City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare Book Review !

City of Heavenly Fire is the sixth book in the Mortal Instrumets Series by Cassandra Clare which is a young adult, fantasy, paranormal romance that was published on May 27, 2014 by Maragret K. McElderry Books.


If you haven’t read City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, and City of Lost Souls don’t read ahead because this book review might contain spoilers for the first 5 books.




★★★★★ 5/5




Clary and the crew which consists of Jace, Alec, Simon and Isabelle have to experience the biggest war yet against their number one enemy; Clary’s brother Jonathan/Sebastian.

Sebastian is on the move turning Shadowhunters against Shadowhunters. Using the Infernal Cup to turn the Shadowhunters into a darker, stronger version of them called the Endarkened.

All of the Shadowhunters; all around the world; are sent to Idris in order to stay protected from Sebastian and his attacks. But with all of the Shadowhunters in Alicante, the mundane world is unprotected by the downworlders and demons.

The Clave isn’t exactly confident with their plans, so Jace, Alec, Isabelle, Simon and Clary have to take the matter into their own hands and they go on an adventure in order to try and stop Sebastian from taking over the world and spreading evil.


This book was so amazing, it’s definitely my favorite book in this book series.

So many crazy and exciting things happen in this book. My ships were so alive throughout this entire book and I couldn’t love this book series even more I’m really happy I decided to reread this book . Every emotion I felt while reading it the first time was relived and it was actually amazing.


I love Alec in this book, sassy Alec is my favorite type of Alec. Throughout this book, he was either being sassy or walking into Simon and Isabelle kissing and every time I would die laughing. His reactions were so funny.

Also, the love and connection we see throughout this entire book between Jace and Clary is unbelievable and heartwarming. Their love is goals and if it comes to a time where I meet someone, I hope we have at least half of the love that they share.


The ending of the story was both heartbreaking and amazing. I think this was the perfect ending to the storyline.

If you’ve read the first 5 books and you don’t know if you should move on and finish the series, you really should. You won’t regret it !




Spoiler-Filled Review : (I’m going to be putting a lot of quotes here because I was just in love with many things)


Okay, I’m going to start from the beginning.

During the Prologue, we’re introduced to Emma Carstairs who’s the main character in Cassandra Clare’s new book Lady Midnight and I loved her already. She was fierce and I can’t wait to read her story and watch her deeply regret becoming parabatais with Julian. Like they’re 12 in this book and I already ship them. We’re also introduced to the entire Blackthron family which we’ve heard about in the past books.


After the Prologue, we see Jace meditating with Jordan which is actually the last thing I think anyone expected to start this book. We see Jace struggling with relaxing because what he finds relaxing his war and weapons while Jordan sees relaxing as the beach. That scene was so funny. Also, you could really tell the bond between Jace and Alec in this book. Like they actually felt like parabatais in this book. One of my favorite parts between them was when they were in the demon realm and Jace told Alec to stay behind and make them some pie or something.


“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.” He paused, clearly waiting.

Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”

“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.”

-City of Heavenly Fire


I also loved when this happened in the beginning of the book:


“You’re pining,” said Jace.

Alec shrugged. “Look who’s talking. ‘oh I love her. Oh, she’s my sister. Oh why, why, why—”

                                                                    -City of Heavenly Fire


We also get to see Jace trying to control the heavenly fire especially when he physically touched Clary especially when they kissed. There were many parts in the book where he couldn’t control it and the heavenly fire just escaped him but we soon realize that they’re going to use Jace as a weapon against Sebastian. One of my favorite scenes was when they were in the demon realm and he explodes after seeing the Iron Sister he killed in the last book and Clary literally walks into the fire and calms him. That scene was everything to me.

Also, that scene kind of led them to their first sex scene because she was able to find a rune that can protect her from the fire. (I still can’t believe their first time was in a cave).

Also, I enjoyed the scene when they went to the store for weapons and she saw the Morgenstern sword which made her realize no matter how much she hates her father and brother, she’s still a Morgenstern.

Sebastian was obviously being a creepy brother who was strangely in love with Clary. He made me cringe so many times. (I love to hate him)

In the end of the book, Clary’s the one who ended up killing Sebastian and I was all excited like finally he’s defeated and then the real Jonathan comes out with green eyes. He was full of light and happiness and you could tell he really regretted everything and he wished he was born with more hope for him. Before he dies, he says, “I’ve never felt so light” and I broke down thinking about how everything would’ve been different if Valentine didn’t curse him with denom blood before he was even born.

Also, the Epilogue had them express their love for each other and Clary’s speech got me.


“There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body, and every single one of the cells of my body loves you. We shed cells, and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old ones, which is why I love you more every day than I did the day before. It’s science. And when I die and they burn my body and I become ashes that mix with the air, and part of the ground and the trees and the stars, everyone who breathes that air or sees the flowers that grow out of the ground or looks up at the stars will remember you and love you, because I love you that much.”

                                                                      -City of Heavenly Fire


The next people I want to talk about is Simon and Izzy. #Sizzy literally killed me in this book and then they made me come back to my life. You could really see how they’re falling in love with each other. In the beginning, we see them leaving Simon behind in New York because all of the Shadowhunters had to go to Idris. And the first day without them, Simon gets himself kidnapped. He gets kidnapped by Maureen who has dressed him in leather looking like he’s the main lead of a really bad romantic novel. Raphael suprisingly saves him and tells him to go to Idris with him.

The happiness on Isabelle’s face when she first sees Simon in Idris was beautiful especially after having that fight with her parents. They also made out a lot throughout the book and Alec always interrupted and his reactions were priceless.

Okay, the scene where Raphael drugged Simon was so hilarious. He kept expressing his love for her and being really loud outside her house. I couldn’t stop laughing during that scene.


“Isabelle!” he called again. “Let down your raven hair!’

“Oh my God,” Clary muttered. “There was something in that blood Raphael gave you, wasn’t there? I’m going to kill him.”

                                           -City of Heavenly Fire


When they were in the demon realm, I couldn’t handle it. When Izzy was bitten by one of those demons I literally screamed out loud. I really thought we were going to lose our Izzy and I couldn’t handle it. I actually was thinking about Simon turning her into a vampire but instead his blood healed her instead.

They expressed their love for each other after and it was so beautiful to see them being themselves while also being really vulnerable for each other. & once again Alec interrupted.


“WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?” There was a sound of shattering glass, and they both sat up to see Alec glaring at them. He had dropped the empty bottle of wine he had been carrying, and there were bits of sparkly glass all over the cave floor. “WHY CAN’T YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO DO THESE HORRIBLE THINGS? MY EYES.”

“It’s a demon realm, Alec,” Isabelle said. “There’s nowhere for us to go.”

“And you said I should look after her-” Simon began, then realized that would not be a productive line of conversation, and shut up.”

                                                                 -City of Heavenly Fire


Also, for most of the book Simon was starving. And it was funny when Alec let him drink from him. It was just this awkward thing and they had a full on conversation through the awkwardness. And I love how after Alec straight out said:


“It wasn’t sexy,” he said.

“It was a little sexy,” Simon said…

“It wasn’t,” said Alec.

“I had some feelings,” said Simon.”

                                           -City of Heavenly Fire


Okay, this is the part where I honestly cried so hard. After they defeated Sebastian, they realize that they’re stuck in this other demention. So, Magnus decides to summon his father who’s one of the Princes of Hell. He says there is a way and he wants Magnus immortality in return which made me think it’ll solve every Malec problem ever but then he points out that he’s over 400 years old and if his immortality was gone, he would be dead. Simon then sacrafices himself because he’s only 16 and Izzy yells at him like you’re a vampire if you’re immortality is gone you’ll be dead too. But the demon says that he’ll make sure he has a life which was a relief. And then he said he also wanted Simon’s memory of all of them which made me break down and throw my book.

When it happened, it literally hurt my heart. During the Epilogue, we see Magnus, Izzy and Clary standing outside of Simon’s school and Clary goes and talks to him and he gives her a flyer for his band. Clary’s upset that he won’t remember her and gives Izzy the flyer before walking away. And when I saw the band’s name. “THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS” I gasped. So Magnus thinks he found a way and gave him some of his memories back and he tells Simon that he should attend the “Shadowhunter Academy”.



Lastly, we’re going to talk about Malec. The way we left things in City of Lost Souls were traumatic and it broke my heart. So, in the beginning, they were broken up. Alec’s heartbroken and he’s looking at his phone to see if Magnus will call him back.


“Alec looked down at the shattered pieces in disbelief. “You BROKE my PHONE.”

Jace shrugged. “Guys don’t let other guys keep calling other guys. Okay, that came out wrong. Friends don’t let friends keep calling their exes and hanging up. Seriously. You have to stop.”

Alec looked furious. “So you broke my brand new phone? Thanks a lot.”

Jace smiled serenely and lay back on the grass. “You’re welcome.”

                                                                  -City of Heavenly Fire


We also learn that Alec’s friends have been to Magnus’ house to try to convince him to get back together with Alec. The only one we got to see in this book was Jace’s encounter with Magnus which I loved.


“Magnus rolled onto his back and put his feet up on the arm of the sofa. “What do you care if Alec’s miserable?”

“What do I care?” Jace said, so loudly that Chairman Meow rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. “Of course I care about Alec; he’s my best friend, my parabatai. And he’s unhappy. And so are you, by the look of things. Takeout containers everywhere, you haven’t done anything to fix up the place, your cat looks dead —”

“He’s not dead.”

                                                            -City of Heavenly Fire


Magnus and Alec’s discovery of wanting to be together was beautiful. I obviously loved Alec in this book, because Sassy Alec is my favorite thing. I also loved how gay Alec is and how he embraces it now. He really developed into an amazing character.


“Brother Zachariah,” Isabelle said. “Months January through December of the Hot Silent Brothers Calendar. What’s he doing here?”

“There’s a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar?” said Alec. “Do they sell it?”

                                                      -City of Heavenly Fire


Also, Alec has become more daring. Like many times, he was the first one to jump into fights and he would be the first one to shoot an arrow. Even though I loved sassy Alec, sassy Alec was just a cover for heartbroken Alec. I love that moment between Jace and Alec where Jace tells him that he regrets not noticing how heartbroken he was. That scene warmed my heart.

When Alec finally finds Magnus, they act like nothing happened. They kiss and admire each other because Magnus is dying. Alec later says that it was easier to act like nothing was wrong when Magnus was dying.

I love how at the end, Magnus kind of begs for Alec but in a really Magnus way and Alec says no. He says the problem between them is that Magnus doesn’t open up enough and Magnus comes out with a freaking book of the story of his life that he wrote after they broke up and they get back together. But the fact that Magnus (who never talks about his past much) wrote a whole book about it so he can have Alec back.


Also, in the beginning of the book Maia’s being kind of suspicious like she wants to tell Jordan something but then she’s like nevermind. In my mind I really thought she was pregnant or something. But then later on we find out that she just wanted to break up with him which I didn’t see coming.

Oh and when they go to the Praector’s home and everyone’s basically dead. So in my head when I saw Praector Scott dead, I was like there’s our first death we won’t have one for a while and two seconds later Jordan’s killed and I gasped. I wasn’t as hurt but I still didn’t see that happening so fast.


This book was freaking amazing and I just loved it with all my heart.




6 thoughts on “City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare Book Review !

  1. I don’t know why I haven’t read this one yet. *slaps oneself*

    Seriously. It’s been on my shelf since the day it came out and I want to read it so badly but…don’t? Maybe because I don’t want to finish the series. Your review reminded me I should though. It’s getting embarrassing :p (I skipped the spoiler section so I can’t comment on that part).

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