Truthwitch Book Tag !

This tag was created by simplythoughtfulbooks on youtube. She creates amazing tags and I love her. I read Truthwitch around the time it came out and I absolutely loved it. So I decided to do this tag even though I wasn’t tagged to do it.  



1.) OHRIN MOUNTAINS : What is your favorite fictional land?

I actually really enjoyed the witchlands from Truthwitch so what I’m going to go with the most common answer which is the wizarding world. Since I started reading the Harry Potter book series, I fell in love with the world and seeing it in the movies just made it so much more amazing and magical. Like, I just want to live there.



2.) SAFIYA AND ISEULT’S FRIENDSHIP : Who is your favorite dynamic duo?

So, while I was reading this book and I got to read Safiya and Iz’s friendship and it really reminded me of Will and Jem. I’m not just choosing them because they reminded me of them but because they actually are my favorite dynamic duo. They had their problems like any friendship but the level of love and care Will and Jem have for each other is amazing. Also, I love the way they put each other before anything and sacrafice a lot for each other which is literally friendship goals.



3.) MERIK : Which character is the ultimate hunk?

I know usually for these questions I choose more than one because obviously I’m a hoe when it comes to fictional male characters. I think for this one, I’m going to choose Daemon from The Lux Series just because he is hot and his eyes are beautiful but his personality (not in Obsidian) is a plus.



4.) KULLEN : Who is your favorite sidekick?

Iko from the Lunar Chronicles. She’s always a great help when the group has missions but the best part of a sidekick is their personality. Iko never failed to make me laugh whenever they had a serious moment. But she wasn’t only there to be a comic relief, she was a great friend to everyone in the group and that’s why I admire her.



5.) AEDUAN : Who is your favorite mysterious or villainous character?

I think for this one, I’m going to go with Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. I’m only saying this because I just loved hating her. But it wasn’t as intense as my hate for Sebastian Morgenstern. She’s just a mindcontrolling queen that wants to marry Prince Kai for her own gain. But also when I read Fairest, I kind of got a soft spot for her because we got to see her in her weakest point.



6.) AETHER : Name a book that you can’t stop thinking about

Since I’m in a really bad reading slump and I’ve been forced to read 4 summer reading books, all I’ve been thinking about is wanting to continue reading the Harry Potter series. But I know that I’ll continue reading it in September.



7.) AIR : Name a book that you had low expectations for, but it blew you away.

I finished this book this month but East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I should’ve expected it to be amazing because everything John writes I’ve enjoyed. But it was one of the books that my teachers has forced me to read so I didn’t think much of it but I completely fell in love with it and it’s characters.



8.) EARTH : What’s a book that you always go back to?

Anna and the French Kiss. There are times when I need a fast read or I just want to feel the feels so I pick up this book. It’s just one of my all time favorites.



9.) FIRE : A book with hype that spread quickly

For this one, I’m going to go with the Throne of Glass series. I haven’t jumped on this train yet but I’m planning on it because whenever a new book comes out from this series, it’s all over the book world with people talking about how much they love it.



10.) VOID : Recommend a scary/mysterious read

I don’t really read a lot of scary books but one of the mysterious books that I loved was Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This book did creep me out because the main character was disorientated and couldn’t remember anything which made me disorientated as well.



11.) WATER : Name a book that flowed nicely

A book that flowed nicely was The Mortal Instruments series, I feel like while I was reading it, I never thought that something felt out of place. It just flowed smoothly.



I tag everyone who’s reading this post and who’s interested in doing this tag 🙂




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