Blogmas/Blogcember Day Eighteen : Top 10 Favorite Friendships in TV Shows

I’ve done a post like this with a whole other list on this blog, click [here] . I really enjoy these posts so I decided to another one.


1.) Camille and Davina // The Originals (2013 – )

Actresses: Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell 

This friendship is so underrated. This is definitely more of a mother-daughter relationship but I still consider it friendship. They protect each other at all costs and care unconditionally for each other. They’re that friendship that you forget about because they never show it but when they do show it, you appreciate it. (I was also really emotional looking for these gifs – if you’ve watched Season 3 you would understand why)


2.) Josh and Davina // The Originals (2013 – )

Actors: Steven Krueger and Danielle Campbell 

Unlike Cami and Davina, Josh and Davina’s friendship is always shown which I’m not complaining about. It’s one of the most precious relationship on this show. They sacrifice a lot for each other and risk themselves. Not only are they always there for each other but they also have the most entertaining conversations. I truly believe that every girl needs a Josh in their life.


3.) Marcel and Davina // The Originals (2013 – )

Actors: Charles Michael Davis and Danielle Campbell 

This is more of a father daughter relationship but I still wanted to mention it. They’re so important to each other and they will always choose each other against other people especially because Marcel saved Davina. They’re also both equally overprotective of each other. They’re definitely my favorite non-couple relationship in the show.


4.) Dean and Castiel // Supernatural (2005 – ) 

Actors: Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins 

I don’t think I need to be explain myself on this. But I do want to say they’re a big reason on why I love an episode. They’re just so opposites that when they come together, it’s the best thing that could’ve happened.


5.)  Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe // Friends (1994-2004) 

Actresses : Courteney Cox , Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow 

I obviously love the individual friendships with these 3 girls but I don’t think many people appreciate them as a trio. They’re hilarious when they’re all together and I feel like they balance each other more. They have the best girl time.


6.) Chandler and Joey // Friends (1994-2004) 

Actors: Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc

This friendship is so amusing. They’re basically brothers but most of the time they’re like a married couple. I feel like no one understands and loves Joey as much as Chandler does. They’re always so hilarious together.


7.) Lane and Rory // Gilmore Girls (2000 – 2007) 

Actresses: Keiko Agena and Alexis Bledel 

They were literally from 2 different worlds after Rory moved to a different school. But I love how they would still make time for each other and Rory would invite Lane to her Chilton and Yale events. My favorite scene was in the finale I think where they just sat on Lane’s porch and talked and I literally cried on that scene. No matter what happens, they’re one friendship that no one would worry about.


8.) Sookie and Lorelai // Gilmore Girls (2000 – 2007) 

Actresses: Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham 

This friendship is so entertaining and real. I feel like I didn’t appreciate it as much while watching because Sookie was always there. But seeing Lorelai without her other half and her being so depression over the fact that she’s not there in the revival, made me appreciate how important Sookie was to Lorelai.


9.) Paris and Rory // Gilmore Girls (2000 – 2007) 

Actresses: Liza Weil and Alexis Bledel 

This friendship is up and down. They’re always in competition and they were enemies in the beginning. But no one can tolerate and understand Paris like Rory does. I love how Paris is protective and always there for Rory and vice versa. They’ve been through a lot and it’s a friendship that I’m happy didn’t end after Chilton.


10.) Mariana and Jesus // The Fosters (2013 – )

Actors : Cierra Ramirez and Jake T. Austin/Noah Centino

This friendship/ sibling relationship is so important. They’re honestly my favorite fictional twins. They obviously argue at times (which is something you would expect) but they’re always there for each other. They make sacrifices for each other and stand up for each other which I love. I personally feel like Noah is better at showing emotion in Jesus, ever since he came on the show Jesus and Mariana’s relationship has become stronger.




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