Anonymous Bookaholics Tag!

I’ve never done a book haul but I’m completely obsessed with buying new books either because I heard great things about it or something simple like the cover looks pretty.
I want to thank theorangutanlibrarian for tagging me to this book tag. If you haven’t checked out her book blog, what have you been doing?! She’s amazing and talks about all books, so make sure you check her out 😀


1.) What do you like about buying new books?
I love everything about buying new books. I especially love the smell of new books and how the pages open with stiffness because no one’s opened the book yet. Wow, I’m such a weirdo.


2.) How often do you buy new books?
I try not to buy as many books monthly but it really depends how much I get paid that week and how many bills I have to pay. But if there’s a lot of amazing releases that month, I buy more than usual.


3.) Bookstore or online book shopping- Which do you prefer?
Online book shopping. The only bookstore I have in my city is Barnes and Noble and they’re just really expensive. I mostly buy books online on cheap websites like bookoutlet


4.) Do you have a favorite bookshop?
Not really since the only bookshop I’ve been to is Barnes and Noble.


5.) Do you pre-order books?
Not really, unless it’s one of Marissa Meyer’s books because I freaking love her.


6.) Do you have a monthly book buying limit?
I do. Some months I go overboard but most months I stick to the limit or even buy less.


7.) Book buying bans – Are they something for you?
I don’t think I would stick to it.


8.) How big is your wishlist?
My wishlist is absolutely insane. I seriously have a problem.


9.) Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own NOW?
I’m mostly excited to get these :


I tag you : (If you’ve been tagged already or you’ve done it, just ignore this)






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