Top 10 Favorite Couples in Movies 2015 !

This isn’t only for movies that has come out on 2015 but just movies that I’ve personally watched in 2015. And it might be a movie that I’ve watched a long time ago but I just rewatched in 2015. These are the 10 couples I love with all my heart from movies. They’re also not in order.

aubrey and dave 2 aubrey and dave 3 aubrey and dave 4 aubrey and dave 5 aubrey and dave

1 ) Dave Hodgman and Aubrey Miller // The First Time (2012)

Actors: Dylan O’Brien & Britt Robertson

I think I love them so much because of they’re on-screen and off-screen chemisty (since they’re dating). They just felt so real and even though they’re love happened in only a weekend, it was just so beautiful. It showed the awkwardness and confusion of first love. I love how even when Aubrey’s talking about something she’s passionate about, he listens and cares about it even if it makes no sense. They care about each other and they met in a dark alley at a High School party. How can anyone not love them?

noah and allie 2 noah and allie 3 noah and allie 4 noah and allie 5 noah and allie

2 ) Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton // The Notebook (2004)

Actors: Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

I think Noah and Allie are the definition of goals. They’re so cute and everytime I watch this movie I cry and not because of the end but because no one could ever have a love like theirs and it sucks. They were so fun and I love whenever they were mad at each other, he would just grab her and kiss her. I literally cannot stop smiling whenever I think about their relationship. They were just so in love with each other and I don’t know I always loved stories where the there’s a poor guy and rich girl. I feel like it’s really interesting. I love how comfortable they were with each other and they would just say random things to each other. One of my all time favorite couples ever.

luke and sophia 2 luke and sophia 3 luke and sophia 4 luke and sophia 5 luke and sophia 6 luke and sophia

3 ) Luke Collins and Sophia Danko // The Longest Ride (2015)

Actors: Scott Eastwood & Britt Robertson

This is another Nicholas Sparks movie that I love. They come from different worlds him being a bull rider and her getting an internship in New York at the end of the summer at an art gallary. He’s such a gentlemen because that’s how he was raised and I love how she always teases him about it because she’s not used to it. Their love was so deep and beautiful because they both realize how important they are to each other and that love requires sacrafices. They were so cute together and they had their problems but they supported each other on everything they did until it got to a certain point.

wes and bianca 3wes and bianca 2wes and bianca 4wes and biancawes and bianca 5wes and bianca 6wes and bianca 7

4 ) Wesley Rush and Bianca Piper // The Duff (2015)

Actors: Robbie Amell & Mae Whitman

I’ve talked about the book The Duff many times because it’s one of my favorites and even though the movie is so much more different than the book, I feel like the chemistry between Wes and Bianca was the same to me. I love the fact that she hates him in the beginning but they realize they need each other and they become best friends in a way and then they fall in love. Their whole story is just so beautiful and they made me laugh many times. Even though Wes was an idiot at times and sometimes said the wrong things to Bianca, you could tell that he really cared about Bianca and he always stood up for her at the end. I just love to watch them slowly starting to fall in love with each other and you could tell exactly when they start having feelings for each other.

patrick and kat 3 patrick and kat 2 patrick and kat patrick and kat 4 patrick and kat 5 patrick and kat 6

5 ) Patrick Verona and Kat Stratford // 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Actors: Heath Ledger & Julie Stiles

Oh God, this couple was always one of my favorite. Kat will always be one of my favorite female characters because she always speaks the truth and she just makes me laugh. Patrick gets paid to date Kat but he starts actually falling in love with her. They’re really cute though and Patrick’s like the badass who starts to become soft for Kat and Kat’s the rude girl who’s always angry at everything but she starts to become happy when it comes to Patrick. So they change each other for the better.

jason and ellie 2 jason and ellie 3 jason and ellie 4 jason and ellie

6 ) Jason and Ellie Andrews // That Awkward Moment (2014)

Actors: Zac Efron & Imogen Poots

Their relationship was so cute and awkward and they always made me laugh. I love how when they first met, he thought she was a hooker so he left her money and then they saw each other at his job because she’s going to be working there and it was so awkward. (the title is actually accurate) Jason’s always been the kind of guy who sleeps around with different girls and then leaves them and he starts falling in love with Ellie and it’s so cute. I think I love their relationship so much because it shows the cringe-worthy awkward moments of falling in love.

dylan and jamie 2 dylan and jamie 3 dylan and jamie 4 dylan and jamie 5 dylan and jamie 6 dylan and jamie

7 ) Dylan Harper and Jamie Rellis // Friends With Benefits (2013)

Actors: Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis

I’m in love with their friendship and relationship. They’re so comfortable with each other which makes sense because they’re friends who have sex without commitment. They’re so honest with each other and I love how they support each other and they just rant to each other. They’re goals and when I’m older and I have a relationship with someone, I want it to be like their relationship. Where they’re able to watch sports game together half naked and totally just be comfortable. Also, when she got mad at him it was noticeable that they missed each other without them saying they miss each other. I also love how in the end; instead of making a speech of being in love, he says he wants his best friend back.

kyle and lola 2 kyle and lola 3 kyle and lola 4 kyle and lola 5 kyle and lola 6 kyle and lola

8 ) Kyle Ross and Lola Williams // LOL (2012)

Actors: Douglas Booth & Miley Cyrus

This couple is so cute. They’re best friends since forever and they slowly start to become more than just friends and the process was beautiful and stressful. Since Lola used to date Kyle’s best friend, they take a while to actually become official to everyone. They have cute rituals like the subway scenes which were my favorite. I especially love them in Paris because it was after their fight and I love how when they fought and they couldn’t talk about it because of certain situations; he just sat next to her on the plane and they just started being cute. They just always made me smile, if you haven’t watched this movie you really should.

moose and camille 2 moose and camille 3 moose and camille 4 moose and camille 5 moose and camille 6 moose and camille

9 ) Moose and Camille Gage// Step Up 3D/Step Up : All In (2010/2014)

Actors: Adam G. Stevani & Allyson Stoner

This is one of my favorite couple in the Step Up movies. I love how we watched them be best friends in the 3rd movie and then in the 5th movie they’re officially dating and living together. I think they’re perfect for each other. Even though Camille isn’t as focused on dance like Moose is, I feel like it’s their little language. Moose is one of my all time favorite characters and he always makes me happy and laugh in every movie he’s in. Camille and Moose are in goals in everything. One of my favorite moments was when Camille was there was Moose got kissed by a random girl and he immediately left the dance crew and left back home because even though dance is important to him, Camille’s more important to him.

landon and jamie 2 landon and jamie 3 landon and jamie 4 landon and jamie 5 landon and jamie 6 landon and jamie

10 ) Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan // A Walk to Remember (2002)

Actors: Shane West & Mandy Moore

This is in my Top 3 favorite Nicholas Sparks movie. I recently watched this with my friend because she’s never watched it before and when the movie finished the first thing she said, “Where can I find a Landon?” which is the realest reaction in this movie. My favorite thing was when he found out about her Bucket List and he made them happy slowly one by one. My favorites were the “Being in 2 places at once” and “Getting a tattoo”. I just love them, they go through a lot of tragic in such a young age and I would never not cry when I watch this movie.


P.S. I’m probably going to do more like this in the future.


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