Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare Book Review !

Clockwork Princess is the third and final book in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare which is a young-adult historical paranormal fiction novel that was published on March 19, 2013 by Simon & Schuster Margaret K. McElderry.


If you haven’t read Clockwork Angel or Clockwork Prince, then you shouldn’t even read the spoiler-free section because it might contain spoilers the first 2 books.


I’m going to include a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled section.








Tessa Gray should be happy about her wedding with Jem but as she’s preparing for her wedding, there’s a lot of problems surrounding the Shadowhunters of the London Institute.

New demons appear who work for Mortmain who plans to use his automatons to destroy the Shadowhunters for good. And he needs Tessa to complete his goal.

Jem and Will no matter what they’re going through will do anything to save her.


Wow, this book was actually so beautiful. It made me feel so many different things. It made me cry of sadness and happiness and it was just the perfect ending for this series.

Even though I was spoiled to the end by City of Heavenly Fire, I still felt everything I would if I wasn’t spoiled.

This book made me love Will 100x more which I didn’t know was possible.


If you’ve been spoiled and you don’t want to move on with this book series, you really should. It’s so worth it.








This is basically the different thoughts I had while reading this book.


In the prologue, we see Starkweather and his granddaughter Adele before her Marking Ceremony in 1847 and it made her bleed and her skin burning under the rune. While I was reading the prologue, I was wondering if that made her human and it was answered later on and it does mean that she’s human.

After that, we see Will and Jem meeting and obviously Will was a dick which amused Jem and he shocked everyone by being so blunt with Will.


In the beginning, we see Tessa trying on her gold wedding dress which kind of made me giddy.

Will is training his sister Cecily and she wants him to write to their parents and I think he should. There’s no cure to worry about and he’s always breaking the laws anyway.

Will and Cecily are really acting like siblings which amused me. She bet him that if she hit the target 3 times without missing, he would write the etter and she did and he’s like I’ll write it but I won’t send it and she was mad that he tricked her.


“Gabriel Lightwood is downstairs, and I have two words for you. Two of your favorite words, at least when you put them together.”

“Utter simpleton?” inquired Will. “Worthless upstart?”

Jem grinned. “Demon pox,” he said.

                                                                     -Jem – Will


Sophie refuses to call Gideon anything but Mr. Lightwood and she’s been distant with him which made me sad cause I liked them together.

Benedict was literally becoming a worm because of the demon poz and Cecily wanted to know what it was and Will was really uncomfortable to talk about it because it involves sex with a demon which made me laugh.

They were at the Lightwood’s house and Tessa started thinking about what happened with Will the last time she was there which got me like




For a moment the garden, the noise, the stench of blood and demon, vanished away, and he was alone in a soundless place with only Tessa. He wanted to run to her, wrap her in his arms. Protect her.

But it was Jem’s place to do those things, not his. Not his.



It’s sad that he has to remind himself.


Tessa goes to save Henry from a demon and kills her first demon.

Jem collasped which scares the shit out of everyone including me. He claims that Tessa makes him stronger so Will helps them into the carriage so Tessa could look out for him. But later on we find out that he’s stronger because he’s taking more drugs than he normally would.

Gabriel wanted to stay in the institute and Charlotte is like oh I thought you hated the institute and me running it. But she decided to let him stay.

Tessa called Will selfless and I totally agree. No matter how much he loves Tessa, he’s letting her be with Jem because he’s thinking of Jem before thinking about himself.


“You know that feeling,” she said, “when you are reading a book, and you know that it is going to be a tragedy; you can feel the cold and darkness coming, see the net drawing close around the characters who love and breathe on the pages. But you are tied to the story as if being dragged behind a carriage, and you cannot let go or turn the course aside.”



I totally get what she’s saying. That’s literally how I felt while reading this book.


Will asked Tessa to make sure Cecily was fine and they talked and Tessa told her about the time when he was delirious with vampire blood and he called out Cecily’s name.

Jem admits to having more drugs than he normally would because he wanted to be fully alive for Tessa even if it’ll make him die sooner.


“My conscience,” Will whispered. “You are my conscience. You have ever been, James Castairs. I will do this for you, but I will extract one promise first.”

“What sort of promise?”

“You asked years ago to cease looking for a cure for you,” Will said. “I want you to release me from that promise. Free me to look, at least. Free me to search.”

Jem looked at him with some wonder. “Just when I think I know you perfectly, you surprise me gain. Yes, I will free you. Search. Do what you just. I cannot fetter your best intentions; it would only be cruel, and I would do the same for you, we’re I in your place. You know that, don’t you?”

                                                                          -Will – Jem


I love Jem and Will and their friendship. Good shit.


“Don’t you care where I’m going?” He said. “What if I were going to hell?”

“I’ve always wanted to see Hell,” Cecily said calmly. “Doesn’t everyone.”

                                                     -Will – Cecily


They’re both so stubborn. I can really tell they’re related.


Sophie and Gideon kissed for the first time and I couldn’t stop fangirling. He also dmitted that he has been asking for scones everyday just to see Sophie because she wouldn’t talk to him.

It’s so cute how Henry’s worried about everything Charlotte does that could harm the baby.

Tessa suggested to Jem about becoming a vampire or a silent brother (I spoiled myself with City of Heavenly Fire and know he’s somehow going to become a silent brother)

There was no more yin fen so Tessa and Will were going to ask Magnus Bane for help.

I love how much Will loves Tessa but I hate he can’t do anything about it.


“Do not think I do not know that Cecily wants you to return home with her. And do not think I do not know that you remain for Jem’s sake.”

“And yours,” he said before he could stop himself.

            -Tessa – Will


Gaaaaaah! Abort mission! Will, you’re showing your love too much.


Woosley calls Will Magnus’ blue eyed boy which made me die.

Woosley also said that Will should be happy if Jem died because he could finally get the girl and he totally goes crazy on him and attacks him. I don’t blame him, that was so freaking rude to say.

Magnus gave Will the necklace with the red stone that he gave to Camille and then later on is owned by Izzy that says, “True love cannot die.”


“It’s too pretty for a man.”

“So are you.”

            -Will – Magnus


Oh, I love Will and Magnus’ relationship.


“Perhaps, but you would not exist without a woman, would you? However little use you may find us, we are cleverer and more determined and more patient than men. Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”



Yaaas, I love feminist Tessa.

Will admitted that he doesn’t know himsef without Jem and he hugs Tessa which got me really excited.


“Do you think there’s a chance for him?”

“A chance for who?”

“Will Herondale. To be happy.”

                            -Magnus – Woosley


Magnus’ asking the real questions here.


Tatiana put a complain against Gabriel for muder because Tatiana made it seem like Benedict was sick and was killed by Shadowhunters and her husband was killed in a brawl which is complete bullshit.

Consul Josiah is on Tatiana’s side because he wants to get rid of Charlotte.


“Gibberish?” Jem suggested. “Pornographic?” said Will at the same time.

“Could be both,” said Will. “Haven’t you ever heard of pornographic gibberish before?” Jem grinned, and Charlotte put her face in her hands.

                                                                   -Jem – Will


I can’t get over how much I love them.


Consul Josiah wanted Gideon and Gabriel to spy on Charlotte and I was really hoping they don’t because she’s been through a lot. They decided to fake spy on her.

The first letter they sent is obviously bullshit because they’re just talking about how she has too many hts.

Will didn’t like how Gabriel and Cecily were talking. He mentioned that Gabriel was probably trying to get back at him because of what happened with Tatiana.


Charlotte got a letter from Mortmain that said “I can supply Jem with yin fen if you give me Tessa.” Tessa decided that she’s going and Will burns the letter and his hands in the process.

They mentioned Meliorn and how he moved to America because he had a lot of enemies in London and I could see why knowing him.

Tessa wanted to check on both Jem and Will and she’s been getting annoyed with herself because Jem should be the obvious answer since he’s her fiance.

Sophie catch the Lightwood brothers reading through Charlotte’s letters and they show her what they’re doing. They showed her the ridiculous letters they’ve been writing and she’s really amused.

Jem wrote Tessa a song on his violin which is so freaking cute and it makes her cry.




“It was like I saw your soul in the notes of the music. And it was beautiful.” She leaned forward and touched his face lightly, the smooth skin over his hard cheekbone, his hair like feathers against the back of her hand. “I saw rivers, board like flowers, all the colors of the night sky.”



Tessa’s in love with Will but she knew that Will would not be with her because of Jem if she left him so she lied to Will saying she’s not in love with him.

When Jem and Tessa were making out, Church walked in which causes them to stop and Church was so pleased with himself.


“You remember what else I said to you that day in the drawing room,” he said. “I want you to be happy, and him to be happy. And yet when you walk that aisle to meet him and join yourselves forever you will walk an invisible path of the shards of my heart, Tessa. I would give over my own life for either of you. I would give over my own life for your happiness. I thought perhaps that when you told me you did not love me that my own feelings would fall away and atrophy, but they have not. They have grown everyday. I love you now more desperately, this moment, than I have ever loved you before, and in an hour I will love you more than that. It is unfair to tell you this, I know, when you can do nothing about it.” He took a shuddering breth. “How you must despire me.”



Will has the most beautiful words and he always knows what to say.


Jessamine was back and once she arrived, they got attacked by automatons. And Mrs. Black showe up again and they took Tessa for Mortmain.

Jessamine was dying because one of the creatures talons went through her back.


“Even their power cannot see me. Besides, I cannot bear to have them touch me again. I would rather die. I am dying, and I am glad of it.”



Jessamine thought Will hated her cause he never visited her in the silent city and she admitted that he was always her favorite because she understood him. This moment actually made me cry, it was just too much for me.

Jem was weak and basically almost dead and there’s 2 silent brothers trying to save him. Will was obviously lost because Jem was dying and Tessa wasn’t there.

Cecily and Gabriel had a moment outside the door and I found it cute when he was saying that he’ll get Will because he’d rather Will be angr with him than angry with her.


“Sometimes the damp chill made him ill, or he would never forget his drugs nd become ill on the day, coughing blood and confined to bed, and that would be a distraction too. And only after it had happened three times – for I am very stupid, Cecy, and think only of myself – did I realize that of course he was doing it for me. He had noticed the date and was doing all he could to draw me from my melancholy.”



This actually hurt my heart. I love Jem.


The Consul convinced Gabriel to go against Charlotte and Gideon. The Consul was really pissing me off for most of this book.

Will summoned Magnus to the institute and Magnus thought it’s to try and save Jem but Will actually wants to talk about how to deal with losing someone.


“Mortmain has taken Tessa, and I believe now I know where she might be. There is a part of me that wants nothing more than to go after her. But I cannot leave Jem. I swore an oath. And what if he wakes in the night and finds I am not here?” He looekd as lost as a child. “He will think I left him willingly, not caring that he was dying. He will not know. And yet if he could speak, would he not tell me to go after Tessa? Is that not what he would want?”



Will was trying to deal with the fact that Jem was probably dead and he woke up and he asked him what Magnus meant when he said if he knew that Will was in love with Tessa. I was happy that they were finally going to talk about Will’s feelings.

Will and Jem were talking about it and Will said he was in love with Tessa but she loves Jem and Jem wants to make him feel less pain and I was listening to Satisfied from Hamilton during this scene which was perfect. & Jem said that he’s glad Will was in love with her because now it’s easier to ask him to go look for her. Will and Jem during this whole scene got me like :





Cecily wanted to go with Will and she threatened him saying that she’ll tell on him if he doesn’t take her with him. She really reminded me of my younger sister. He finally talked her out of it and she made him promise to talk to his parents about the curse and everything and he agreed. He also gave her Magnus/Camille/Isabelle’s necklace.

Charlotte was putting everyone in their place and making sure everyone focuses on Jem not dying because Will needs his stregnth if he’s out there all alone.

Mrs. Dark told Tessa that she was created to ruin the nephilim which was ironic since she’s engaged with one.


Hahahahah Gabriel is so whipped. He’s talking about wanting to write a poem about Cecily’s hair and eyes.

Sophie told Gideon how she got her scar and this happened:


“Now you will say that it is not so ugly, or that you do not even see it, or something like that.”

“I see it,” Gideon said in a low voice. “I am not blind, and we are a people of many scars. I see it. But it is not ugly. It is just another beautiful part of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

                                                                     -Sophie – Gideon


So freaking cute.


Tessa saw her clockwork angel fully grown and hovering over her and she thought she was dying but she wasn’t.

Jem woke up and saw Sophie sitting besides him. He admits that he wouldn’t have proposed to Tessa if he knew of Will’s feelings.


“Will is easy to love, and he has given her his whole heart. I can see it. I hope she will not break it.”



Jem’s just the sweetest thing ever, I just love him.


Sophie knows that Tessa loves Will because she’s heard her saying his name in her dreams and it’s implied that Jem knows that Sophie knows.

Charlotte and Jem were talking and he said he wish he could’ve seen her baby and she started crying and so did I because it just broke my heart. And he decided that he doesn’t want them looking for a cure because he’s ready to leave.

Tessa decided to take Will’s advice to pretend to be a character from a book.


Will’s parabatai rune was bleeding and he’s feeling a really awful pain and he realized that Jem was dead.

These werewolves wanted to kill Will and he was going to let them because he doesn’t know his life without Jem and doesn’t want to know but then he pictured Tessa and started to fight back.

Will was admiring his light colored parabatai rune and thanking the Angels that it doesn’t just vanish which got me like:




“I told you before, Jem, that you would not leave me,” Will said, his bloody hand on the hilt of the dagger. “And you are still with me. When I breathe, I will think of you, for without you I would have been dead years ago. When I wake up and when I sleep, when I lift up my hands to defend myself or when I lie down to die, you will be with me. You say we are born and born again. I say there is a river that divides the dead and the living. What I do know is that if we are born again, I will meet you in another life, and if there is a river, you will wait on the shores for me to come to you, so that we can cross together.”



My heart just can’t with all of these emotions.


Starkweather came to visit Charlotte and he told her that his granddaughter was Tessa’s mother so she’s half Shadowhunter and her fateher ws a demon who was disguised as his granddaughter’s husband. She ws still born because her mother was never marked which is really interesting.

Tessa woke up in a new room and Mortmain came in to talk to her and he told her what she is and he explains the whole thing. Also he tells her that the clockwork angel was given to her to protect her and keep her alive. Also that she could have children and that he wants to use her to breed more like her. He also needs her to Change into his father so he can see him but actually it’s just to get the last step in destroying the shadowhunters.


Charlotte comforted Gabriel about his father and he felt like shit for going behind her back so he confessed about everything and it turned out that he didn’t even send the letter.

Sophie wants to fight with them and Charlotte and Gideon support her. Gideon lowkey just asked Sophie to marry him or that he’s thinking about marrying her one day and Charlotte immediately shoos everyone out so they can talk.


“You haven’t proposed,” Sophie said with equanimity. “You did announce to the whole breakfast table that you intended to marry me, but that is not a proposal. This is only a declaration. A proposal is when you ask me.”



Slaaaay Soph. Her character has really developed which makes me so happy.


Gideon got on one knee and asked her to marry him and she obviously accepted.

Cecily wrote to her parents and she said that she’s meant to be a shadowhunter and that’s she really happy at the institute.


Mortmain made an automaton that’s animated by a demon spirit with the spell he got when Tessa Changed into his father. These new automatons are impossible to kill but not really since Mortmain told Tessa that the automatons can be killed if he’s killed.

Tessa burned her clockwork angel and it becomes an actual angel who tells her that he wanted to protect and that he can’t let her die.

Consul Wayland sent a letter to Charlotte telling her that she’s been relieved of her position at the institute.


Will finally got to Tessa and she’s in an empty bedroom. They hugged and embraced and it was just beautiful. She called him an idiot because obviously Mortmain wouldn’t leave her by herself and now he’s trapped in there with her. He’s pissed at himself and starts apologizing for not thinking and just running to her and she isn’t having it.

Will told her about Jem and she blamed herself and she asked him how he could be near her when she took his parabatai away from him and that just hurt my heart.


“I felt it. The bond between us being severed. It was as if a great pair of scissors had cut my heart in half.”



I couldn’t stop crying. Like my heart just couldn’t take it with this moment between Will and Tessa.


“You said I am a good man,” he said. “But I am not that good a man. And I am- I am castrophically in love with you.”


“I love you so much, so incredibly much,” he went on, “and when you’re this close to me, I forget who you are. I forget you’re Jem’s. I’d have to be the worst sort of person to think what I’m thinking right now. But I am thinking it. “

                                  -Will – Tessa


Tessa and Will both knew they might die tomorrow. Tessa asked 2 things, 1. A weapon to die fighting and 2. One last kiss from Will before she dies and Will obviously have her wishes and more. By that I mean they made love to each other.

Magnus and Henry finally finished making the Portal and they’re going to try it to get to Will and Tessa.

The Silent Brothers are here to fight and Brother Zachariah was there which meant Jem was there and it just hurts.

We saw a Consul meeting and Tatiana was blaming Charlotte and Will for her husband’s and father’s deaths and the Inquisitor isn’t having it. Also Consul Wayland wants to replace Charlotte and the automatons came into the meeting and started attacking the shadowhunters.

Magnus Freaking Bane walked into the room and Will and Tessa were naked and the room was wrecked and he’s like yeah maybe you guys should get dressed before everyone else shows up.


“Will,” she said hesitantly. “You’re not- sorry?”

“Sorry?” He looked at her in disbelief. “Nage ddim- you’re mad if you think I’m sorry, Tess.” His knuckle brushed her cheek. “There is more so much more I want to say to you-“

“No,” she teased. “Will Herondale, with more to say?”

He ignored this. “But now is not the time- not with Mortmain breathing down our necks, most likely, and Magnus outside the door. Now is the time to finish this. But when it is over, Tess, I will say everything to you I have always wanted to say. As for now-” he kissed her temple, and released her, his eyes searching her face. “I need to know you believe me when I say I love you. That is all.”

“I believe everything you say,” Tessa said with a smile, her hands creeping down from his waist to his weapons belt. Her fingers closed on the hilt of a dagger, and she yanked it from the belt, smiling as he looked down at her in surprise. She kissed his cheek and stepped back. “After all,” she said, “you weren’t lying about the tattoo of the dragon of Wales, were you?”

                                                                            -Tessa – Will


I freaking love them.


An automaton showed up and snapped Henry and I thought he died and my heart wouldn’t be able to handle another heartbreak. But Henry ended up being okay.

Tessa’s describing the silent brother being a bad ass and protecting Cecily and she realized that he’s Jem because of his silver hair. Will’s bleeding on his face because he got clawed by an automton but he doesn’t realize it because all he could focus on is Jem.

They’re having this badass battle and Tessa had disppeared and Mortmain showed up and decided to marry Tess right there. Tessa Changes into the Clockwork Angel destroys Mortmain before she passed out.


Will called Jem James and Brother Enoch’s like his name is Zachariah now not James and Jem walked out which stunned Will.

Will’s really pissed about Jem being a silent brother and not being able to feel anything.

Cecily told Gabriel that he helped her realize what’s important and that she’s staying there and he kisses her and I literally squealed and then she rates him and tells him she’ll be his tutor, oh I love Cecily.

Tessa kept talking to Jem while she’s unconscious and Will asked Charlotte to get Jem there so they can say their last goodbyes and maybe she could finally come back to them.

The inquisitor wanted Charlotte to become the Consul. She said she would take it if she could stay at the institute for the first few years before going to Idris and that Will will take over the institute when she does leave to Idris. That made me happy that she thought about Will.


Tessa woke up and talked to Jem. Jem said that he waited until the last possible minute before asking Charlotte to bring the Silent brothers and he told her that he came against his wishes because she didn’t want him to look at him the way she was looking at him. They talk about Will and she finally admits that she loves them both. Jem also promised to meet her every year on the same day at the Blackfriars Bridge.

Jem goes to see Will and before anything happened, I know this scene is going to hurt my heart. Jem leaves his box with Will. Will says that he doesn’t know himself without him and that just hurt me.

Will and Tessa are planning to get married and he reads to her which makes Charlotte happy that Will wasn’t losing himself after Jem and she had Tessa to thank for that. That honestly made me cry.


Sophie’s also a Shadowhunter now.

Charlotte’s having a boy and they’re naming him Charles Fairchild. Henry wanted to add Buford as the middle name but they’re obviously still talking about it.

It hurt my heart when Tessa said that Will would want to say something to someone who wasn’t there and the light on his face would vanish when he realizes Jem isn’t there anymore.

Will was being polite and I found it so funny that Tessa threatened to him with an umbrella if he keeps being polite and he isn’t being Will.

Will wrote this incredible beautiful letter and he said he was going to give it to her when he found out the curse wasn’t real but then she said she was engaged to Jem so he didn’t give it to her. I’m happy he finally had his chance to show her how he really feels.


Jem’s uncle shows up at the institute to give Will a gift that he can’t give Jem anymore and Will walked out.

Jessamine’s ghost showed up just to tell Will to get his shit together and propose to Tessa already.

Magnus went to New York and before he left he was thinking about taking Church because he’s mourning Jem.

Tessa was finally in terms with loving what she is which makes me so happy .


“Of course you can have a true Shadowhunter name,” Will said. “You can have mine.”

Tessa stared at him, all black and white against the black-and-white snow and stone. “Your name?”

Will took a step toward her, till they stood face to face. Then he reached to take her hand and slid off her glove, which he put into his pocket. He held her bare hand in his, his fingers curved around here. His hand was warm and callused, and his touch made her shiver. His eyes were steady and blue; they were everything Will: true and tender, sharp and witty, loving and kind. “Marry me,” he said. “Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.”

                                                                     -Will – Tessa


Will is so perfect, I can’t.


“I love your words, my Will, but hold them for a moment,” she said, and smiled into his eyes. “Think of all the words I have held inside all this time, while I did not know your intentions. When you came to me in the drawings room and tod me that you loved me, it was the hardest thing I have ever done to send you away. You said you loved the words of my heart, the shape of my soul. I remember. I remember every word you said from that day to this. I will never forget them. There are so many words I wish to say to you, and so many I wish to hear you say to me. I hope we have all our lives to say them to each other.”



Currently dying.


Charlotte snuck Gabriel, Cecily, Will and Tessa to go to their parents.

In the epilogue, they pass time to 2008 and Will died and Cecily and Gabriel were married. When will died, their children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews spoke about memories of Will and everything is just too much.

Jem played the violin the night Will died and he also played it on different occasions especially at the birth of their first child James, I just cant even.

Brother Zachariah becomes mortal again which we saw in the Mortal Instruments but I didn’t know it was because he found the cute. He also mentioned to Tessa about a story about different Lightwoods, Herondales, and Fairchilds which made me so happy.

Jem and Tessa are going to travel together which makes me happy that after everything they reunited.





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