January Wrap Up & February TBR 2017

So I had an okay reading months in January because I was focusing on my mid terms and I was sick and coughing since like the 2nd of January. (Got it checked out and they say it’s a “common cold”). But even though it’s only 3 books, I felt really accomplished when I finished reading all of them.


January 2017 Wrap Up



1.) Sense and Sensibility by: Jane Austen

★★★ 3.5/5

I read this book for my AP Lit class. I enjoyed this book and the things that happened in it. But, it was hard for me to read especially because of the dumb decisions everyone in these books makes.

Like I loved all of the twist and turns, I even enjoyed most of the characters but there were some characters that just simply annoyed me and just ruined the whole book for me.



2.) Heartless by: Marissa Meyer

★★★★★ 5/5

Wow, this book was completely amazing. Marissa never fails me with her writing and storytelling. This is why she’s my favorite author. The characters and their story lines and backgrounds were amazing and something that I didn’t expect.

Throughout the whole book, you knew exactly what was going to happen but the character’s hope just made me hope that maybe their fate would be different. That’s something that I love to experience when I’m reading; I know what’s going to happen but when it does, I’m hurt and I’m just like why?!

Also, like every time, Marissa Meyer created an amazing love interest, Jest. It’s something that she does amazingly, I completely fell in love with Jest and he just made me smile and swoon and I haven’t felt that amount of swoon in a while so I truly appreciated that.

if you want to know more about my thoughts on “Heartless”, click [link] 



3.) The Truth about Forever by: Sarah Dessen

★★★★★ 5/5

Okay, I’m going to pretend that this is the first book I’ve ever read from Sarah Dessen because the real first book was awful and I hated it. But this one was amazing . Now, I get why people call her the queen of contemporary.

I loved everything about it, the characters, the situations, everything just felt really real which I truly appreciated. I feel like I haven’t read a contemporary in so long and now I’m dying to read more.

I completely fell in love with the love interest, Wes. He was mysterious even when we knew everything about him and that’s what I love in a guy (or fictional character in this case).

Something I loved in this book was the game “Truth” that they played. It was something unique that you don’t really see in books and it was a way to really get to know the characters and also for the characters to get to know each other.

If you haven’t read a book from Sarah Dessen and you don’t know which one to try, I truly recommend this one.


February 2017 TBR 


Since February is basically the first month in Semester 2, I’m going to be really busy this month. But I’m planning on reading at least 3 books this month.


1.) Isla and the Happily Ever After by: Stephanie Perkins

I’m currently reading this book and I’m loving it. I’ll be posting a book review in a couple of weeks.


2.) Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver 

I’m also currently reading this book. It’s kind of stressful when the days keep repeating but I keep imagining that hilarious episode of Supernatural where they kept repeating the same day (one of my favorite episodes). I’m really excited to see this in the theaters when it comes out.


3.) My Heart and Other Black Holes by: Jasmine Wanga 

I’ve been dying to read this book and just like Isla and the Happily Ever After, this is one of the 12 books that I definitely want to read this year. I really enjoy reading contemporary books, especially around this time so I’m excited for this one.




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