Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) – Season One Review

So, I’ve decided to review my favorite shows once I’m done with the entire show. Once, I heard there was going to be a revival, I knew I had to rewatch it and I realized that I’m so in love with this show.


Season 1:
Running Time: October 5, 2000- May 10, 2001

Lorelai had to bring up her daughter Rory since she was 16 years old. Now that Rory is 16, she wants to send her to a prestigious school named Chilton. Lorelai can’t afford to bring her there, so she turns to her parents who she hasn’t seen in a while. Rory’s grandparents Richard and Emily make a deal with Lorelai that they’ll pay for the school but in return they get a Friday night dinner which helps them bond with their granddaughter.

I’ll be mentioning each of the main character’s story line for this season.


Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai’s main plot line is trying to get her daughter into Chilton using her parent’s help (who she doesn’t have a good relationship with) . She has to try to deal with her parents who judges everything she does. She also falls in love with her daughter’s English teacher Max Medina.


Rory Gilmore

The main story line of Rory is trying to make it in Chilton and dealing with her Chilton life and her Stars Hallow life. There’s a new boy in the small town named Dean who she likes and they start a relationship.


Those are the 2 main characters’ story lines. Now, I’m going to put my favorite interactions that they had with other characters in Season 1.


Lorelai Gilmore + Rory Gilmore

Honestly, the best part of the show is how Lorelai and Rory interact with each other. They have their moments where they act like Mother and Daughter but most of the time they’re best friends. They have a similar sense of humor so sometimes they feed from each other and it’s hilarious. They’re always there for each other and I just love how they’re able to tell each other everything.


Lorelai Gilmore + Luke Danes

You could tell that Luke’s in love with Lorelai from the beginning which is the cutest thing. Especially when Lorelai compliments him and he gets all flustered. They tease each other and that’s their whole friendship. Throughout the season, you could see more and more chemistry between them. They’ve also had small moments where there’s attraction and love but nothing happens between them during this season besides the “almost kiss”.


Lorelai Gilmore + Sookie St. James

Sookie’s always out of control and most likely burning everything. Lorelai is so used to it that she just knows how to help her and keep her safe. Sookie also always has the funniest advice for Lorelai but there’s also times that she has her serious moments. I love how supportive they are for each other and how Lorelai helped Sookie get the nerve to ask out Jackson and she even went on a date with Jackson’s cousin just because Sookie was nervous and Jackson couldn’t leave his cousin alone. They obviously bicker at times because they’re best friends who work together but they always work it out.


Lorelai Gilmore + her parents

From the beginning of Season 1, you see how hard it is for Lorelai to bond with her parents, especially her mother. But you see their bickering and every time you just remember all the sweet small gestures they do for each other. That makes me love their relationships even more because the sweet gestures are so rare that when you see it, your heart just fills so happy.


Rory Gilmore + Tristan Dugray

Not a lot of people say this, but I kind of shipped Tristan and Rory in the beginning. Probably because I was never a big fan of Dean, he’s too dramatic and obnoxious. I know Tristan was a dick but I just liked the back and forth conversations/bickers him and Rory had. They were entertaining. And I loved it when they kissed at the party at the end of the season. You could tell from the beginning that he’s into Rory and wants to be with her but he just doesn’t know how to deal with it and also Rory’s too focused on Dean to focus on any of that.


Rory Gilmore + Lane Kim

Their friendship is so important. Even though Rory is basically living a second life in Chilton, she always makes sure she has time for Lane. I just love how they’re always there for each other and when something big happens in their lives like Rory’s first kiss, the first person they want to tell is each other. I also love how Lorelai becomes a mother figure in Lane’s life and they sort of create a friendship that isn’t usual as well. They’re honestly like a family and I love their scenes together.


Rory Gilmore + Paris Geller

In the beginning, Paris hates Rory because she sees her as competition in school and with Tristan. But when Rory invites Paris and the girls to the concert, Paris and Rory’s relationship became love-hate. They amused me because Paris was just a mess and Rory was usually nonchalant.


Favorite Episodes :


This isn’t in order of my favorites but by the number of the episode.


Season 1 Episode 2 : The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton
This episode is so important, I feel. It’s Rory’s first day of Chilton and we’re introduced to Paris and Tristan. Her first day does not go as planned and it just went awful. I loved how when Lorelai picked her up, Rory just ran into her arms cause that’s how stressed she was. This is one of my favorites because I feel like it was the beginning of an era in Rory’s life which is really important.


Season 1 Episode 4 : The Deer Hunters
This episode shows Rory’s first real struggle in Chilton. She gets her first D in class which hasn’t happened before because she was always the “smart girl” but now she’s surrounded by many smart people. So all she’s thinking about is getting a better grade so she’s focused on studying and stays up all night. The next day she wakes up and she’s late and then as she’s driving she gets hit by a deer. I enjoyed this episode because this is the first episode that Rory stands up for herself to Paris and Tristan which showed growth to her character.


Season 1 Episode 6 : Rory’s Birthday Parties
This is in the top 5 of my favorite episodes in Season 1. You could really tell the difference between Richard and Emily’s lifestyle and Lorelai and Rory’s. The two birthday parties were completely different. I really enjoyed Lorelai’s party because it’s more family-orientated. Also, you could tell how close the town Stars Hallow is and how much they love Rory. One of my favorite scenes was when Luke decorated a diner table just for Rory and then another one was when Lorelai laid with Rory and they just talked and Lorelai was emotional because Rory’s finally 16. It’s just a really cute episode.


Season 1 Episode 7 : Kiss and Tell
Rory gets her first kiss with her dream guy Dean and doesn’t tell her mother about it even though they share everything. When Lorelai finds out, she invites Dean to their house to watch videos. It was really entertaining watching an outsider being in the Gilmore habitat. Even though Rory was embarrassed about what Lorelai did, it was the start of her first relationship with Dean. Lorelai also played matchmaker when she left them alone while watching the movies which was really nice of her.


Season 1 Episode 9 : Rory’s Dance
Rory’s taking Dean to the dance and Emily and Lorelai are there to help Rory get ready and take pictures especially because Lorelai’s back hurts. Emily is taking care of Lorelai and I think this is one of my favorite episodes because it shows how much Emily actually cares for Lorelai. Rory and Dean go to the dance and obviously Tristan causes trouble with Rory and Dean. Rory and Dean end up falling asleep at Patty’s which causes trouble between Lorelai and her mom.


Season 1 Episode 10 : Forgiveness and Stuff
This was a huge turning point for Lorelai and her parents. Lorelai’s really upset that she wasn’t invited to her family’s Christmas party but Rory was. She spends her Christmas at Luke’s diner and it was really cute when Luke made her a burger that looks like Santa. Her father Richard collapses at the party and Lorelai (with Luke) rushes to the hospital to see her father. She cries and you could tell that she cares about him. I also love how Lorelai gave Luke a present and it was the “blue hat” and it just made me happy.


Season 1 Episode 13 : Concert Interruptus
Lorelai, Sookie, Rory, and Lane are really excited about going to the Bangles concert. Paris, Louise and Madeline go over Gilmore’s house for a project and Lorelai sees that she’s possibly making new friends and she gives the good tickets to them. Sookie and her get the sucky tickets. Madeline and Louise meet some boys at the concert and they go to this party and Paris and Rory know it’s a bad idea. Lorelai saves them at the end of the night. I really enjoyed this episode because it was the episode that kind of created Paris and Rory’s love-hate relationship because before that it was just a hate relationship.


Season 1 Episode 15 : Christopher Returns
The title says it all for this one. This is the first time that he was actually introduced and his bond with Lorelai is so entertaining and wonderful just because they’ve known each other since forever and they’re basically the same person in different bodies. I really enjoyed his entrance on his motorcycle and his first line was “Nice shirt. Take it off.” This one is also in my Top 5 favorites.


Season 1 Episode 17 : The Breakup, Part 2
In this episode, Rory is trying to deal with her breakup with Dean. At first she acts fine but it hits her hard and she breaks down. She voluntarily decides to go to a Chilton party and that’s where she kisses Tristan and then starts crying. Something I loved besides that kiss was the fact that Luke was so overprotective when he found out Rory and Dean broke up. Like the scene where he gets into a fight with Dean. I just love seeing scenes where Luke acts as a father figure in Rory’s life.


Season 1 Episode 21 : Love, Daisies and Troubadours
This is the finale in Season 1. There’s so many things that happen in Lorelai and Rory’s love lives. Rory and Dean get back together when Rory tells him that she loves him (Tristan sees this when he was looking for her and he looks so hurt when he sees them kissing). Luke’s girlfriend Rachel believes that Luke is in love with Lorelai (which she isn’t wrong about). I think the cutest part about this episode was when Max proposes to Lorelai with a thousand yellow daisies. It just looked so beautiful and romantic. Even though I ship Lorelai and Luke, that scene always makes my heart jump in excitement.




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