FUCK, MARRY, KILL (Book Edition)

I did this a while ago but I decided to do it again with a mixture of book characters. I put names of book characters in a cup and chose randomly 3 at a time.


Round 1: Nathaniel Gray (The Infernal Devices), Sloane (Since You’ve Been Gone) and Cress (The Lunar Chronicles)

I didn’t really like Sloane’s character so it’s easy to kill her off. So, it was between Nathaniel Gray and Cress. Nathaniel was the villain but I’ve always imagined him being hot so I decided to fuck him and marry Cress because she’s my favorite and I feel like we would have so much fun together, fangirling about everything.


Round 2: Adam Thompson (The Lux Series), Theodore Finch (All the Bright Places), and Baz (Carry On)

This one was a really hard one because these characters are so amazing. I decided on marrying Baz because he’s the one who I’m truly in love with out of the 3. I’m going to kill Adam Thompson, only because we didn’t see much of him so it wouldn’t hurt as much which means I’ll fuck Theodore Finch.


Round 3: Cecily Herondale (The Infernal Devices), Peter Kavinsky (P.S. I Still Love You), and Violet Markey (All the Bright Places)

Since, out of the 3, Violet is my least favorite I’m going to kill her off. Peter is one of my top 5 book boyfriends so I’m going to marry him which means I’ll fuck Cecily.


Round 4: Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments), Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson Series), and Prince Kai (The Lunar Chronicles)

Okay, I obviously have to marry Prince Kai because he’s everything to me and I wish I could have him for my own. I’m going to fuck Alec Lightwood even though he wouldn’t enjoy it and I’ll kill Grover (even though I love him, he was just put against 2 of my favorite book characters)


Round 5: Miles Archer (Ugly Love), Jessamine Lovelace (The Infernal Devices), and Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter Series)

I’m going to marry Miles Archer because he’s amazing and he could get complicated but just like Tate, I can change him and make him love again. I’ll fuck Jessamine Lovelace because even though she’s problematic, I loved her in the Infernal Devices and sadly I’ll have to kill Cedric Diggory.


Round 6: Clarisse La Rue (Percy Jackson Series), Josh (P.S. I Still Love You) and Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson Series)

I’m going to marry Percy because I feel like I would never have a dull moment with him and we would get along really well in my opinion. I’m going to kill of Clarisse because she annoyed me throughout the entire series so that means I’ll fuck Josh.


Round 7: Tracy Reed (My Life Next Door), Sebastian Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments), and Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)

I’m going to marry Magnus Bane because he’s fabulous and we will have the best time together. I’m obviously going to kill Sebastian because he creeped me out and made me uncomfortable so many times and I’m going to fuck Tracy.


Round 8: Wesley Rush (The Duff), Louisa Clark (Me Before You), and Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments)

I’m going to fuck Wesley because the way he’s described (and the way he looks in the movie) is really hot and I’ll be down for that. I’m going to marry Louisa just because she has a positive outlook in life and I need some of that optimistic. & Even though I love Clary, she’s against 2 amazing characters so I have to kill her off.


Round 9: Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles), Simon Parker (Wallbanger), and Corbin Collins (Ugly Love)

I’m obviously going to marry Thorne because he’s the love of my life. I’m going to fuck Simon Parker because his nickname is “wallbanger” for a reason, and I’m going to kill off Corbin because his character was very minor and I don’t know much about him.


Round 10: Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter Series), Voldemort (Harry Potter Series), and James Carstairs (The Infernal Devices)

I’m going to marry James because he’ll be the perfect husband, tbh. I’m going to obviously kill Voldemort, so that means I’ll fuck Neville Longbottom.


Round 11: Amy Curry (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour), Auburn Reed (Confess), and Adam Wilde (If I Stay)

I’m going to marry Adam because he’s a hot rock star who’s very caring. I’m going to fuck Auburn because I loved her as a character and I’m going to kill Amy because she’s my least favorite character out of the 3.


Round 12: Cassie Sullivan (The 5th Wave Series), Tate Collins (Ugly Love), and John Ambrose McClaren (P.S. I Still Love You)

I’m going to marry John because he was perfect and if I had a dream husband, I would just describe him (even though he’s not realistic), I’m going to fuck Tate Collins and kill Cassie just because she’s my least favorite out of the 3.


Round 13: Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter Series), Camille Belcourt (The Mortal Instruments) and Gideon Lightwood (The Infernal Devices)

I’m going to marry Gideon because he’s the least problematic. I’m going to fuck Camille Belcourt and kill Ginny just because she’s the only one left


Round 14: Simon Snow (Carry On), Liam Kinney (The Lunar Chronicles), and Thalia Grace (Percy Jackson Series)

I’m going to kill off Thalia because she’s my least favorite out of the 3. I’m going to marry Simon Snow because he’s literally my spirit animal and I love him. And I’m going to fuck Kinney just because I know least of him compared to Simon.


Round 15: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series), Margot Song (P.S. I Still Love You), and Gabriel Lightwood (The Infernal Devices)

I’m going to fuck Gabriel because towards the end of the book, he wasn’t so bad so I don’t have the urge to kill him. I’m going to marry Hermione because she’s one of my favorite people in the fictional world so that means I’m going to kill Margot.


Round 16: Evan Walker (The 5th Wave Series), William Traynor (Me Before You), and Ringer (The 5th Wave)

I’m going to kill Ringer just because she’s my least favorite. I’m going to marry William because obviously he’s incredibly amazing and I’m in love with him. I’m going to fuck Evan just because I love him but not as much that I would marry him.


Round 17: Jessica Gaither (The Duff), Emily Hughes (Since You’ve Been Gone), and Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series)

I’m going to marry Harry Potter for obvious reasons. I’m going to kill Jessica since she’s the character I know less of and I’m going to fuck Emily Hughes.


Round 18: Iseult det Midenzi (Witchlands Series), Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles), and Casey Blithe (The Duff)

I’m going to marry Scarlet because she’s badass and I just freaking love her. I’m going to kill Casey because she’s my least favorite character out of the 3, so I’ll fuck Iz.


Round 19: Jase Garrett (My Life Next Door), Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson Series), and Anna Oliphant (Anna and the French Kiss)

I’m going to marry Annabeth because she’s badass and one of my favorite characters of all time. I’m going to kill Jase (even though I love him) just because he’s put against 2 of my favorite characters, so that means I’ll fuck Anna.


Round 20: Bianca D’angelo (Percy Jackson Series), Blake Saunders (The Lux Series), and Bianca Piper (The Duff)

I’m going to kill Blake because I hated him throughout the book series. I’m going to marry Bianca Piper because she’s quirky and funny and I feel like we would laugh a lot together, so that means I’ll fuck Bianca D’angelo.


Round 21: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter Series), and Dawson Black (The Lux Series)

I’m going to marry Cinder because she’s my queen and she’s my favorite female character in the Lunar Chronicles. I’m going to fuck Draco Malfoy just because I love him but I don’t think I would ever marry him, so that means I’ll have to kill Dawson Black, sorry.


Round 22: Toby Tucker (The Duff), Ben Parish (The 5th Wave Series), and Kim Schein (If I Stay)

I’m going to marry Ben because I love him and he’s just so cute. I’m going to kill Toby Tucker because I was never a big fan of his, so that means I’ll fuck Kim.


Round 23: Safiya fon Hasstrel (Witchlands Series), Jacin (The Lunar Chronicles), and Nico D’angelo (Percy Jackson Series)

I’m going to marry Jacin because I fell in love with him and the way he treats Winter, I believe he’ll be an amazing husband. I’m going to kill Nico (even though I adore him) but I just imagine him being young and I’ll be too uncomfortable to fuck him, so I’ll fuck Safiya.


Round 24: Caroline Reynolds (Wallbanger), Lola Nolan (Lola and the Boy Next Door), and Penelope Bunce (Carry On)

I’m going to marry Penelope because I loved her and she’s just a great person/friend. I’m going to fuck Caroline and kill Lola (sorry).


Round 25: Trey (Confess), Andrew Thompson (The Lux Series), and Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles)

I’m going to marry Wolf because I love him and he’s the only one I don’t hate in this list. Since Andrew wasn’t so bad in the last book (still a dick but not so bad), I’m going to fuck him and kill Trey just because he’s an asshole and annoyed me throughout the whole book.


Round 26: Iko (The Lunar Chronicles), Zoe Nightshade (Percy Jackson Series), and Sophie Collins (The Infernal Devices)

I’m going to marry Iko because she’s my number one favorite out of the 3. I’m going to fuck Sophie because she’s my second favorite and kill Zoe.


Round 27: Lara Jean Song (P.S. I Still Love You), Etienne St. Clair (Anna and the French Kiss), and Frank Porter (Since You’ve Been Gone)

I’m obviously going to marry St. Clair since he’s in my top 3 book boyfriends. I’m going to fuck Frank Porter because I had a crush on him while reading Since You’ve Been Gone. So that means I have to kill Lara Jean (which hurts because I love her).


Round 28: Daemon Black (The Lux Series), Percy Weasley (Harry Potter Series), and Ash Thompson (The Lux Series)

I’m obviously going to marry Daemon for the same reason as St. Clair. I would love being married to Daemon, he’d be one of the best husbands. It’s hard to pick either Percy or Ash because they both annoyed me but I think I hated Ash more so I’m going to kill her and fuck Percy.


Round 29: Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments), Ron Weasley (Harry Potter Series), and Bethany Williams (Lux Series)

I’m going to marry Jace because I’m in love with him. I’m going to kill Bethany because I barely know her compared to Ron and Jace which means I’ll fuck Ron.


Round 30: Katy Swartz (The Lux Series), Dee Black (The Lux Series), and Raphael Santiago (The Mortal Instruments)

I’m going to marry Dee because I feel like we would bond so well and it’ll be a very fun and interesting marriage. Now, this is hard because I love Katy and Raphael but I think I’m going to fuck Katy and kill Raphael (sorry).


Round 31: Josh Wasserstein (Anna and the French Kiss), George Weasley (Harry Potter Series), and Samantha Reed (My Life Next Door)

I’m going to marry George because I feel like we would have a fun marriage because he’s so goofy and funny. I’m going to fuck Josh because he was one of my favorite minor character in that book and I guess I’ll kill Samantha Reed.


Round 32: Madison Morgan (The Duff), Luke Castellan (Percy Jackson Series), and Theresa Gray (The Infernal Devices)

I’m going to marry Theresa because I feel like we’ll bond really well and spend our days reading. I’m going to fuck Luke and kill Madison because she annoyed me more than Luke did.


Round 33: Merik Nihar (Witchlands Series), Cricket Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door), and Mia Hall (If I Stay)

I’m going to marry Merik because I definitely loved him more than I loved Cricket. I’m going to fuck Cricket and kill Mia (even though I really enjoyed her character).


Round 34: Meredith Chevalier (Anna and the French Kiss), Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments), and Maia Roberts (The Mortal Instruments)

I’m going to kill off Meredith because she annoyed me. I’m going to marry Isabelle because she’s my queen, and I freaking adore her. And I’m going to fuck Maia because I love her, she’s so badass.


Round 35: Rashmi Devi (Anna and the French Kiss), Patrick (Me Before You), and Roger Sullivan (Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour)

I’m going to marry Roger because I loved him. I’m going to kill Patrick because I hated him so that means I’ll fuck Rashmi.


Round 36: William Herondale (The Infernal Devices), Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments), and Aeduan (Witchland Series)

I’m obviously going to marry William, like I love Simon Will will always own most of my heart. I’m going to fuck Simon and kill Aeduan.


Round 37: Owen Gentry (Confess), Winter (The Lunar Chronicles), and Fred Weasley (Harry Potter Series)

I’m going to marry Owen because I adore him and I feel like he would take care of me. I’m going to fuck Winter because she’s too cute to kill and I’m going to kill Fred (even though it hurts me to do this and I wish he was in a group with everyone I hated)




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