Girl Online by: Zoe Sugg Book Review!

Girl Online by: Zoe Sugg

★★★★★ 5/5


I want to start this review saying that this is my first book review on this blog!



I just read the book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg which was published on November 25, 2014. It’s a drama romance novel.

First of all, I’m in love with this book cover and how the all of the little photos goes with something that happened in the book.

I’m in love with this book. Everything in this book was perfect to me. The characters, the story line, the major plot reveal that literally made me scream. (My mom and sister thought I was crazy) For the people who don’t want to read this book because they’re tired of every youtuber having a book, just ignore the fact that she’s Zoella from YouTube. Just focus on her being Zoe Sugg. I definitely recommend this book!

By the way, towards the end of the book I felt like someone was holding my heart and releasing it once the book ending.

I related to this story just because a major part of this book was the main character Penny learning to love herself and her crazy curly hair. I also have crazy curly hair, and I’m that kind of person who always straightens her hair just to get rid of the curls instead of admiring it and realizing how it makes me who I am. It’s easier said than done…


This book was basically told by the main character Penny Porter who’s the girl behind the anonymous blog Girl Online. Her character was so relatable which made me love her character. She’s this red, curly haired girl who adores photography and can’t go anywhere without her camera.

Something I also enjoyed about her character was that she gets really bad panic attacks after getting into a car accident with her parents. No one knows about her panic attacks besides her best gay friend Elliot.

Her parents both own this wedding planning business and this couple from New York come and they are interested in a British theme for their wedding kind of like Downton Abbey. After something tragic happens to Penny, her parents decide to bring her and Elliot along to New York for Christmas.

I definitely loved Elliot; he was one of my favorite characters. One of my favorite scenes from the whole book was when Elliot told Penny that she needs her own Sasha Fierce when she was feeling anxious on the airplane.

“‘What you need,’ Elliot says to me as we take a seat in a café in the departure lounge, ‘is your own personal Sasha Fierce’

‘My what?’ —

‘Sasha Fierce,’ Elliot says. ‘You know, Beyonce’s alter ego, her stage persona.’

I frown at him. ‘What are you talking about?’ —

‘When Beyonce first started out in the music business, she was really quiet and shy and she hated going onstage,’ Elliot says. ‘So she invented an alter ego called Sasha Fierce who was brave and feisty and cool. Then every time she went onstage she could pretend to be Sasha Fierce and it helped her act all confident and hair swishy.’

‘Hair swishy?’

‘Yeah, you know…’ Elliot swishes his head back and forth, causing his glasses to come flying off and land on my lap.’”  pg. 94-95

Like how can you possibly not adore Elliot?

Can we take a moment to fangirl over Noah’s character? Oh my God! All of the little things he would say just made my heart smile. One of my fictional boyfriends so far this year. I just-  attempting to move on…

Penny meets Noah who’s this cute guitar playing boy who always knows exactly what to say. As perfect as Noah seemed , he had his struggles that he also had to deal with just like Penny did.

Something I also loved about this book was the fact that Noah tells Penny, when she’s feeling anxious; not to fight it. He tells her that she has to be okay with what’s going on. I think this is perfect advice for someone who has panic attacks.

I also love how Noah calls her his inciting incident which sticks with them. (You have to read this book to see why he calls her this(; )

I love the character development of all of the characters especially Penny’s. She starts accepting herself for who she is which is important for a teenager to do. She also discovers who her real friends are. In the beginning, she felt like she was kind of forced to be friends with a person just because they’ve known each other for a long time. This friend treats her poorly. Towards the end, she realizes who her real friends are which was amazingly written.

I loved how the book ended, it made me smile and I was so happy with it. I also loved how it written, especially describing the scene in New York during Christmas time.

I think everyone should give this book a chance. I didn’t think I would enjoy it much but I really ended up loving it.



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