keep going.”



He’s genuinely interested in her work which is so cute.


Their mother left them on 9/11 and she left because “this wasn’t the life for her” and I hate that like you’re a mother, it’s not like you own a pet where you could just give it away if it’s getting too much.


More knocking. “I know that’s you,” she said into the phone.

Levi laughed.

She got up and opened the door, ending the call. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I brought you coffee,” he said.

                                                       -Cath- Levi


He’s so perfect.


Cath and her dad had a lonley thanksgiving dinner because Wren ended up sleeping over her mom’s.

Cath and Levi have their first argument because Levi is stressed because he can’t focus on reading. And he walks out and she calls him back and starts reading it to him which was really sweet.


“No,” she said, “I know that you don’t like me.”

“You don’t know anything.”

                                 -Cath – Levi


Levi kissed Cath while she was reading for him and she was so tired that she literally fell asleep right after. That whole scene was cute because he would be worried about her and it would hurt my heart.

Cath is actually going to Levi’s house party and she finds him in the kitchen making out with this other girl. I can’t, I just can’t.

Cath ignores him for a week and then he was in her dorm room and she talked quickly and then walked out to meet with Nick. Levi keeps smiling even when he’s not happy and I’m just like stop ! Tell me what you’re really feeling.

Cath meets this girl who’s a complete fan of her fanfiction and Cath just acts like another fan and I’m just like if that girl ever finds out that you were actually her favorite author, she’d probably be super excited but also mortified.


Nick and Cath get into their first fight because Nick wanted to use a story that they kind of wrote together just to be his for his final project. Cath got upset and he called her naive and then she just left.

Cather’s dad is at the mental hospital because he’s been all in his work and staying in his office and probably not eating. Cath calls Wren so she can go with her and she says it’s finals week and she needs to focus on that first. Levi left his work so he can take her.

They talked about what happened and Levi referred to it s just a kiss and Cath was like “Well not for me. Kisses or just just with me.”

Their dad mentions Gilmore Girls which got me excited because that’s my favorite show!


It’s sad to see how close Wren and Cath used to be compared to now. When Cath’s father was first sent to the mental hospital, Cath thought that the depression was in their blood and that she thought she’ll turn crazy because she’s just like her dad and Wren says:


“If it tries to take you, I won’t let go.”



The sweetest thing.


She took a step closer to her sister. “I’m probably going to be crazy for the rest of my life, thanks to her. I’m going to keep making fucked up decisions and doing weird things that I don’t even realize are weird. People are going to fee sorry for me, and I won’t ever have any normal relationships-but it’s always going to be because I didn’t have a mother. Always. That’s the ultimate kind of broken. The kind of damage you never from. I hope she feels terrible. I hope she never forgives herself.”



That part hurt my hert but also gave me chills.


Cath cried on Christms when she opened her mom’s gift to her. Honestly I don’t know how growing up without a mother would feel, my mother is my favorite person and it’s sad to think that it’s not the same for a lot of people.

Cath wants to drop out of school because she’s so unhappy there and I feel like there’s a chance that might happen to me when I’m in college, just like her I hate trying new things, it gives me anxiety.

Cath decides to try one more semester and she’s thinking about changing majors.

I really like Professor Piper, I feel like she has so much faith in Cath and she’s trying to convince her to keep at writing.

Levi admits that it wasn’t just a kiss and that he really likes her and I was so excited and happy, we’re getting somewhere.


“And I just want to know- are you rooting for me? Are you hoping I pull this off?”

Cath’s eyes settled on his tentatively, like they’d fly away if he moved. She nodded her head. The right side of his mouth pulled up. “I’m rooting for you,” she whispered.

She wasn’t even sure he could hear her from the bed. Levi’s smile broke free and devoured his whole face.

                                                                                -Levi – Cath


They’re such cuties!


“It’s okay if you’re crazy,” he said softly.

“You don’t even know-“

“I don’t have to know,” he said. “I’m rooting for you.”



Reagan made rules for Cath now that she’s “with” Levi.

Also, I was really amused when Reagan used a Simon Snow reference.


“Don’t make me angry-kiss you.”

“Give me the laundry.”

“Tempers rising, faces flushed… This is how it happens.”

                                                         -Levi- Cath


So cute. That happened when they were arguing about Cath wanting to carry her own laundry.


Levi drives Cath home and the roads are really bad and when they arrive, he’s like I really like you. Cath refuses to let Levi go on those roads agin so he’s staying there.

Levi bursted out laughing at her room which made me laugh.


“No, seriously. I feel like this room should be preserved so that people of the future know what it was like to be a teenage girl in the twenty-first century.”



Wren’s in the hospital for drinking too much and their mother called Cath with her phone which confused her cause they haven’t talked in like 3 months.

Their mom leaves right before they can go in to see Wren which pissed Cath off.

Wren’s a mess . Levi showed up and so did Wren’s boyfriend Jandro. Wren finds out about Levi and she’s completely shocked and that hurts their father.

I also love when Levi calls her sweetheart.

Their dad was going to pull Wren out of school but instead she has to come home every weekend not drink, meet with a counselor once a week and go to AA meetings.


“Come home with me, Cath.”

She could hear him smiling. “It’s early, and I don’t want to say good night.”

“I never want to say good night, but we still manage.”

“Wait, you don’t?”

“No,” she whispered.

“Come home with me,” he whispered back.

                                               -Levi – Cath


The whole chapter of Cath and Levi first holding and kissing each other was the cutest thing.


Reagan scowled at Cath. “Are you Zack, or are you Cody?”



One of my favorite lines and a question I like to use whenever I meet twins .


I’m happy that Wren and Cath are back together and talking about everything that Cath has kept to herself.


He pulled her hair forward; it fell just past her shoulders. “I can’t decide if you love me,” he said, “or this room.”

“Both,” Cath said, then thought through his choice of words and blushed.

He smiled, like he’d tricked her.

                                                  -Levi – Cath


So freaking cute, I can’t.


Nick showed up to talk to Cath and Reagan and Wren refuse to leave them alone which I love. He tells her that he’ll give her credit because that’s the only wy Professor Piper was going let him get it into the University’s Literary Journal and Cath said no and Reagan, Wren and Levi got defensive and pushed Cath into the room.

I love that Levi was concerned about Cath but when she smiled at him, he couldn’t help but smile back.


Cath’s worried about Levi wanting Wren if he spent too much time with her and he assured her that he would choose her over everyone.

Wren asked Cath if she wanted to room together next year and Cath declined because she told Reagan that they were going to room together next year.

Cath and Levi get into a fight because school ends in 2 weeks and all she’s focusing on is finishing Carry On. Cath cried for a while and when she opened the door, Levi was sitting there feeling guilty.

Cath and Wren are such fan girls. It’s so relatable. They cried when they actually held the last book in their arms. Me with the last book in all my favorite book series.

This book was just so great. I loved it!




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