Blogmas/Blogcember Day Ten : Top 10 Favorite Couples in TV Shows

I’ve done this list before but I’m a fangirl and I ship so many people, especially in TV shows so I’m here to name more of my favorite couples in TV shows 🙂


1.) Mark and Lexie – #Slexie // Grey’s Anatomy (2005- ) 

Actors : Eric Dane & Chyler Leigh 

I know there’s a huge age difference between them but they were one of my favorite couples. They had so much chemistry and were completely in love but too many things kept getting in the way. The end of their love story was completely tragic and I will never forgive Shonda Rhimes for it. I sometimes rewatch this show (over and over again) just to get to when Slexie becomes a thing. I just love them


2.) Davina and Kol – #Kolvina // The Originals (2013- ) 

Actors : Danielle Campbell & Nathaniel Buzolic

I know I already mentioned this couple in my last list. But, they’re different now that Nathaniel is playing Kol again. They sacrifice so much for each other and you can truly see how much they care and adore each other, especially when they’re talking about each other and sticking up for each other with other people. I also love that no matter how many crazy things are thrown at them, they still have that lovable and charming tease with each other. (I also just had to add gifs of Kolvina with Daniel Sharman)


3.) Luke and Lorelai – #JavaJunkie // Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Actors: Scott Patterson & Lauren Graham 

This is one of the most slow moving couples I’ve ever seen but they’re still one of my favorite OTPs of all time. I’ve recently rewatched this show before the revival came out (I will be reviewing it soon, so much I need to talk about). They’re complete opposites but in a good way, they challenge each other which definitely makes their relationship stronger. I feel like they wouldn’t be the people they are without each other, they make each other better. I just love them.


4.) Jess and Rory – #Literati // Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Actors: Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel 

I truly believe that Jess is definitely Rory’s Luke. I feel no other guy is able to understand Rory like Jess does. I feel like whenever Rory is confused in her life and is just making wrong decisions, Jess comes back for like 5 minutes and just like that Rory is back on track. I also love how no matter what happens between them, they’ll always be on good talking terms, basically friends. & we could really see how perfect Jess is for Rory in the revival. You can also see how much chemistry Milo and Alexis have through Jess and Rory (since they actually dated). I think my all time favorite moment was when Jess searched up how many miles Rory will be from him and Rory just teased him about it. They’re just so cute and right for each other.


5.) Ezra and Aria – #Ezria // Pretty Little Liars (2010- ) 

Actors: Ian Harding & Lucy Hale 

This couple was technically illegal for a while but it was still one of my favorite couples in Pretty Little Liar. They’re the OTP that I will always have hope for, if all of my ships fail on this show, I know this one will always sail. Their love is so real and they’ve been through so much together for them to just ignore that. They’re basically my parents if I’m being honest with you guys.


6.) Jane and Rafael – #Jafael // Jane the Virgin (2014 – ) 

Actors: Gina Rodriguez & Justin Baldoni 

I’ve only watched Season 1 but I’m pretty sure my ship isn’t going to change. The chemistry between Jane and Rafael is so unreal and completely goals. In season 1, there was a lot of things that kept getting in the way but I still believe that they’re the best for each other. Jane could fall in love with other people but I have a good feeling, Rafael and her are going to be endgame.


7.) Klaus and Camille – #Klamille // The Originals (2013- )

Actors: Joseph Morgan & Leah Pipes 

I ship Klaus with so many people but I think Klamille just has a very special place in my heart. They’ve been through a lot and through it all, Klaus continuously showed how much he cares for her and how much he appreciates her opinion. No one has as much patience towards Klaus like Cami does. Camille knows Klaus in a personal and deep level that not many women in his life knows. She knows an amazing amount about Klaus and she still loves him which is beautiful and exactly what Klaus needs to become a better person and father.


8.) Marcel and Rebekah – #Rebel // The Originals (2013 – )

Actors: Charles Michael Davis & Claire Holt 

This ship is so important to me and they haven’t dated since Season 1 but you can tell no matter what they go through, they will always care for each other and will always be there. Marcel makes sure that Rebekah knows that he will always protect her. I’m just hoping that Rebekah becomes a regular again and they can reconnect and finally be together without any problems. Their interactions are so important and it’s something I always look forward to.


9.) Rachel and Ross – #Rosschel // Friends (1994-2004) 

Actors: Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer 

This is another couple that went through a lot in their relationship before they ended up together. They are one of the most iconic couples of all TV and they deserve that title.


10.) Monica and Chandler – #Mondler // Friends (1994-2004) 

Actors: Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry 

This is another iconic couple in television. They were the couple that no matter what happens in the show, they were always together and were basically the show’s endgame. I love how they went from a teasing friendship to such an amazing relationship.






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