Blogmas/Blogcember Day Seven : Top 12 Christmas Movies I’ll be Binge-Watching this Christmas

I’ve done a favorite Christmas movies blog post before but I didn’t really like it. So I decided to do it again with more movies that I’ve become obsessed with over the years. (this isn’t rated, just listed)


1. Elf (2003) 

This movie is one of my all time favorites. It’ll never get old and it’ll never get unfunny. This movie will always make me smile and/or laugh no matter how many times I watch it. I also really relate to him with the whole “obsession” with Christmas. I’m literally Buddy the Elf when it comes to Christmas and books.


2. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 

You know how I said I’m like Buddy the Elf on Christmas? I’m the Grinch with everything else. This movie will also never get old. I just love this movie, it makes me happy and Grinch is hilarious with his negativity.


3. Love Actually (2003) 

This movie is incredibly beautiful and is more about love than Christmas. I literally loved every couple that was introduced in this movie so obviously it has to be on my list of movies I’ll be binge-watching. I definitely cried in this movie but obviously of happiness.


4. The Polar Express (2004) 

I adore this movie and I’ve already watched it everyday since 25 days of Christmas started on Freeform. I love the music and I love the lesson of the movie.


5. This Christmas (2007) 

This movie is hilarious and it involves a huge family (which I adore to watch especially when it’s about the holidays). Also, this movie came out when I was around 8 years old and I had a crush on Chris Brown which is why I love this movie so much. It brings back memories of my childhood.


6. The Santa Clause (1994) 

This was one of my all time favorite Christmas movie as a kid. I really believed that that’s how the Santa Clause is chosen.


7. The Santa Clause 3 (2006) 

I think this is definitely the one I watch the most in the 3 movies. I think it’s the one that stresses me out the most but I still adore this movie.


8. Home Alone (1990) 

Of course this is a must when binge-watching Christmas movies. This was always my mother’s favorite movie so I’ve been watching it, first in spanish, since I was a little girl.


9. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) 

Just like the Santa Clause movies, the second one is my all time favorite. I feel like it was more fun and adventurous when it was set in New York.


10. A Christmas Carol (2009) 

I also love the 1999 version but this one always had a warm place in my heart. Plus, when I was a kid, I loved cartoons. But after I read the book, I definitely liked the 1999 one better but I’m still going to rewatch this one over and over again.


11. Jingle All the Way (1996) 

As a kid, I always watched this movie because my mom had a crush on Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is really funny but meaningful.


12. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

I just love this movie because it’s an excuse to watch a Christmas movie during Halloween without getting judged. XD Also the music is everything in this.






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